Saturday, September 29, 2007

Here is my latest poem. Enjoy :)

Red, It Ran

Slivering down the skin
Embracing silver light shafts
And shifts
And in-out

Breathing life
Into pores so miniscule
Targets richeting
Hearts a-spring;

Beneath surfaces
If floods run
Red with emotional

Or crack
Under the pressure
Of desertion

Hands tied
The rope of unison
Cutting splinters
Into palms
So desperate
So dry

Against the beasts

We shall rise again
Once more
And blowing to the wind
Remain unadjourned
Until dawn breaks
Through the clouds

An embrace
Under moonlight
A storm of
Unfettering wisdom
Bubbling up inside;

Yesterday’s mirrored
In a thousand
Gentle kisses

The innocence lost
How will it all end?
Not even remnants
In memories or wishes
Can save
Barely survive
On a life of solace


Trigger pointed to thy brow
Sister, brother, who art thou…
Redeemed under blood-lit sky?

Horizons stretch out in blue
To claim the lives of those
You knew

Too late to pause
Too little is recalled
When you sing a song
Of war

Feelings no more
In the amber glow
Of your warmth

In the tenderness
On the rough carpet
We lay uncouth
Sinking into the depths
Of our skulls

…Migrants in a foreign country.

Little in the eyes of the world
Magnaminous in our destination
We trek to Calvary

Of the winding road
We sacrifice ourselves
To our own hell

Like cripples lost in deserted lands
The enemy falls to the ground;
In thirst
Hands raw

… not forgotten but...not yet found.



Friday, September 28, 2007

Well the stall at the Freshers' Activities fair went really well! I'm pleased to say. We got more people signed up to Stiletto than the whole of the Steel Press (the major student newspaper at Shef Uni) which I find somewhat incredible!! haha. We must've drawn people in with all our sweets, delicious stiletto shaped cookies - which the girl who made them said turned into blobs when she put them in the oven :) but we didn't mind as they tasted great. Not to mention that we had little fairy cakes which were ace as well. Plus we had THE most amazing sign ever! One of the girls' has a boyfriend who works in a sign shop, so he made us a 'Stiletto' sign with a massive shoe on it, completely in pink and purple and it looked AMAZING. I seriously wanted to take it home and put in my bedroom!

We had loads of girls sign up obviously, since we are a women's magazine, but we did get a few guys interested too. So that's good. We're gonna have our first meeting next Thursday so hopefully by then everyone will have ideas for stories and we'll hand out stories and then I can do my job in the weeks that follow. I'm looking forward to it now :) I heard the other day as well, that all the girls who were editors of Stiletto have gone into jobs which is another reason why I think being a deputy editor will definitely be good for my CV! :)

Sooo excited right now.

Anyway I've got to be off, I have to go and watch 'Little Miss Sunshine' at the union.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am writing this from within the confines of the IC. I am now back at Uni and have been since Monday. I've sorted out my entire room from the moment I got back, I rearranged everything leaving no stone unturned. My wardrobe and all my cupboards and drawers have been rearranged into 1) bra drawer, 2) knicker drawer, 3) sock drawer 4) toiletries drawer and so forth and so on. Everything looks so much neater as a result.

Yesterday I decided to do my food shopping. I think in total it came to about £20, maybe a little more. Which isn't bad. That was from just buying loads of fruit and vegetables. Soy milk, hummus, pitta breads, kidney beans, herbs and spices, chopped tomatoes, that kind of thing.

I felt pretty stumped about what to make for dinner, so in the end I decided upon a vegetable and bean chilli. It's worked beautifully and I made enough for tonight, so can just tuck into that once I get back home :) yay.

In other news...the first meeting amongst the editors of Stiletto took place yesterday. The good news is we've pretty much sorted out all our ideas for the first issue. We've arranged for our first meeting with the writers next Thursday and a social to follow, on October 8th. So should be fun :) oh and also, tomorrow I'm helping out at the fresher's fair- Stiletto have got a stall and we're gonna set up early. I'm not helping out until the afternoon, but it should be amazing!!

We're having cupcakes and sweets to give out to the freshers and all around! and we're decorating the stall in pink, blowing up copies of past issues of the magazine and turning them into posters which can be hung up all over the place. It should be pretty cool ^-^ So I'm looking forward to to it immensely. Not only that but we're having a pink paper background and a pink fur trim all around the table. So it will look pretty sassy.

I can't wait! It'll also be really cool once the magazine gets up and running too and I then have the task of sub-editing the whole thing! Which is pretty daunting, but I'm sure will turn out fine.

We have no internet at the house at the moment, mainly because we're switching servers and moving to Tiscali from talktalk. Understandably, talktalk have messed us around a lot and I don't think we should stay with them anymore if the internet just keeps going! It's pretty unfortunate. But we have to transfer our phone line over too to tiscali as part of the package deal. So that's gonna happen some time this week I believe and then we may get a router sent out to us after that at some point in the unforeseen future!

