Saturday, April 28, 2007



I am going to be next year's Deputy Editor of 'Stiletto' :D woop.

Go me. Go me. Go me.

Not to brag, but this should be a great opportunity, just in general.

I'm back home now for the weekend, in Widnes. I got my hair cut this afternoon- that was exciting. Haha.

Also, I have wrote a new poem.

More to follow.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Petals of Laceration

The flowers, they disperse
They understand
Where I’m coming from
Running in directions
We are lost in
Yet here inside
We find
One another
Enclosed in petals
As tender as our tears
We fall
To the feelings of love

With only sunshine
Left to guide us
We live in the soil
Erased by the cycle
Of rain beneath
That soaks into
The souls of strangers

But we are alone in shelter
Pure from desecration
Their petals bruised,
Broken in the process of laceration

No feelings, they are numb
Taken, confused, dumb
Eclipsed by illusions
Of self-infliction,
Violated by vanity
And paraded by delusion

Safeguarded to
Catch you when you fall
Yet under umbrella skies
We catch them all

Pods of dreams
With inner faces
That look toward the sun
Why does the rain run dry?
Where will they run?

When will they realise…
We are content

To soak in our skins
In a sud of fermentation
Sap to honey
Petal by petal
Left to be torn away
In a process of laceration

We will watch the moon fall
The sun rise over the seashore
Of the Atlantic

Stars shoot their chances,
But after it all disappears
And the days turn into years

As petal by petal is blown away,
Torn, broken and rejected in two
…and the seeds disperse

A petal will remain…

As if only we knew.

25/4/07 ACJ

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I wasted six hours of my life today, for my degree.
I deserve a first.
Tomorrow, I get to sit in on a jury trial.
Who knows- it might actually happen.

I went swimming this afternoon to make up for the lacklustre day.
&the fact I was left feeling pretty...blah.
It helped me unwind.

Then I had dinner.
Watched Corrie...what else?
and read more of the Zombie Survival Guide.

Now...e-mailage of tutors.
Then ZZZZZzzzzzzZzzzzzz.

Busy day tomorrow.
Involving more court.
and workshop + discussion with tutor.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I have been into the Information Commons this afternoon, at last! I must say I am very impressed with it. I'm glad to know that all that money invested in it has come to some good use. The facilities seem much superior than any other University buildings. Modern architecture, big open study spaces- a whole library in itself, set out over five enormous levels- with each level containing loads of computers, places to sit and say the least, it's amazing.

It does feel like being in an airport somewhat though. I guess it's the openness and vastness of the place- it's so clean and new. It has a café on Level 0 which seems pretty small, but I reckon will be great to grab a coffee from inbetween revision/work sessions. The main reason believe it or not for my visit to the Commons, was not to gawp at the impressive new facilities, but to actually do some work.

I started doing some more work on my website for JNL308 (Web Journalism). So far I have a heading (but it's very much a work in progress), two tables (one with links to info about the smoking ban) and a little bit of text about what the site aims to do. I've even started planning what kind of stories I can get out of the whole project. I'm thinking five stories sounds a lot, but it probably isn't really.

I e-mailed an Asthma charity and asked if they could provide me any information about how the smoking ban will help asthma sufferers (haha, sounds obvious, but it's so important to go out and do your own research, get your own quotes, interviews, etc). I'm thinking I might go out and do a vox pop soon. Or even go into some pubs and ask people for their opinions. I know old man pubs are probably the best for that, even if they do seem a bit intimidating, haha. I could even make my own movies if I so wish. Haha. Or I could just stick to the basics ;) Hopefully I will get my teeth into this project and have it all wrapped up by this time next month exactly (along with court reports!) :)

Sooo... the past few days have been so soooo beautiful, weather-wise. It's really put me in the mood and started to make me feel all summery! It's a great thing because I've got practically a whole new wardrobe just for the occasion. Yesterday I went out to Primark and bought a pair of black shades, a green floral dress which I suppose is supposed to be worn as a top with jeans, but it doubles as a dress! and then I got khaki shorts and a pair of denim shorts from H&M which make me legs look a bit delicious. Not to mention a very cute white top, which is all flowy, kinda 80's but not overly so. All of which suit me well I believe.

I think that will tide me over now until the summer :) OOooh my housemate Naomi got me a lovely present from her time spent in India over Easter. She bought me a cushion cover which is all gold and orange- it has a picture of a flowering tree in the middle I believe. It's soo elegant and I got a pillow for it today so I can rest my head on it when I get a bit too stressed :p yay.

