Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ok, so while I've been settling into the routine of working life (I am now adept at waking up v early and dragging myself out of bed) and I haven't been late once - except for yesterday when the heavy snow and the build up of traffic over Runcorn bridge ensured that I would be a little late, it was no more than five minutes or so. I feel it only right I should tell you a little about the work I have been doing.

I've been given the gargantuan responsibility of my own research project. I already have responsibility for accessing/editing the company's website content. One of my other tasks is to come up with new concepts for the website, with the help of my manager. Basically, we're looking to expand on the nuclear pages/content because that's where most of the new energy is being invested into, in this country. What with the British government giving the go ahead for a new lot of nuclear power stations to be built across the UK.

So my project is gonna involve a lot of research into the sector and come up with, kinda like I did in my degree, a thesis of sorts. Which will be presented to the head of the company. In turn, it could be shown to the Head of a massive company we work with and recruit for, who will probably take my ideas into consideration and implement them in due course.

This is probably one of the biggest tasks in my life that I've been given responsibility for. I have around a month to do it, but thankfully I have my degree to help me along here. If I hadn't of done a dissertation, no doubt I would be struggling by now! I shall have to draw on my previous experiences and carry out the same sorta tasks here. It's exciting stuff though, to be given such a task and in a way, I do feel honoured.

Other than work, I have been spending excessive amounts of time searching for sushi rice and nori seaweed! Yes, unbelievably I've scoured Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and even Holland and Barrett and a Tesco Metro over the past 3 days, until I gave up and just ordered them online. I was hoping to make sushi, but only managing to get the wasabi paste and rolling mat, I kinda drew a blank. At least I have been able to order them online. But it was only a few months ago you could buy them in Morrisons or Asda, so I don't know what's happened there :/

I figure sushi will make a nice change to just having sandwiches every lunch time :)

I've had no severe problems with the snow we've been having. Though I haven't been able to enjoy it because I've been inside all day, I did see it falling outside the window and when I left work yesterday, I had to clear off all the snow from the car as it was like thick white icing on a cake. Pretty though.

I have no immediate plans, but I think on Thursday evening I'll be going to the Comedy Club in Liverpool, which should be pretty cool. Haven't been since my 21st birthday, which feels like eons ago now! ahh *sigh*.

Ooh I picked up a game the other day for my Nintendo DS called 'My Japanese Coach' which will basically teach you the language and how to speak it! Looks pretty cool. I've always wanted to learn Japanese, so I guess now I have the chance, once I get the opportunity to use it often enough.

That's about it for now. I'm hoping to start coming back and posting some more exciting news soon. I'll try to keep some more regular updates, as and when.

But for now, I must rush, gotta go make me some din dins :]