Ahh but anyway, I'm back. &I'll post again soon when I feel less sleepy :]

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well I can officially say I am now addicted to the PSP. Whether that's a good or a bad thing I don't know as my final year of Uni will need a lot of work and attention for me to come out with a good grade by the end of it and such things will not help me to knuckle down and study :p but I see it as a welcome distraction, personally.

So, this is my final week at home before I go back to Uni. I never realised until the other week that Freshers' Week started on the 24th, not the 17th like I had previously thought. So that extra week off is very welcome indeed. But I'm sure it will make it harder to settle back in. But at least this is my final year now so I know what to expect, not like over the past two years when I was being shifted back and forth, to halls in first year and to a house for second year. At least there'll be some stability now, which I'm counting my blessings for.

When I get back I have to attend the first Stiletto meeting of the year however, which will involve recuriting new writers to the magazine for the year and sorting out other priorities like getting a stall set up for the freshers fair so that people can come and join if they so wish. I think that'll be pretty cool, if a little, or a LOT hectic. Haha. But definitely worth it.

Then I'll have to sign up for my relevant JNL301 workshop and make sure everything is in order in the house, which will include making sure we have everything for a comfortable existence - food, hot water (I'm sure we'll have no problem there), a phone line that works and internet access. Not to mention buying tickets for relevant events if I want to attend any Freshers' events that week as they tend to sell like hot hot cakes...

I'm also buying tickets for Mono and Jesu in November at Corp and VNV tickets for me and Gary when they play in December. So there's quite a few tasks to think about.

But back to this week...

I haven't started packing yet but I probably will by tomorrow as my parents are going away for the weekend to visit my brother (it's his 35th birthday on Saturday) even though he'll be working for most of this weekend and they won't get to see him. But I think it's a nice thing to do. Then they're coming back on the Sunday I believe and then I'm going back up on Monday 24th.

So I'm hoping to read more of my book 'Whit' by Iain Banks before I go back, but I doubt it'll get finished by Monday. Nevermind, I guess it's just another thing I'll be taking back with me. At least I'll have plenty to read :)


Friday, September 14, 2007

Yesterday I went to Blackpool with my mate Andy. We had a stroll around the pier, ate some chips and had a gander around the amusement arcades. There were some interesting things to look at, but by in large it was just tack.

We did visit the Gowrie Museum however, although only one floor was open, which showcased memorabilia from Blackpool's by-gone days, obviously, objects from it's hey day when everyone visited Blackpool for their holiday/s. So that was pretty interesting, although it did feel weird looking back on postcards which would have been avant garde back in the day and now make me feel nostalgic with their drained out pastelles and rather old-style humour.

*Sigh* I don't know, maybe I'm just a product of this so-called 'new generation'. I'd love to be more in touch with the past, I feel really intrigued by it, but I love the feel of the new, if that makes any sense. I like the fact that technology has improved, mobile phones, computer games, and so forth. It's opened up whole worlds, that our predecessors could've only dreamt about. So it's only right we should be grateful (unless the robots take over the world, exterminate every last one of us and procreate to replace every single organism with nothing but wiring and metal).

Speaking of technology, I am going to get my hands on a PSP tomorrow :D yay. For those who don't know what that is, it stands for a Playstation Portable, which is basically a handheld console. I'm sooo excited as many of my favourite computer games I used to play on the playstation, back in the day :p Tekken, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Ridge Racer...all the classics plus more. All of course thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Gary, who bought me one on Tuesday off ebay, much to my surprise. I really can't thank him enough as he didn't need to...I was all prepared to start saving the money myself! So I really must thank him for that, I owe him a lot.

Today I've been busy mainly sorting out my bedroom- my parents have had floor pannelling put in their bedroom so that caused a great deal of upheaval. Resulting in clothes being flung on beds everywhere and so forth. How exciting! haha. So my bed is now facing the right hand side of the wall and other things have been rearranged - and I've taken to throwing out loads of my brother's things into plastic bags so he can take them back to his place, so that I can put my clothes and underwear into my drawers. (no pun intended).

So yes, some very exciting new changes!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Today has been better that I thought. I was up early (7am) and at The Heath for 9am sharp, where I then had to find the relevant department (GB Plange) and was taken up by a lab assistant/tech. My job involved basic admin- answering and transferring phone calls to the relevant people, printing off labels, filing papers and processing orders. It was pretty cool actually. I got to use the same order system (AS400, or something like that) as my Mum uses at Gus, so it provided a bit of a learning curve really.

Oh it turns out, the company/business I am temping for is involved in bread enzyme production. They make and supply to Warburtons and manufacturers like that. Here's their website: Clicky

That was the whole day, from 9-2. It's been by far the most interesting job I've undertook so far (apart from Morrisons obviously), but then working in a salad bar is pretty damn cool.

