Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well I can officially say I am now addicted to the PSP. Whether that's a good or a bad thing I don't know as my final year of Uni will need a lot of work and attention for me to come out with a good grade by the end of it and such things will not help me to knuckle down and study :p but I see it as a welcome distraction, personally.

So, this is my final week at home before I go back to Uni. I never realised until the other week that Freshers' Week started on the 24th, not the 17th like I had previously thought. So that extra week off is very welcome indeed. But I'm sure it will make it harder to settle back in. But at least this is my final year now so I know what to expect, not like over the past two years when I was being shifted back and forth, to halls in first year and to a house for second year. At least there'll be some stability now, which I'm counting my blessings for.

When I get back I have to attend the first Stiletto meeting of the year however, which will involve recuriting new writers to the magazine for the year and sorting out other priorities like getting a stall set up for the freshers fair so that people can come and join if they so wish. I think that'll be pretty cool, if a little, or a LOT hectic. Haha. But definitely worth it.

Then I'll have to sign up for my relevant JNL301 workshop and make sure everything is in order in the house, which will include making sure we have everything for a comfortable existence - food, hot water (I'm sure we'll have no problem there), a phone line that works and internet access. Not to mention buying tickets for relevant events if I want to attend any Freshers' events that week as they tend to sell like hot hot cakes...

I'm also buying tickets for Mono and Jesu in November at Corp and VNV tickets for me and Gary when they play in December. So there's quite a few tasks to think about.

But back to this week...

I haven't started packing yet but I probably will by tomorrow as my parents are going away for the weekend to visit my brother (it's his 35th birthday on Saturday) even though he'll be working for most of this weekend and they won't get to see him. But I think it's a nice thing to do. Then they're coming back on the Sunday I believe and then I'm going back up on Monday 24th.

So I'm hoping to read more of my book 'Whit' by Iain Banks before I go back, but I doubt it'll get finished by Monday. Nevermind, I guess it's just another thing I'll be taking back with me. At least I'll have plenty to read :)