Thursday, March 26, 2009

Got some bargains last night from Asda. It's surprising what you can find when you look.

- A polka dot top in my size for £5
- Beige cardigan with flower design on the front for £14
- Mahogany coloured tights for about £2.75
- A butterfly necklace for £3.50
- Set of hair grips for £2.50


That was after watching Lesbian Vampire Killers last night.
Was cool. Though the film did seem a little try hard in places.
But hey I have a Cineworld pass so not like I'm really paying for it. Ha.

Had a pretty decent past few days. Though I really think I will need to have maybe just one day off work soon, as it's getting rather tiring. Just one day to have some fun and be me, instead of a work slave. But hey it gives me money, so can't complain :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok so new update! I'm on Twitter - and as you can see there is a new section to my profile. To the right is a 'Twitter' updates section where you can clearly see all of my latest twitters. To keep you posted with what I'm up to etc :)

I went shopping to Liverpool yesterday. With Gary being away for most of the weekend in Manchester, I decided to go out with my Mum and make a proper girly weekend of it. Now while I usually come away with bags and bags of shopping, I have to say that I really didn't find that much in terms of clothes that I'd want to actually buy let alone wear.

For example, a lot of the fashions at the moment I think are pretty hideous. PVC leggings...harem pants...'modern' jumpsuits (admittedly that last one does look a lot different to their 80's equivalent and I've seen some nice'ish ones). But a lot of it is just plain...urgh.

For example yesterday in Liverpool town centre I saw a girl walking around with just tights on and high heels?! You could see her arse through them, where was her skirt or trousers? I felt like saying you've only put half your clothes on. I hope that trend of wearing your undies over tights doesn't catch on - people like Lady Gaga may be able to get away with it because they're mad as a hatter but ordinary folk on the street should not do that sort of thing. IT LOOKS FOOLISH. &highly unclassy.

Anyhow, so me and my Mum literally went into all the clothes shops in Liverpool One and in total I figured we must've spent about 8 hours shopping! (I knew this anyway as my feet started to really hurt by 3 o'clock).

I didn't come away with that much, but I did get this little lot:

MAC cosmetics > Hello Kitty Tippy blusher, pink shadestick, prep and prime spf50 for the face and primer for the eyes.
The flower hair clip and heart shaped compact are from Accessorize


Pretty new black pumps with pink ribbons on! from M&S

I also bought a lot more MAC make-up on ebay yesterday evening, so kinda been spoiling myself a little. &I won a Betty Boop vanity case on there which I will no doubt show in a pic at some point :)

With it being my Mum's birthday next week (she's the big 6-0) I tried to find her something she'd really like. She said she was after a collection from L'Occitane but to try and get it off of QVC (which she's obsessed with). Either that or a ring from the same place. So I'm figuring it might be best to sort that out sometime during the week when I know for sure.

Other than that, we went for lunch at Yums which was a very nice chinese all you can eat buffet, which we enjoyed. I go there with Gary often as you can eat for pretty cheap, only about £5.99 per person.

In the evening we used some Lush products. I managed to pick up a face pack for 2 people from Lush - was only £10 and they gave you an 'Ultra bland' cleanser for your skin which was like a goopy face mask to remove impurities. This was then washed off using a linen towel which came as part of the pack, which you dipped in a bowl of hot water mixed with a toner tab - which is full of vitamins E and C. So that was very cleansing. We followed this with using a low fat moisturiser for the skin, we had different ones each but it was supposed to do the same trick - of moisturising the skin and prep it up for the face mask - which I had picked out especially.

I chose a face mask which was supposed to be very anti-oxidising, nourishing and refreshing for the skin. I can't remember the name of it now, but I know that I had to stick it in the fridge as soon as I got home from Liverpool. When you put it on the face you could smell the blueberries in it - and I even had a taste of it and it was pretty nice actually, haha. Like a very sweet, fruity yoghurt. The idea is you leave the face mask on for around 20 minutes then take off and you will be left with incredibly soft and beautiful skin afterwards.

