Sunday, April 01, 2007

I have spent most of the weekend at Gary's house. It's been great.



We got our tickets on Saturday, in Liverpool. It's sooo exciting- costly, but oh soo worth it because we should get to see a lot of decent bands. I'm really looking forward to it, and with there only being just over two months until the actual festival takes place, I better start planning what I'm going to take. Hehe.

Well, as promised, I tried some chips and curry sauce from Marie Barrows, for my din dins on Friday night. It was AMAZING. They were unlike any other chips I've ever tasted, which made me realise that there IS a difference between freshly made food and that of the ready-made variety. The chip shop which is just around the corner from here, shall need to be visited again soon. A traditional chippy, they only sell a few items- namely chips, fish, that sorta thing. Nothing fancy really.

I've had a lot of hot and spicy food this weekend, which has definitely helped me out. My cold is on the wane and I'm feeling all in all, a lot better. After waiting for Gary to finish work, we got the bus to Liverpool, bought our DL tickets and I tried to do a bit of no avail however. Since I couldn't find a top I liked. But I did get some pretty hair clips and headbands. We didn't stay too long after we bought the tickets, but we did have a wander around. We even went to the continental markets where they were selling all kinds of foods. We got to try vegetarian black pudding! It was quite a delicacy, but since I was never really a fan of the real thing, it felt kinda odd to be enjoying its impersonator.

The cheese stall was amazing! Smoked cheese, cranberry cheese (well I've liked that for years), spicy tomato and herb cheese- there was some amazing varieties! &I feel bad I didn't buy some, on reflection. There was even a Kopparberg stall! and as anyone who knows me and Gary well will know, Kopparberg pear/apple cider is our ultimate fantasy. Hell, we even had a threesome with a crate the other day, hahahah.

In the evening, after we came back...we then went back out and got the bus (again) to La'pool. We went Nando's for dinner. Obviously, we indulged in the veggie pittas with coleslaw and chips and plenty of the extra hot peri-peri sauce! Mmmm. Plus unlimitless (bottomless) coke, which we kept on filling with vodka! hehe. So as to get really drunk for when we later went to the Krazyhouse.

We got in there about 10.30pm, which was pretty early for us. We met up with friends and we drank and danced... manouevered our way across the three floors and generally had a good ol' time :) and since the last time I went to the Kray was before Christmas, it was quite a treat. We got the last night bus home with Ross and Chucky, before we walked back and hit the sack, exhausted.

I woke up this morning, feeling surprisingly tired. I wasn't hungover, (I very rarely am), but I felt fairly sleepy still. Rice krispies for breakfast. Then we spent the day watching episodes of South Park and generally relaxing ;) ...and that's about it really.

We had a takeaway for dinner and watched trashy TV programmes, the likes of which Channel 4 is reknowned for. Celebrity Wife Swap with Paul Daniels and Vanessa Feltz...and then a programme about the life story of Anna Nicole Smith. Like we didn't know already. Insightful nevertheless.

But the main thing I'm real excited about, is the murder trial of Tracy Barlow in Coronation St. Unsure as to the outcome, all I know is that she will be leaving either way. I don't know, but it'll be worth tuning in to find out anyway :p

I've got a fairly relaxed week ahead. However, I do want to get things done. &that includes Uni work. So I'll no doubt start on more of my court reports if I'm feeling motivated enough.

Not too impressed with loval gov't revision though [as always].