Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Once more, I am back in Sheffield.

I got back yesterday afternoon, with plenty of time to unpack.

Once again I have been to court, which turned out to be pointless.

Well I guess I got one or two stories. But nothing real decent.

But I got a migraine from the seven gruelling hours of listening and tedium and- surprise surprise- I have been sick.

What is it with me and being ill? It's as though I'm cursed.

So far this year I've had a bad case of gastroentritis during my exams in January, suffered a really painful mouth ulcer last month for about a week before I came home for Easter. Then low and behold, I get laryngitis for near on three weeks over Easter(it still hasn't completely cleared) and now this.

It's as though 2007 wants to see my immune system suffer.
I was hardly ill last year at all, or suffering from any of the ailments I am now inflicted with.
*Sigh* might as well sleep it off.