I definitely noticed a difference after all of those treatments, my skin is still feeling really nice and smooth this morning, so it worked a treat :)

I managed to watch 'The Notorious Bettie Page' yesterday evening as well. It's a brilliant little film, just a biography of one of the most iconic 50's glamour models, but the actress who plays her is highly convincing. She lead a pretty interesting life by the looks of it, though in the end gave up the modelling to follow a Christian way of life. She never let anyone see her in later years once she'd lost her youthful looks because she believed that it would ruin the image people have of her. I can understand that in a way. She was a model who had a lot of success, in a little known manner, but in the end she just wanted to be left alone as she was older.

I never knew that she died in December last year. So only the other month. She was 85 and suffered a heart attack. Can't believe I only found that out 3 months later! :(

Anyways, that was Saturday in a nutshell.

Friday - I got paid. My manager told me I was doing a good job, woo! and I went out in the evening to Runcorn with my good friend Natasha. We went Wetherspoons and then the pub that she works at for a drink or two. It was really nice, I hadn't seen her in ages, so it was good to have a catch up :) though some guy there said I looked like an emo, lol. Which couldn't be further from the truth.

The taxi back to Widnes and home wasn't too nice - easily spent about £12 on that alone! ahah. Good times.

Today which is Sunday, I don't know what's happening.

All I know is that I want to rest as much as possible and later on see Gary when he comes home. I believe I'll be meeting him at the train station, so I'm looking forward to hearing all about Apoptygma Berzerk and his weekend in Manchester.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The anniversary meal on Monday was lovely.
We went to Desii - an Indian restaurant specialising in the cuisine. It was really nice and made for a change compared to going to the Chinese.

We had poppadoms with dipping sauces, onion bhajis and this pasty type thing with spicy stuff inside. Followed by the main course of chickpea curry,a vegetable madras and some other lovely veggie curry with lots of potatoes in it. Lovely.

It was fairly cheap as well for the both of us it only came to £27 and that included the drinks. I highly recommend.

Afterwards we went back to Gary's (took the car back as we drove to the restaurant beforehand). Then walked down to Wetherspoons for a few drinkies :) which was lovely.

I had a really nice time and our 3 year anniversary went spectacularly.

We exchanged pressies earlier in the evening before eating out and I got loads of good stuff - mostly totally unexpected!

When I arrived at Gary's, it only took a few minutes for Gary to come in and then I waited upstairs for him - and he came up and gave me a lovely surprise of pink wine, ferrero rocher in a heart shaped box and red roses :)

Awwwh. It was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

I'll never forget it.

Last night I created my own poetry website.

Elusive Cure

- to read all my poems, leave comments and read and sign my guestbook.

Many thanks.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I went to see The Watchmen this evening. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a cool film. I could understand maybe from the average joe's perspective why they'd think it was rubbish - but those types of people are usually just content with 'action - sex - action'. Which don't get me wrong, The Watchmen was full of, but the difference is that it actually had a series of stories within it - a back story. Heaven forbid. So yes, I could see why to some people that might be a bit confusing. Especially to those who haven't read the comic. I am one of them.

But I still thought it was amazing. &of course, it makes me want to read the comic. Even if that does sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

This weekend has been just fantabulous. On Saturday I went to Liverpool with Gary and we went on a bit of a shopping spree. To say the least, I must've spent a good bit of wage, as I bought a coat from River Island for £75 which I've had my eye on for a while. It's a red mac with beautifully designed big silver buttons on the front and a belt which cinches you in a little at the waist. It looked so nice and cosy I just had to get it! Then of course, I ended up buying a very unusually pretty pearl necklace with a white flower on it and some headbands from Topshop. Then I got a pretty pink chiffony style dress from Primark, which was cheap but very, very nice. Not to mention the gorgeous vintage style green wedgey high heel type shoes that Gary bought me from Milano (as part of our anniversary pressies). I was rather spoilt.

We had lunch at Yums - an all you can eat chinese buffet on Bold Street. That was nice - we made sure to have our fill, though I think we both found out towards the end that we might've overestimated our plate size portions! haha.

In the evening we had to babysit for Gary's little sister which we didn't mind as it gave us time to chill out and chat and just relax after a hard day's shopping :p which was nice.

Today (which I realise is now the 9th - though forgive me for writing this in the wee small hours of the morning) is also a day of much celebration. For it is mine and Gary's 3 year anniversary of being together. So yes, we're going to have quite a bit to celebrate :] I feel so happy.

