Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse...they start to seem better. Seemingly.

Admittedly this is my second post- my first one completely failed and so I'm now having to rewrite everything I just thought of. How annoying! Grrr. Anyway...

I feel better somewhat today. Not incredibly so and I am still a cause for concern, but- I do feel better. Even if I was sick at 5am this morning and barely had a night's sleep because of it. I was floating in and out of consciousness - half there, half on the barrage of being awake. Was a very strange feeling indeed. Not very pleasant as I am still absolutely tired right now. Hmmm.

I had no breakfast today for fear of being sick again, so I went to the exam on an empty stomach- even though I wasn't really hungry, just sleepy and nauseous. But by 11am it was all over (as promised!) yay. I think I did reasonably well, I just I wish I knew for sure!

Anyway, I've been downstairs for a bit to celebrate Laura B's birthday celebrations, they seem to be going with a bang - there's loads of people down there, listening to music and eating/nattering etc. Pretty cool.

I went to the doctor's this afternoon. He said that I should just drink plenty of fluids, not eat anything too dodgy which will upset my tummy (spicy foods mainly). Oh and I got prescribed these anti-sickness pills, to prevent me feeling too nauseous as and when that happens. I don't want to be feeling sick in the exam! Urgh.

Oh my railcard arrived today :) My Mum sent it up to me, which was really nice of her. It came in a pink Hello Kitty card wishing me to get better soon! Awhhh :) Really very sweet indeed.

Right now I would love for nothing more than to go home and sleep. My proper home as in Widnes...that disorientated feeling is starting to kick in again and I'm longing to be with those I know best.

But alas I must get back to revising and hoping (and praying!) that I'll be OK for tomorrow. This five hour exam is going to really knacker me out- so I'll need to get all the revision and sleep I can need *sigh* and I just want it all to end...

Maybe I'll feel better after a long sleep.