Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arrrgh, I'm so hungry. I wish I would've put my dinner in the oven sooner. These next forty minutes are gonna kill me.

I haven't updated in a while because
a) I've been busy
b) I had a long day yesterday- spent at Crown Court and Mags Court respectively, gathering stories
c) I was feeling all scatter brained and tired

So I thought it best to leave any posts until I started to feel ready (i.e- today).

I've finally finished reading 'Hells Angels' by Hunter S. Thompson this afternoon and have now started on 'The Book of General Ignorance'. Which is most exciting.

I went food shopping (Tuesday is no doubt going to be my delegated 'food shopping' on a budget day). I ended up buying diverse items like nori seaweed, raisins, tofu, eggs, bread, aubergines, tomatoes, mango and veggie sausages. But I couldn't find a chinese stir fry pack anywhere, so Im going to get that and the rest tomorrow, as I'll be down near West St again in the morning.

I had the old Web Journalism lecture and workshop today. It seemed to be going OK, but then I'd lose track of what we had to do on Dreamweaver and it felt like I was falling behind/didn't know what to do at some points. Alas, thank goodness for the handout is all I can say :)

My budgeting has gone sooo well lately, it's unbelievable. Although I'm starting to wonder if I should bother saving up for Download as the next line-up is about to be announced, tomorrow I believe? and I heard a leak on the DL forum...and it doesn't look too great to be honest. I'll have to see. There's no point in buying a ticket if I'm only going to enjoy one or two of the main bands...that would just be grom like of me.

Sooo...I've been back in Sheffield for a week now. It seems to have gone quite quickly, but I just know this next week will really draggg now...it's like sod's law or something. Hahah. It's been hard though, I will admit. This past week has been challenging, as I don't like spending time away from Gary. But being away from home is the kinda thing you get used to.

I'm trying to think of any news I've had recently...

Ooh ooh, I got word back about my work experience I applied for just before or slightly after Christmas. I've been given a placement with The Sheffield Star, which is a major newspaper here- looks like I'll be working there from the 9th-20th of July this summer, with any luck! It's not a definite yet, but it seems highly likely. So that's great news and exciting!!

Yep yep.

Ok, that's about it for now.

Maybe if something else happens I'll do a more thorough update, but it's all been the usual fare really.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

What is it with people leaving pots and pans with their food stuffs melded to the bottom? Why did I have to see last night's cottage pie left in the lounge, congealed to the plate? Honestly people- it isn't that hard to clean up!!

Yet the place is becoming a pigsty because people are that bone idle they can't be bothered to do their own cleaning. &to be honest, I'm sick of it. I always make sure I wash everything I use. It's just easier and makes common sense. Otherwise it just builds up and becomes HARDER,yes more of a chore than it ever was. Not to mention downright inconsiderate.

I wouldn't mind so much as well if it wasn't icky stuff like beef and gravy that people cook- it sticks to things and becomes harder to clean if left for a while....and I had the wonderful task of cleaning all of the dishes and stacking them away. That's the SECOND time this week I've done that now. It's soo annoying, that people can't even be bothered to clean their own utensils they use.

Other than this wonderful task which took around an hour and a half...I have spent the day doing more chores. Such as changing my bed sheets and putting more of my dirty attire into the washing machine.

I went group shopping with Dr Laura today, just for our basics- toilet roll, milk, pasta, washing up liquid, squash, teabags, etc. We spent a lot less than two of our other housemates who usually do it. They spend around £12 apparently, we only spent about £7'ish. Which is pretty good all in all. I spent a bit myself- on youghurt, mint choc icecream, mango juice, milk chocolate, teabags...I think that's all I got really. I was surprised by how much we had to carry back though. We ended up with about five bags each- which needless to say was fucking gruelling. The pain on the way back was immense. Especially as it was up a big hill. But the big hill route turned out to be quicker overall, so I have Laura to thank for showing me the way :) yep. So now I know a shorter? route. Teehehe.

Tonight I'm off to see Casino Royale with Laura and Kim which should be cool. I'm really looking forward to seeing the film, I've wanted to see it for ageees! Plus, it beats staying in with nothing to do. I've rung home twice already to see how things are and tell my Mum abrout my day. I'm hoping beyond hope that we do have free phonecalls from our landline to any house number. I'm sure we do- I'm pretty damn sure of it, goddamn! grrr.

