Tuesday, October 24, 2006

First blog, first moments on here. &all that.

I finished my coursework today. So that's somewhat of a relief.

In another module I'm studying, for homework, we had to check out http://www.undercurrents.org which I'm just beginning to discover, has some damn sight interesting reads/videos on there. I'm downloading a few now...

I also had to buy a book today- which cost £20! Now, I'm not tight, but I am a student living on an ever decreasing loan in the days of bludgeoning top-up fees (even though I wasn't affected by them when I applied for Uni), but still- what do they take us for?! That's a lot of money. Plus, I hadn't spent a penny all week up until today! So I wasn't too pleased about that.

At least I'm going home this weekend.