So yeah, everyone seems really friendly and we're getting on fine. I've been shown all the ropes pretty much and as tomorrow is my final day, it's really not bad work at all. Just a bit of extra pocket money (or only money, at the moment...)

I never knew The Heath Business Park was sooo big though! I completely underestimated it in size. They have a market day there and today, there was a lady selling real pretty jewellery. I managed to get a ring for £3! Which is a an utter bargain. Looky:

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My only problem is that I feel soo tired after being up for so long. I just want to have a bottle of wine and unwind over a long conversation with a friend. But I'm going the cinema, hmmm, equally as relaxing I suppose. Only trouble is, in the dark I tend to fall asleep! >.< no matter what, if I'm sleepy and I watch something in the dark, I usually drift off.

Oh well, looks like it'll be an 'early' night for me then.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I can't believe it - I have a temp JOB!! At last.I had completely given up and one came to me. Ah haa- the irony! I start tomorrow at the Heath Business Park in Runcorn, doing admin work for a few wee hours, just over Thurs-Fri of this week.

Whether I will get given more work next week remains a mystery, but I guess I will know soon enough. I'm just soo pleased to be earning, and yes I know I am acting a scrooge with my 'money, money, money' attitude, but once you haven't earned in a good while, you forget what it feels like. So I'm chuffed to say the least. Especially since I'm really starting to get into the whole saving money business in a real big way. Ahh- it's somewhat exciting!

I had to go and find the place this evening though, just to know where I'm going. I'm overly cautious like that. I don't want to be late, it would make a rather bad impression. I have to be up early too, I start at 9am and getting over that bridge of a morning is absolute chaos, especially since it's now September.

I spent today mostly resting and chilling until I got offered that job. Then everything seemed to feel like I was on a roll. Heh. Odd that.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yay. Today has been a very good day. I passed my theory test this morning! Woohoo!!! So I can now retake my driving test, yayyy. Oh and also, I got my NCTJ Law results back- I PASSED! YAYYYYYY.

Driving Theory- 49/50
Hazard Perception - 60/75

...and for my NCTJ's I got 54 on my first exam and 50 on the other. So it was a bare pass, but still- A PASS! I don't have to resit that next year or repay for it, which is excellent news. Especially since I was ill when I took them back at the end of January. Soo I'm fairly relieved to say the least :) and I'm now pumped full of excitement and things- like that! :D so obviously, I wanna go out and get this utter excitement out of my system before I collapse from hyperventilating. Haha.

So yeah, happy happy Anna..

I just wish Gary was well enough to celebrate with me :( that's the only downer.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I can't believe how fast this summer is going now. It only feels like a few weeks ago that I was finishing for my mammoth summer...and now I only have about two weeks before I return to Uni.

I'm majorly disappointed that I never found a job at all- despite all my trying. So I never really achieved what I wanted to. Nevermind. Soon I'll have a degree under my belt and next year, will be on the look out for a permanent job- a real and potential career. Argh, that sounds kind of scary actually. But, I'll be getting to that point in less than 12

It's all coming around now. School, college, Uni...all seem to have flown by sooo soo fast! I feel like I've had a good summer. It's definitely had a few good points. Some fairly low points too, mainly just me getting my hopes up though. Maybe next time I might try and be more pessimistic about things, at least that way you can never be too disappointed. Feeling let down a lot starts to wear on the spirit after a while. But I guess it's all part of the experience of life.

Latest news from my camp...well, I've been to Liverpool yesterday, for a browse and a spot of shopping with my boyfriend Gary. He bought me a book on Japanese cuisine called 'Taste of Japan', a book on Nostradamus's prophecies and a ring I liked the look of from the shop Internacionale and we ate in a restaurant - at Yates's wine lodge, which was veryyyy lovely, I always have a brilliant time with him :) Other than that, I went to Chester on Friday with my parents. Mainly for shopping...bought an epilator! Which is apparently meant to be the epitome of pain. Indeed.

Oh, I finished reading 'American Psycho' over the weekend. I prefer it to the film (Well doesn't everyone prefer books to their film adaptations?!) It's dark, graphic and disturbing scenes set it apart from other novels and you really do think, 'How far is this going to go?' as it turns out, all the way. As Brett Easton Ellis delves the character of Patrick Bateman into an ever more seedy, deluded and plain psychotic world where hacking off a hooker's head with a chainsaw and arranging her brains into some form of nouveau cuisine seem perfectly natural. Amongst other atrocities. Excellent, excellent novel. Read, read read!!!

I have a bit of a book list actually. So I've got a few novels to read, but again, it's just finding the time, as with everything in life. *Sigh* I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually! Some of them I'm more interested in than others, I think that's my problem. So some get read, others don't. Such is life.