Anyway, I best be off.
Oohh yeah, Megadeth :) I am listening to them now.
Kinda addicted ;)


Friday, February 23, 2007

For the first time in ages, I have actually earned money. This is something to be quite proud of, especially because I haven't had a job since late '05. Meeep. Basically, the flyer job in town was real easy. I handed them out for two hours (11.30-1.30) and in that time, I managed to shift them all about three times over. I didn't actually think it would be that easy. But it was. I even made a new friend, Alison. I was so proud and relieved when I got paid too. It's just what I needed. A pick me up.

Other than that...well, not too much to say. I met Holly at 1.30, we went to the Crown Court to try and find some stories...to no avail. So we just went around town for a bit instead. I didn't spend anything though- I've spent nothing since Tuesday! (pretty much). Which again, is news worth smiling for. As it means I'll be back on budget soon. My shopping budget for next week is gonna be about £10 again, maybe £15 if I feel like treating myself. This will no doubt go on stuff like milk, fruit or veg, maybe some yoghurt or ice cream, eggs?? anything that means I can actually have some nice food next week. (Not saying I haven't this week, just that I've been very much budget scale cuisine wise). Having only bought basics like bread and cheese, milk etc, generally.

I had another mini nap this afternoon. It was quite pleasant. I started work on a new song and did a bit more on a song I'm semi-happy with. Once I'm overall pleased with them, they will get published on the Unborn Parallax myspace. So keep your eyes peeled, I'll post it here when it's ready. Yay.

Other than that...

Just wanted to let you all know that the Avent Guardian CD is beyond amazing. I listened to it this morning again and it really does just blow me away how perfect it is. Buy it, if you haven't already. Check the Witchhouse records website for details.

Blarggh...no one's online. Think I might just watch or film or something. I have quite a few to watch if I ever get bored...haha.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm having to budget so badly right now. The good news is I spent nothing all day. Apart from about 20p on a text. But nothing bought wise. Our electricity bill came in the other day and it came to £500! Fuck.

So now we each have to pay an extra £25 out, on top of what we already get charged. Nice. So as you can see...I'm going to be very poor soon. The good news however, is that I think I can budget quite well now. I'm cutting back a lot. No nights out for a good while. Just spending my money on basics, such as food and essential items. Hopefully, it will work.

I best get into the habit of spending nothing for a good while. Me and Gary want to go Download this year! and I have a feeling that will be very pricy indeed. A camping ticket is £145 (not too bad) with £10 booking fee. But then there's other things to conisder...travel expenses, what we'd need when we get there- food, drink, camping equipment,not to mention anything we'll spend...just because it's a festival- merch etc. Although I'm sure that won't be the hard part. So yeah, that's what I'm gonna get excited about this summer. So yeah, no doubt I will be talking more about that soon. But before then, I have loads of Uni work to do, which is a bit :( So maybe I should focus on that first. It doesn't however, mean I can't plan well in advance :p haha.

So, I had my first workshop on QuarkXpress today. It was easy enough, but I had a bit of difficulty with it, mainly just understanding it all. I'm sure it'll come to me easily enough however. We're being taught by a graphic designer and he seemed nice enough, friendly and patient. It's what you need when you're learning to master a new tool/programme, isn't it? It helps to have someone who doesn't act all up their own arse and expect you to know what to do, when you've never used something before.

In other news, my sink is clear and unblocked- AT LONG LAST!! For practically a whole month it was clogged up. But then the good old sink unblocker sorted things out. Ace. Pancake day was cool. I made a few good ones, but there was also a number of failures. Eeep. Nevermind though.

I downloaded Soulseek yesterday. It's pretty handy. I've already got a few songs I've been wanting for a while :]

Right, bed time for me.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I haven't updated this in a while. As I've been busy. But yeah, to cut an otherwise long story short- Valentines Day was awesome, I've come home for the weekend and today is my nana's birthday. She's 88 today. I went to visit her with my Mum to drop off her present and have a bit of a chat with her. She seemed well. My uncle Roy and aunty Kathy came along too, they seemed in good spirits. We got her some new slippers, some chocolate crisp mints and a card.

Oh, sat next to me was an old woman masturbating. Well, it looked like she was touching herself. She had her hands down her pants. I try to avoid her and the other old biddy shouting out abuse/odd comments generally.

The main news in Widnes, is that someone's been murdered?? There could be two deaths.The main one I know, is that there was a young man who had a freak accident after a night out- he fell into a window, more info here: Blood trail death was 'accident'.