We've already bought our fair share of presents for each other - I know that Gary bought me a mp3 wireless player for my ipod which I can now use instead of his all the time. Haha. I also have a pretty white rose bracelet and those shoes I mentioned earlier. Fabulous.

We're going to celebrate our anniversary by going for a Chinese meal together. We were going to go to Zizzis in Liverpool One, but it turns out the offer we wanted to use there expired on Sunday. Which is annoying. So we had a rethink and decided to stay local, because we could get drunk in Widnes rather than have to stay completely sober and drive home all the way from Liverpoool. Ooh we are clever :]

So yeah, we'll be going the pub tomorrow evening and having a few. It'll be really, really nice to celebrate and relax with a beverage or two after a hard day's work, for a change.

Happiness doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel right now.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally, it's the weekend.

I'm looking forward to it a lot because any time off work needs to be enjoyed thoroughly :] even if it is only two days worth.

Today was another day of hard work. Many a time during the day I counted down the hours/minutes til I was free once more. I worked very hard and by the end of the day was glad to come home and be able to get ready to enjoy the weekend.

Tomorrow I will be hopefully having lots of fun with Winkles :) shopping, chilling, lovely stuff like that.

I'm hoping to be able to book some time off during the summer to be able to maybe go to a music festival - I can't decide between Download or Sonisphere. Maybe both if all goes to plan. But I can't say for sure on that one. Waiting for more acts to be announced, but Download has picked up if they're having Faith No More playing.

Anyways, it's Easter soon so I'll be getting some time off for that, a day or so.

I might as well be off now. I have things to be sorting out, so can't hang around.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Now that I've figured out how to upload pics from my phone to computer (turns out I hadn't installed the software for the USB driver properly) this should make my life a little easier.

Last Saturday I went to see Metallica play in Sheffield. It was my second time seeing them and they were absolutely amazing. Pics of which are up on myspace and facebook. (I would upload them to here, but Blogger won't seem to let me, hmmmpff).

So, work's going ok. Project's carrying it's way forward, I've finished working on the job boards and I've got to review all of that with my manager. There's going to be some big changes in the office next week, one of them being that everyone is going to be moved around so that the office will become a lot more integrated, meaning that the colleague I sit with now, I will no longer be sat with come Monday. I guess I will get used to the changes, I'll have no other choice really and since it's gonna benefit the business, then who am I to complain.

Though nobody likes changes really, do they? We shall see how that one pans out.

I'm getting used to the routine of work now, as depressing as the reality is after having so many fun times (or what seemed it now) in school, college and university. It's crazy to think I'm finally working. Even my mum can't get used to it.

Alas, I've treated myself quite a bit with the spends. I'm really getting into vintage style fashion, most of which looks absolutely fabulous. I love the elegance of it all, especially the 20's/30's and 40's styles. I managed to buy a pretty black and white dress with hearts on the blouse bit and a butterfly belt around the middle, which looks rather old school. Plus I've found a lovely skirt, lingerie set and a rather nice looking high waisted nautical pencil skirt with braces. Which I trust are gonna look fab.

Well, I know the lingerie set, dress and pretty black skirt with floral detail are looking rather splendid, since I got them this evening. Matalan have really got some nice stuff out there at the minute.

I bought myself a Cineworld card two weeks ago and have been going mad with it ever since - going the cinema lots and lots and lots. So far I've managed to see Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Notorious BIG, Push, Slumdog Millionaire, Gran Torino and The Unborn. Classy. It's definitely been worth the money - for just £11.99 a month for a year and any film you want to see without the hassle of having your money with you when you go there.

I'll be watching The Watchmen tomorrow when it comes out over here. It's supposed to be pretty damn amazing (or so I hear), so I'm expecting to be left nothing less than impressed. :]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My eyes have been getting really sore lately. Not sure why but one of my contact lenses fell out this afternoon in work and it was really frustrating. I think my eyes are drying up from looking at a computer screen pretty much all day, leaving them all drained and a little red. Eeep.
So I made sure to buy myself some Optrex this afternoon, in the hope that some much needed eye drops would help my eyes feel a little more human.

They've sorta worked. But I'm wearing my glasses for a while until they recover. Or at least more often :]

Ordered my new phone last night. Not saying anymore on it until it arrives though and then hopefully I can have some evidence to show for it.