I went to court today. Usual stories...there was a lock-in though and some guy was being charged with threatening harrassment and poss. murder (nowhere near as murderous as it seems though, just...threats really, saying he was going to stick razorblades between his fingers and smash his ex-wife's face in, etc). It was quite interesting and made for a good story. So that's gonna get written up for sure, when the time comes.

Had an amazing dinner tonight. I made my own pizza, like I did for me and Gary on Saturday night. Cheese and chopped tomatoes on the base (yes, I even made the pizza base myself), jalapenos and meatless pepperoni slices. All served on a bed of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, olives and spring onion. Oohh and I bought the most AMAZING vegan icecream this afternoon. It's called Soy Delicious 'Cookie Avalanche' with biscuits and choc cookie pieces! It's gorgeous and tastes somewhat better than Ben & Jerry's even. At £4 a tub I was pleasantly surprised and so will no doubt be buying that little bargain again, or with some other flavour :p yum.

Right, just thought I'd update and let the world of Anna shine through once more.

Oh but before I depart, my new song 'Broken smile on cold floor' is up on the Unborn Parallax myspace. So please give it a listen and let me know if you like or not. I don't mind!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Once more, I am back in Sheffield.

I got back yesterday afternoon, with plenty of time to unpack.

Once again I have been to court, which turned out to be pointless.

Well I guess I got one or two stories. But nothing real decent.

But I got a migraine from the seven gruelling hours of listening and tedium and- surprise surprise- I have been sick.

What is it with me and being ill? It's as though I'm cursed.

So far this year I've had a bad case of gastroentritis during my exams in January, suffered a really painful mouth ulcer last month for about a week before I came home for Easter. Then low and behold, I get laryngitis for near on three weeks over Easter(it still hasn't completely cleared) and now this.

It's as though 2007 wants to see my immune system suffer.
I was hardly ill last year at all, or suffering from any of the ailments I am now inflicted with.
*Sigh* might as well sleep it off.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Disappointingly, last night ended in only a drink at the Four Topped Oak due to it being Easter Monday and they had only two vegetarian options on the menu, neither of which they had in stock. So we went home and ate instead. I made a great meal from scratch, out of leftover quorn roast we had on Sunday night, sun dried tomato and cheese pasta parcels and salad- which had cherry tomatoes, olives and jalapenos in it. As well as a sprinkling of cheese and loads of pepper. Was yum. Then we had my Maltesers chocolate egg and a bag of maltesers :) was very delicious.

We ended up watching the end of the Night at the Museum and then we watched Ghostbusters II which I haven't seen in donkeys! But I love.

Today has been a decent day. I made a song on fruityloops. Once I master it and all that shiz, it will be up on the Unborn Parallax myspace. I'm fairly pleased with it. I made it completely randomly, out of boredom and something to do whilst watching repeats of Gladiators on Challenge TV. Hahah. It's got a good sound I feel. It's called 'The Visitor'. Which is so called, as it was the first thing that popped into my head when listening to it.

I also have somewhat of a poem in the works. However it is taking a completely different style to what I normally write, so whether I will publish it for public viewing remains to be seen. If I do, here is the first place it will be posted. So watch this space.

I went out today with my Mum to Gemini Retail Park in Warrington and we bought a few things. I got a free Esteé Lauder Projectionist mascara in black and some amazing body butter called Lomi Lomi, by Sanctuary, which is a combination of a relaxing hawaiian spa treatment with kukui oil and floral monoi oil. It smells BEAUTIFUL. If beautiful is a scent, it would smell something like that.

Right, not got much else to say. Just another little update to keep you informed.

Oh the new Type O Negative album 'Dead Again' is AMAZING!! I mean it. It rocks soooo sooo much. Seriously. I can't wait to see them in June!! Woohoo.

Buy buy buy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I still can't believe I'm ill. Still.
Even Venos and various bronchial medicines/mixtures and cough sweets don't seem to have aided me in a full recovery. Yet.

But there's still plenty of time. Plus, I'm not too bad now. It's more just a struggle to talk occasionally, above anything.

So much has happened since my last update.

For one thing: Easter.

I loved giving people chocolates. Although I still have a few to give, to Gary's sisters. I got a Maltesers crispy egg, a Green and Blacks Maya Gold (with spices) egg, a Cadbury Dairy Milk egg and a tub of Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations (the latter of which have now been devoured). Yum yum.

Yesterday was great. I've chilled for much of the previous week. Did fuck all. Just read, went around to Gary's, exercised, watched South Park and various other TV. I went to Chester on Tuesday...that was great. I got loads of new stuff. Two new tops, shoes, a new jacket, new bra set, more underwear- a sports bra, bright green frenchies?! hehe and stuff like that.