It's really rather sad :(

I'll make a longer update soon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just to clarify, I had no lectures today. Woopee.

I've had a sleepy day. Not helped by the rushing to make lunch and leaving the sandwich toaster all dirty, just so I could make it on time to a ...cancelled...lecture. Ahh well.
Bill is ill, so all JNL 308 lectures (including workshop) were cancelled. Grim, I was looking forward to it too. Now I have no lectures until Thursday though, yay.

I went to Bar One last night. It was pretty swish. I enjoyed it enough. The only thing I didn't like about it was that we were sat in a dark corner of The Raynor Lounge all night! Meep. Which sucked. But it was good to see everyone going out for a drink like the old days in Ranmoor. Plus we got to meet Isle of Wight Sam's friends. Who seemed friendly enough. I walked back with Rob, so it was good to have someone to talk to.

The good news is that Gary is coming up now :) for Valentines Day, which is tomorrow. Which is great :D I'm really looking forward to our time together. It feels like ages since I last saw him. 8 days or so.

So I may not update much in the next few days. That and I've been pretty sleepy today, so can't be bothered with a huge post here either.

I bought two books today in the union's book sale. 'Whit' by Ian Mc Ewan and 'Violin' by Anne Rice, for £5. Which is ace, so so cheap.

Oh and 'The Third Man' arrived today. :D excellent. I'm going to watch it sometime shortly. How delightful.

Anyway must be off. Got to finish off last night's yummy lentil moussaka I made :)

That and listen out for Gary :)


Monday, February 12, 2007

Last night was cool. Pop Tarts was really good fun.I saw Holly and her friends there- she was dressed as Minnie Mouse and another of her friends as Mr Potatohead! Haha awesome. It was a black and white party I do believe, so that was the theme that got carried out with most people's outfits. I just dressed normal though, as did my housemates. I have some pictures which I will put up (when I can be bothered). But yeah, the night was all round good fun. We ended up getting the taxi to the Broomhill Friery just for takeaway, haha. Was fun.

So...I woke up about 11'ish today. Did the usual...yeah, there really isn't that much to update with to be honest. So, this won't be a terribly long post. I've been boring and sat online all day/night. Terrible of me.

Tomorrow I will need a detox from all things technological (at least for one day), so I can get into work mode. &if I break this mode, slap me.

I'm going to court again tomorrow afternoon. That will be fun no doubt. I wonder what heinous acts humanity has committed this time? I dread to think.

My Mum called tonight which was nice of her, to ask how I was etc. I've been pretty down to be honest for one reason or another, but started to feel a bit more upbeat after a tub of Ben and Jerry's and after I ordered 'The Third Man', a classic film noir mystery. It looks like a quality production and I've been wanting to watch it for ages.

Good stuff.

I can't think of anything else to say now. So I'm going to get some sleep, as I didn't get to bed last night until 5am! I really must catch up.



Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thankfully, I didn't go without a wash today. No, that would've been just a bit too rank! I worked out, showered etc. But I didn't get up until midday. I tidied my desk quite a bit. I tried to fix my sink (it's still leaking like a limey bastard). My poster kept on falling down randomly, which only served to annoy me!!! But once I stopped being a lazy so and so, it wasn't hard to actually put up. Haha.

I went to this fairtrade fruit and veg shop before. It's great, it's only up the road too, soo soo close to Harcourt Road. Everything was organic and seemed to cater for vegans/vegetarians. I never even knew it was there, but I think I'll be calling in again soon as everything seemed fairly cheap and bountiful. I got some tomatoes, butternut squash, aubergine, sweet potatoes, red lentils, wholegrain cous cous, ground nutmeg, mango, bluebberies, falafel, veggie sausages, cottage cheese and spaghetti. The spaghetti and falfel should be nice to have some time soon, with salad and cottage cheese like Gary's Mum made for us :) yay. Fit fit fit.

I've decided to go vegetarian. I hardly eat meat anyway and I've been enjoying lots of meat alternatives- such as veggie sausages, bacon etc so I don't see why I shouldn't buy them more and just cut out meat altogether. They taste the same, if not nicer and it's also better knowing that no animal was killed just to be on my plate.It's unethical for the environment after all. It's a personal decision though I've made and one I hope to keep and put in action, but one I won't really be preaching about. Just a natural transition really. Not that big a deal. It's easier now than ever to eat veggie, so why not? It makes sense after all.

I'm hungry now, so I'm going to go and buy some Ben and Jerry's and make my tea.