Still in a bit of a writing frenzy at present, it's ace :]

Monday, February 09, 2009

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.

1) I am a firm believer in self fulfilment, self expression and doing whatever you feel necessary (without harming anyone or anything) to get your message across. I can testify to this sort of message because when I was 15 I laboriously sewed onto my school bag, ‘Jack off Jill’ in pink stitching. It was awesome. I didn’t care how controversial it seemed or what sort of rumours people made up about me after that, I loved that band. I had the PASSION to want to spread that message and that’s something that nobody can knock.

2) I love cats. One day I want to own my very own little Scottish fold kitty J

3) I work in an engineering recruitment consultancy. This is my first proper job and I’ve been given a lot of responsibility regarding the company website. I have control and access over the creative and editorial of it which is pretty cool. But I’m also doing other tasks such as right now I’m working on a nuclear energy project which could be presented to one of the head directors at this massive nuclear company in France if all goes to plan. Scary stuff.

4) The most wonderful people I’ve met in my life are my grandparents. Aside from my immediate family, my grandparents rocked because they really did look after me while I was growing up. They used to live right next door to me, up until my grandad passed away and I’d always skip through the little fence we had set up in our backyard to go and visit them.

My grandad had a massive collection of factual books, mainly on bird watching but there were some on international history, especially to do with the pyramids and Ancient Egypt. I would sit and read them for hours. I think they really helped me to look at writing and gain pleasure out of it.

5) I write poetry. I’ve been writing poems of various interests since the age of 11. I’ve been told I have somewhat of a talent for it by various people which has encouraged me. But mainly I just really enjoy writing as it’s so cathartic. I’m hoping to get more of my poems published and who knows, one day soon, my very own poetry book.

6) I miss college. It feels like ages ago now, but college was ace. Though at times I couldn’t wait to leave, I always had a laugh with my friends and amazingly in-depth discussions which was cool. It always helped having that time to wind down and socialise between lessons as well. Working can be very tiresome.

7) My music taste can be very eclectic. I don’t have a specific style so much anymore. When I was younger it was only GOTH GOTH ELECTRO. But if I like a song, I like a song. Basically, my music collection consists of anything and everything from Godlfesh to Girls Aloud.

8) I am a vegetarian. Meaning I haven’t consumed any animal or dairy product for a good while now. 2 years today to be precise. I feel much better for it, though I wouldn’t say it’s changed me as a person. I think it’s a really easy transition to make too. But I could never tell anyone to change their eating habits or force it on another person as I think that’s just guilt tripping. It has to be a personal decision.

9) I graduated last summer from University with a 2:1 degree in Journalism. Some people say that’s a weird subject to study but I remember it was nowhere near as easy as people who didn’t have to do it were making out. Not that I ever thought it would be.

10) I once got approached to be an ‘Evil Girl’. Which is kind of like a cheap British version of the Suicide Girls. I didn’t take up the offer as I don’t like the idea of strangers watching me naked in clubs/pictures on the internet.

11) When I was 14, I did my Duke of Edinburgh award. We had to do various challenges and I remember we had to write about our expedition. I didn’t expect that at the ceremony later that year, my writing would be published on the leaflets and being read by upwards of 200 + people. That was a nice surprise.

12) I love cooking. Nothing is more satisfying than coming up with a new recipe or making something look and taste even better than the picture in the cookery book. I like making loads, especially winter food like soups and hotpots.

13) One day I will have an akita-inu dog. The master of all dogs.

14) I have been in a relationship for 3 years and things have just got better and better. We’ve known each other since high school, from about the age of 14, when we’d exchange shy looks and give each other CD’s to listen to. We just didn’t know we both fancied each other, but were too scared to say so at the time. Thankfully we managed to sort that one out.

15) I drink too much tea. Tea is genuinely amazing and I love all its varieties. Herbal or caffeine infused.

16) I’ve always felt out of place in modern society. I have been told I am not of this era. A few people have told me I don’t sort of ‘fit in’ with the times. Not that I dress old fashioned, but I do have morals and standards, which is rare where I come from.

17) I have two brothers. There’s a 12 and 15 year age gap between me and them.

18) My favourite poet is Anne Sexton.

19) I am addicted to Sudoku.

