Friday, September 28, 2007

Well the stall at the Freshers' Activities fair went really well! I'm pleased to say. We got more people signed up to Stiletto than the whole of the Steel Press (the major student newspaper at Shef Uni) which I find somewhat incredible!! haha. We must've drawn people in with all our sweets, delicious stiletto shaped cookies - which the girl who made them said turned into blobs when she put them in the oven :) but we didn't mind as they tasted great. Not to mention that we had little fairy cakes which were ace as well. Plus we had THE most amazing sign ever! One of the girls' has a boyfriend who works in a sign shop, so he made us a 'Stiletto' sign with a massive shoe on it, completely in pink and purple and it looked AMAZING. I seriously wanted to take it home and put in my bedroom!

We had loads of girls sign up obviously, since we are a women's magazine, but we did get a few guys interested too. So that's good. We're gonna have our first meeting next Thursday so hopefully by then everyone will have ideas for stories and we'll hand out stories and then I can do my job in the weeks that follow. I'm looking forward to it now :) I heard the other day as well, that all the girls who were editors of Stiletto have gone into jobs which is another reason why I think being a deputy editor will definitely be good for my CV! :)

Sooo excited right now.

Anyway I've got to be off, I have to go and watch 'Little Miss Sunshine' at the union.