I'm going Pop Tarts tonight which I'm hoping will be fun. Dr Laura's brother has come up for the weekend- we've never met him before I don't think. He seems like a nice chap. I'm gonna drink vodka tonight I do believe...I have cheap lemonade too. Hmmm. Yay. Haha.

Right, best be off- I'll update tomorrow :)


Friday, February 09, 2007

Well, I'm bored. Maybe it's more tiredness than anything though.

Last night was really good by the way. It took me ages to get motivated and get ready though- I mean like, really...I only started getting ready about 9'ish. Then I quickly put outfit on, make-up etc and started listening to music. By 11pm, I was in Fuzz. I'd already started drinking (I mixed the remaining diet coke I got from Subway with some vodka). But once in Fuzz, I just drank snakebite and black. I had a good night. The place was fairly empty at first, but then it soon filled up (about 12 or so). I met up with Adrian, his friend Alex and their neighbour Chris and we had a bit of a chat for a bit. I was trying in vain to find Holly- but I couldn't see her anywhere! :( I think I eventually found her though about 1am, when her and her friends came into Bleach.

Bleach for those who don't know, is the metal/hard rock room and Fuzz is the more indie based themed room. Both can be quite good on occasion. Anyhow, when she came in it was great. I went completely mad haha and started dancing like a loon with Holly and friends. It was just really nice to let go, at least for a bit. I was chatting to a girl from my course called Sarah too, about stuff in general- journalism, how she was finding JNL 308 amongst other things. It's nice to talk to people on the course. I also saw Alex- my hallmate who lived to the left of me in Ranmoor Halls of Residence. She was saying she lives in Broomhill now and that she's fine, but that's all I got out of her as she then went to the toilet. I stayed right until about 2, when Alex and Adrian said they were going...and then I just got my jacket and left. I ate a veggie burger with ketchup on the way home, as it was really cold and the food was rather comforting. As soon as I got in, I got ready for bed, wrote in my diary and then fell asleep around a quarter to three.

Soooo...the shocking news of today is the death of former playboy/playmate model Anna Nicole Smith, who died near Miami,aged 39.

I think this is the most controversial news of the day for me. I'm not even sure why- it's just sooo unexpected, maybe?? I just never would have thought she would have died so young, especially after the death of her son who died last year, aged only 20. It's crazy to think that death can come to those so young, who seem so healthy.

Chances are, it will have been an overdose I imagine. I mean, it's hard to speculate and I may be wrong, but I believe she has used drugs before and she has led a 'colourful' life to say the least. So it shouldn't be ruled out. I guess it's the answer most people will be expecting from the autopsy. Either way it's just awful. She's left behind a baby girl who's less than a year old and the fathers are going to be in bitter dispute over who has paternal rights over her. It just doesn't seem right? But that's life I guess.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007).

Today I have spent largely in bed. I didn't wake up until 11am, I didn't get dressed until around- 2pm? haha. I've just had nothing to do, so I've made my own fun on here. I had an ample lunch, which filled me up, also an ample breakfast. I bumped into Laura and Adam in the kitchen whilst I was making a cup of tea before- and she was saying she's going to France skiing this weekend. Which I find slightly...amazing. I mean, that's just such an adventurous way to spend the weekend! Me- I'll be staying in tomorrow, going out to Pop Tarts and getting blind drunk...and recovering all of Sunday. My weekends are never that exciting :p ahh well. Even here, I can make my own fun and have my own adventures. I find reading can open up a whole new world of adventures, plus, you don't even have to step out of the house. Amazing really.

I've read. I've done shorthand. Heck, I've even cleared out my desktop into a neat little folder so I have more space. Yay. All part of the plan to try and clear up- as I didn't actually do any cleaning here today. Woopsy.

But today has had other significant meanings. Me and my boyfriend Gary have been together for 11 months today. Which is great as we've passed another landmark? you might say. 11 months is very close, but something which isn't really celebrated, even though it is considered a lengthy period of time. But yeah...to me it's meaningful. Oh and today is also/would've been my grandad's birthday. Unfortunately he passed away in 2000, but I still think about him all the time and his presence is never far from my memories. Sometimes it still feels like he's alive.

I feel kinda sad now, so I'm going to stop this post here.

Well last night went really well, surprisingly. I enjoyed it.Which is even harder to believe, as it's Gatecrasher. The Wednesday Wonga Foam Party was hardly a foam party however...as there was no foam! Which was clearly false advertising. There were a few bubbles which got to about four people. Hardly a 'foam party'. I never realised until today, but my friend Holly told me that it's possible to catch STD's in a foam party. Which is a bit :/ urgh.