20) My beliefs have changed. I’ve become a lot more logical and as a result, I’d say my believings lean more towards the atheist side.

21) When I was 15, I used to wear only black clothes and paint my face white. I went through a phase (of about 2 years) of looking remarkably like Morticia.

22) I have my ear cartilage pierced. I’m still undecided about whether to get a tattoo or not.

23) Every Sunday, me, Gazy and Hazy go out in the car and drive somewhere to cause chaos, have a laugh and deep discussions about everything from politics to some of the weirdest stuff you’ve ever heard

24) I love Japanese things. Something about the culture is so charming yet kooky, it’s great. I’d love to go there someday soon.

25) I am like a child at heart. I can get easily excited and be pretty eager, which I’ve been told is cute.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ok, so while I've been settling into the routine of working life (I am now adept at waking up v early and dragging myself out of bed) and I haven't been late once - except for yesterday when the heavy snow and the build up of traffic over Runcorn bridge ensured that I would be a little late, it was no more than five minutes or so. I feel it only right I should tell you a little about the work I have been doing.

I've been given the gargantuan responsibility of my own research project. I already have responsibility for accessing/editing the company's website content. One of my other tasks is to come up with new concepts for the website, with the help of my manager. Basically, we're looking to expand on the nuclear pages/content because that's where most of the new energy is being invested into, in this country. What with the British government giving the go ahead for a new lot of nuclear power stations to be built across the UK.

So my project is gonna involve a lot of research into the sector and come up with, kinda like I did in my degree, a thesis of sorts. Which will be presented to the head of the company. In turn, it could be shown to the Head of a massive company we work with and recruit for, who will probably take my ideas into consideration and implement them in due course.

This is probably one of the biggest tasks in my life that I've been given responsibility for. I have around a month to do it, but thankfully I have my degree to help me along here. If I hadn't of done a dissertation, no doubt I would be struggling by now! I shall have to draw on my previous experiences and carry out the same sorta tasks here. It's exciting stuff though, to be given such a task and in a way, I do feel honoured.

Other than work, I have been spending excessive amounts of time searching for sushi rice and nori seaweed! Yes, unbelievably I've scoured Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and even Holland and Barrett and a Tesco Metro over the past 3 days, until I gave up and just ordered them online. I was hoping to make sushi, but only managing to get the wasabi paste and rolling mat, I kinda drew a blank. At least I have been able to order them online. But it was only a few months ago you could buy them in Morrisons or Asda, so I don't know what's happened there :/

I figure sushi will make a nice change to just having sandwiches every lunch time :)

I've had no severe problems with the snow we've been having. Though I haven't been able to enjoy it because I've been inside all day, I did see it falling outside the window and when I left work yesterday, I had to clear off all the snow from the car as it was like thick white icing on a cake. Pretty though.

I have no immediate plans, but I think on Thursday evening I'll be going to the Comedy Club in Liverpool, which should be pretty cool. Haven't been since my 21st birthday, which feels like eons ago now! ahh *sigh*.

Ooh I picked up a game the other day for my Nintendo DS called 'My Japanese Coach' which will basically teach you the language and how to speak it! Looks pretty cool. I've always wanted to learn Japanese, so I guess now I have the chance, once I get the opportunity to use it often enough.

That's about it for now. I'm hoping to start coming back and posting some more exciting news soon. I'll try to keep some more regular updates, as and when.

But for now, I must rush, gotta go make me some din dins :]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I just want to say Happy 2009! and sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's been a hectic few weeks.

But to summarise, I've started my job - it's hard work as I'm doing full time work now (40 hours a week) but I got paid for the first time last week, I got an advance and that first pay day was very nice indeed - I've even managed to buy myself a new laptop with the money, which is splendid.

Speaking of which, I've got it right now - a Dell Studio 17 :D it's lovely. Can't get used to its shininess and all the different features are amazing. Down the right hand side there is even a pane which tells you updated news stories, the weather and temperature of your location and a clock! I'm just not used to it's soo fast as well, it's brilliant! hehehe.

I love all the different features, it's cool.

Now I'm working I'm keeping busy and I'm not going on personal websites during work time as I've heard they can monitor and track what you're doing (but they say they don't), clearly it is better to err on the side of caution and just get on with work. Which is what I do.