I've started reading The Zombie Survival Guide which is very entertaining. I have also been seeing and spending quite a bit of time with my family.

I met up with Mike and Lynz on Saturday morning. We got a chance to catch up on all the gossip/news and we ate lunch together in Wetherspoons. It was very nice.

This afternoon I wrote up 4, yes, FOUR of my court reports. Which takes my total to five written up so far. Which I'm pleased about, since I did all of them in two hours. I'm not sure of the quality of them, but I think they're pretty decent. I mean, they're all accurate as far as I'm aware and correctly attributed etc, so I can't see any major errors. I guess Jonathan will be the judge of that however.

I want to do something creative this afternoon, but I don't know what. I might try for a poem or a song. Probably a poem :p

Today is mine and Gary's 13 months together anniversary :D which is awesome to think about. Today is also the 2 months celebratory mark of me being vegetarian. Which is something to think about. Yayy.

Tonight we're going out for a meal at the Four Topped Oak and a couple of drinks. Which I'm really looking forward to.

Hmmm that's all there is to say really. Except that I have one week left at home before I return to the land of Shef, so I'm going to make the most of this next week :D


Sunday, April 01, 2007

I have spent most of the weekend at Gary's house. It's been great.



We got our tickets on Saturday, in Liverpool. It's sooo exciting- costly, but oh soo worth it because we should get to see a lot of decent bands. I'm really looking forward to it, and with there only being just over two months until the actual festival takes place, I better start planning what I'm going to take. Hehe.

Well, as promised, I tried some chips and curry sauce from Marie Barrows, for my din dins on Friday night. It was AMAZING. They were unlike any other chips I've ever tasted, which made me realise that there IS a difference between freshly made food and that of the ready-made variety. The chip shop which is just around the corner from here, shall need to be visited again soon. A traditional chippy, they only sell a few items- namely chips, fish, that sorta thing. Nothing fancy really.

I've had a lot of hot and spicy food this weekend, which has definitely helped me out. My cold is on the wane and I'm feeling all in all, a lot better. After waiting for Gary to finish work, we got the bus to Liverpool, bought our DL tickets and I tried to do a bit of no avail however. Since I couldn't find a top I liked. But I did get some pretty hair clips and headbands. We didn't stay too long after we bought the tickets, but we did have a wander around. We even went to the continental markets where they were selling all kinds of foods. We got to try vegetarian black pudding! It was quite a delicacy, but since I was never really a fan of the real thing, it felt kinda odd to be enjoying its impersonator.

The cheese stall was amazing! Smoked cheese, cranberry cheese (well I've liked that for years), spicy tomato and herb cheese- there was some amazing varieties! &I feel bad I didn't buy some, on reflection. There was even a Kopparberg stall! and as anyone who knows me and Gary well will know, Kopparberg pear/apple cider is our ultimate fantasy. Hell, we even had a threesome with a crate the other day, hahahah.

In the evening, after we came back...we then went back out and got the bus (again) to La'pool. We went Nando's for dinner. Obviously, we indulged in the veggie pittas with coleslaw and chips and plenty of the extra hot peri-peri sauce! Mmmm. Plus unlimitless (bottomless) coke, which we kept on filling with vodka! hehe. So as to get really drunk for when we later went to the Krazyhouse.

We got in there about 10.30pm, which was pretty early for us. We met up with friends and we drank and danced... manouevered our way across the three floors and generally had a good ol' time :) and since the last time I went to the Kray was before Christmas, it was quite a treat. We got the last night bus home with Ross and Chucky, before we walked back and hit the sack, exhausted.

I woke up this morning, feeling surprisingly tired. I wasn't hungover, (I very rarely am), but I felt fairly sleepy still. Rice krispies for breakfast. Then we spent the day watching episodes of South Park and generally relaxing ;) ...and that's about it really.

We had a takeaway for dinner and watched trashy TV programmes, the likes of which Channel 4 is reknowned for. Celebrity Wife Swap with Paul Daniels and Vanessa Feltz...and then a programme about the life story of Anna Nicole Smith. Like we didn't know already. Insightful nevertheless.

But the main thing I'm real excited about, is the murder trial of Tracy Barlow in Coronation St. Unsure as to the outcome, all I know is that she will be leaving either way. I don't know, but it'll be worth tuning in to find out anyway :p

I've got a fairly relaxed week ahead. However, I do want to get things done. &that includes Uni work. So I'll no doubt start on more of my court reports if I'm feeling motivated enough.

Not too impressed with loval gov't revision though [as always].