I drank in my room whilst getting ready last night, then went downstairs and drank for a while down there with Kat, Kim, Catherine, Mel and Sam. It was a good laugh. Then we got the taxi with Naomi and the other Sam to Gatecrasher. There was a massive queue and it was freezing cold- but we got in eventually. Only to be confronted by the massive coat queue- annoying as!! But we got out of there eventually. I started to enjoy the night- I just danced, I think I was drunk, that's why I enjoyed it. Even though I didn't feel that wasted. We mostly stayed in the rnb room- which was alright, but funny when the DJ got had off and tried to play some garage music only for everyone to stop dancing. Haha.

I stayed and danced while people like Naomi and the two Sam's left through boredom or just having to get up early. I stayed until the end- at 2.30am. Leaving the club was a nightmare though- so many people queuing up for coats again. When we did get out in the cold, we decided on going for a takeaway! (much to my surprise). Everyone had cheesy chips and ketchup/mayo, chicken wings, that kinda thing. I just had potato wedges with ketchup (I've been craving them all week!)and it was fiiit. We ate our food in the taxi back. Once in the house, we chatted for about half an hour about this and that (life in general). It was interesting and brought us a bit closer together, which is nice.

I ended up going to sleep at 3.30am. I woke up this morning about 8.30am.I was pleasantly surprised and rather giggly when I saw all the snow over the park from the window! It looked sooooo amazing. It's SNOWING, it's SNOWING. It's snowed here all day. I made myself some breakfast after this excitement, I had some fruit- grapes and melon. Then I had weetabix with milk and raisins. Yummy. My lecture was at 10am, so I went to the Mappin building and we learnt the basics of the JNL215 module- we have to do these tasks- a radio news feature which counts for 50% of the marks and a series of radio news bulletins (again, 50%). We get to work in groups of 3 (thank God!!) It could be quite cool, I suppose- but then again, it could be really difficult.

After the lecture, I walked to get my JNL206 law test results- I got 31/50 on it (one of the department ones we did before Christmas). So that's reassuring.I walked back to the house. Read a few chapters of 'The Cromwell Street Murders: The Detective's Story'. Then had my dinner of a cheese and toasty and some tomato soup before rushing off to my broadcast workshop.

We had to get into groups of three- so me and Holly are working together with this guy called Dan. The exercise was to find a story this week that could possibly be filmed etc and to come up with a plan as to what we would do regarding preparing, interviewing and filming such a story/broadcast piece. It looks well stressful.

We're not actually going to do it though, it's just a practice idea. Anyway...after the workshop, I went for a subway (veggie patty, mmmm).I got some alcohol and more saline and deodrant too. Yay yay yay. Then I came back to the house. &that's pretty much it really.

I'm going to Fuzz tonight which should be exciting. It's Holly's boyfriend's birthday and also I'm gonna get really drunk and try and enjoy the random music.

Oh, nobody seems to be in the house at the minute. Which is kinda surreal...(other than me and Laura). I know Kat has gone home for the weekend. But where oh where, is everyone else?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Despite plunging away like a madwoman, my sink is still blocked. Which is most unfortunate. But, I shall not falter- I'm going to try again soon, maybe tonight, before I go out.

So it's been confirmed. I am going to the Wednesday night Wonga Party at Gatecrasher - with lots of foam all over the place! I've never been to a foam party before, so it should be quite interesting to say the least. I've been told not to wear jeans or anything that will stick- so, I'm just going to wear my short blue skirt with a blue top, maybe tights and some old shoes. Might wear some silver jewellery too. Will be nice. I've just been to the shop to get some money out and buy some alcohol and mixer; WKD Vodka Blue and some cheap as fuck lemonade for a flim (39p).Same difference. I've just watched Coronation Street and I'm about to start drinking now.

Hopefully the night will be with a bang! I suspect it won't be as boring as normal Gatecrasher nights (although the foam could well be a cheap ploy). Haha. I hope I don't get too drunk though- I need to be up for my 10am lecture tomorrow morning!

Today has been as normal as any other. I woke up, had a breakfast of fruit and then went upstairs, parused the internet for an hour or so, before deciding to work out. I worked out for an hour and a half! Yeahhh. I did the Before and After workout and then the 30 minute stretch and tone (separate workout) and afterwards I felt great, like I have loads of energy! I think that's the bonus about working out. When you do it, you feel a million times more energetic afterwards (not when you first start working out in a long time though, then you just feel tired) :p but if I don't work out in a good while, I feel lethargic and bored with myself...hmmm. It's interesting really. Can the body crave exercise? Is it possible?! Who know- who cares :p

I had miso soup for lunch. Showered after my workout as usual. Oh and for dinner tonight I had a vegetable burger, some lemony type cous cous and sauteéd mushrooms and peppers, with boiled mange tout and baby sweetcorn? (I think that's what they're called). It was wellll fit. One of my housemates had Ben & Jerry's icecream for dinner tonight! A whole tub all to herself. I was rather impressed as it amounts to like twice her daily calorie intake. Mehh, as a once off it's pretty special.

Right, excuse me whilst I start the drinking/getting ready process :p

I'll tell you how it went tomorrow.



Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm in the midst of cooking dinner (the cheesey potatoes are baking in the oven, mmm). So far, I've made dinner... I can be a good cook (when I read the recipe book). Anyhow... I've had a pretty busy day. I didn't get up until around 8.30am or so, I had this great lay in and just didn't want to get up because bed was soooo damn comfy. But I managed to eventually, and had breakfast for 9am. Yay. Then I got ready, read a little and prepared myself for my 11am lecture. I went to the Georges Building for that time for my first Web Journalism lecture.

It was alright. We were given a brief history of the internet and told the workings of the module. It seems pretty interesting, more so this semester than any I've had before, that's for sure! heh. After the lecture,I was bored so headed into town.I searched about for a bit, ended up buying a few items. Mainly some stuff for next week ;) and some lunch (a fit chicken club sandwich from Greggs, mmmm).I sat and ate it on the steps of the city hall. Then I rushed off to Minalloy House for my workshop where we learnt the fundamentals of HTML and made our own webpage. It was pretty simple and could've easily insulted my intelligence if I didn't realise that not everyone uses myspace.Heh. We learnt about the very basics- imaging, linking, text work etc. Before we finished.

Oohh I got my results back from my Alternative Media case study! I got a 2.1! 63 marks. A 2.1, YAYYY!Yay yay yay. Sorry *excited mode over*. So after this I went once more into town - to buy some stuff from Boots,namely shaving gel, conditioner, that sorta thing. &then,I spent ageees trying to find a goddamn hardware store around the Moors area, to little or no avail. So instead,I got the bus to Broomhill and found the hardware store there. To success! I got the plunger I longed for. At long last. Then walked back to the house.

I ate dinner, it was awesome!However, I will now have to work out like a madwoman tomorrow to make up for it...as I used up 3/4 of a block of cheese alone, in making the cheese sauce!! haha. Then I had a block of chocolate for dessert. Eeep.A severe workout for me tomorrow, I do believe, is on the cards. Followed by a long hot shower :] sounds good to me.

Oh, I got pestered today by this woman in town. Unbelievably, I was minding my own business, when she said 'You'll talk to me won't you' and grabbed me in. I stopped and she started asking what drinks I liked :s basically, trying to reel me in to pay £2 a week to help some missing kids and make me feel bad, as though it's my fault they run away. Honestly....grrr. I said I would if I could, but I honestly couldn't because I have very little money as it is. Grrrr. I'm a student for fucks sake, target someone who has a stable job!!

Speaking of which, I kinda got myself a temp job today. I pestered Moco Café for not getting back to me so far- and now I have a shift next Friday, handing out some flyers. Sure, it's not great- but at £5 an hour, I could work a whole afternoon shift and get about £20-25? I figure, depending. Which isn't bad at all, just to hand out flyers. Could be better I suppose. I might ask for another one before then though- I could easily do the afternoon, no problem on most days of the week except for Tuesday and Thursday. So that's exciting, I'll be getting a bit more cash soon. Yay.

There's not much else to say, except, I need a cup of tea and a loooong sleep tomorrow. Which means my wish will be granted, as I have no lectures for the next two Wednesdays! :D :D :D Awesomeness.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I thought I'd blog since I'm both bored and well, just want to let you know that I'm back in Sheffield. Unfortunately, I got up at 6.30am for no reason- I still ended up missing the 7am train, so had to get the 8 o'clock one instead. Which meant I was an hour (and a lot longer) in the freezing cold. I bid time away by writing in my diary and reading some more of the book I'm currently on. It helped. But the train was packed until we got to Manchester- it wasn't too bad though, standing up...I could see all the local scenery, it was kind of interesting really. Heh.

I got to Sheffield for about...9.30'ish?? I think. But was back in my room by about 10am. Not bad at all. I had bought a bottle of water and some slices of melon for breakfast so I had that, cleaned some of my room up (to my absolute horror,my sink is still blocked). Grrr. So I'm going to have to get a plunger.

I went to court today!! I know, finally. It scared me that I wouldn't know what to do, but it turned out alright in the end. Me and Holly went to Magistrates Court for 2pm, court cases sitting around that time. We had to dress up all posh- I was wearing black tights, a white blouse and a below the knee skirt. I looked so school mistress! I bet people who saw me thought I was deeadd posh or something haha. Like I take my education too serious or something. Anyway, once we got there,we sat down in the designated seats we were told to by the usher. Then, we listened to each case one by one. The first case was a defendant who had caused GBH and occasion of assault against a police officer? I do believe. It made for the best story anyway. The others were OK, but happened a long time ago and weren't so effective. We got a few details from each anyway. So this week, I'm going to write up the relevant copy. At least now we've been once, we can set the ball rolling, so to speak and go every week, maybe even twice weekly? Yeahhh :)

I went food shopping after my court visit-I spent about £23 on food. It was worth it though- I had nothing in my fridge priorly. I got lots of cheap store alternatives to otherwise fancy labels- and I probably saved quite a bit in doing that, to be honest. Plenty of fruit and veg, everything a growing girl needs really.

I had my dinner before. A quick pasta dish made from scratch. Chopped tomatoes, wholewheat pasta, onion, pepper and baby mushrooms sauteéd with brocolli. Mmmmm yay.Then I had a black cherry yoghurt for dessert and a small piece of dark chocolate. Yummy.

Argghh- lectures starts for me tomorrow! Soooo not looking forward to it, to say the least.I only have to do 7 hours this term. Which is a lot less than last. But, I also have to get my arse into gear a lot more, which is annoying. Court visits, Quark Xpress, web designs...etc etc. Assessments et al. I start Web Journalism tomorrow, I'll let you know how that goes when I get to that point, etc etc.

I set myself up an Amazon account this evening in order to purchase a book for my loved one.I'll no doubt end up using it quite a bit- buying used and new items on the cheap! Sounds good to me.

I watched Flight 93 before with Naomi, Catherine and this guy they know (I feel bad I don't know his name) from their course. It was really moving and pretty sad :( I felt like crying loadsss. I didn't though, not as much as yesterday.

Sunday was spent watching The Green Mile. I'd never seen it before, but boy oh boy did I cry when I did. It's awesome. Everything about it is just sooo painstaking and heartbreaking to watch, especially since I was cuddling up with Gary during the whole process, which made it even more moving.

On Saturday I didn't go to Liverpool after all, as Gary had to stay in and look after his sister while his 'rents went out and so we just cuddled up in bed and watched The Last of the Mohicans later on, whilst eating a fit veggie pizza with a veggie wrap each. The chinese will have to wait until next week ;) hehe. Anyway, Sunday was a lazy day, yet good. Monday you already know about.


So...I took a bit of a break before to go watch 'Flight 93' and promised I'd update afterwards. I had a hot chocolate with those I watched it with...and then Kim, Laura and Kat came storming in with plans of revenge on the 353 boys (formerly 6Q when we lived in Ranmoor last year). Basically, they wanted to get them back for all of the times they've stolen or done things to our house(allegedly).So we all got roped in (apart from Laura who's boyfriend Adam is visiting at the moment).I can't believe we ended up going to Crookesmoor Road and trying to scare the shit outta them. We planned to sneak around the back of their house and rap on the windows and scream really loudly. But the plan backfired when we all realised that none of them were in! So it was a fruitless task. Gutted we realised only Alan was in, we ended up going inside and chatting to him for a wee bit.

Oh of course talk then turned to the fact that 'The house party on Friday night was THE BEST ever'.Apparently.But isn't it always? 'Why didn't you go, ANNA?' I would've gone if I was in Sheffield. End of. Stop having a go. I wasn't. I was with my boyfriend, who I love in Widnes. I'm back now. So shut up. Grrr, honestly.

Saying goodbye to Gary this morning was the hardest thing to do. Goodbyes are always hard I know. But, this one more so for some reason. Even though in 8 days I will see him again, it feels like a lifetime. I can only hope that sleep will take away the pain of it all and induce in me, the sweet sensation of limitless dreams.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My brother Mark, his wife Lisa and their kid Rebecca, are coming up to visit this weekend, from this afternoon. So I've been told to clear off before that point. I will do. I'm going to stay at Gary's for the next two days before returning to Sheffield.

Last night was really cool. Me and Gary watched the whole of Series III of the The League of Gentlemen. It's sooooo bloody funny. I loved it, especially the way in which at the end of every episode, they all tied in with the same ending, but from different characters perspectives.

Pretty impressive.

I'm going to Liverpool this afternoon. I probably won't be buying much, if anything, as I'm strapped for cash and really need to be saving up as it is. But I know we're going to be having an all you can eat chinese with any luck :p which is always tasty and enjoyable.

So....I've read two or three more chapters of 'The Cromwell Street Murders' this morning, plus a couple last night. I'm up to Chapter 15 now, still have a couple more hundred pages to get through though :p It's really interesting reading, I'm learning about how the detectives caught them out, pieced the whole case together (a laborious process, let me tell you) and how the police tried to prevent new findings from being leaked to the media (and how they were highly unsuccessful). As the media always finds out more than they should, obviously. But it's great because I understand what all the reporting restrictions were when it keeps referring to them in the book I'm just like 'Oohhh I know what that is, I know what Act that applies to' :p because I've done it on my course this year, quite obviously.

Not much else to say now really, I just wanted to update as I was bored.

Hmmm... I've discovered this great artist/band called Leprous. Something about their music really amazes me. I can't pinpoint it, I guess it's the different textures, but it's really captivating. Enthralling. Either way, I've put one of their songs Wols net on my myspace page. It's really pretty. Go listen and discover for yourself, if you already haven't.

Until later.


My beautiful boyfriend Gary is a musical genius.
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The first CD by Avent Guardian is available now to buy from the witchhouse records website and also from myself at shows.

Angel is the first release and has nine tracks clocking 42 min.

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Angel is available on two formats:
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At last. My computer is finally letting me use blogger! I thought it'd never let me yesterday.

Anyway... I'm on old skool msn and it's ace! Haha, proper brings back memories of being 15 and not knowing any different. Hah.

I had such a relaxing day yesterday, it was great. I used the Lush bubble bath bar that Mel got me for my b'day present and it created MASSES and I mean, MASSES of foam, with blue and pink glitter all over the bath. It turned the bath blue and it was so calming, it was great. I was in there for quite a while. Later on, I had a Tibetan Head Massage at the Halton Stadium. This young lady called Jayne used this calming oil and rubbed it into my body, working from my mid-back up to my higher back and across my arms and neck. It really helped to relieve my stress and when she started working on my head, I really felt all the tension in my mind dissipate. I just wanted to fall asleep for ages afterwards and I was feeling this pure air of confidence all evening. It was sooo relaxing and yes, so rewarding, I want one again soon. But at £15 I know that it will have to be considered as a special treat.

On the way out from my head massage, I saw a black cat that came and sat next to me whilst I was waiting to go home. I called her 'Lady Luck' as she kept on stroking my body- though that could've just been a sign to tell me to clear off as I was on her territory, hah. Later I saw the cat standing on a car, so I presumed it to be quite the troublemaker. That and she hissed and looked at me defiantly, like I was about to threaten her. Why do I refer to it as a 'her' anyway, it was probably a male cat for all I know. I just presume.

The pub last night was decent. I was in a fair spirited and light hearted mood, drank a bit, had some good times with friends etc. Today, I have just been for my beauty appointment at 11 in town. I helped my Mum with some shopping and packing of the Asda bags. Also, I had a driving lesson in the afternoon, with Debs. I was rather pleased when she told me that I was doing well, I was pretty much at the same standard as I was last summer and that it might not take me too long at all, if i keep on coming back every few weeks for lessons, etc etc. I hope so! My next lesson is on March 9th (mine and Gary's one year anniversary), but she reckons I could be booking in my test for Easter?! Who knows though, my life is all very up in the air at the moment with coming back and to from Uni all the time. I'd like to get it out of the way asap, it's been sooo long already. I've got to keep on calling her though, every time I come home so I can have lessons and go practice with parents etc (since they're the only ones who will take me) haha.

So now I'm bored. I should be reading. But I can't be arsed. I have a chocolate muffin downstairs. That's what I want.

...and it's what I'll get.