Thursday, September 06, 2007

I can't believe it - I have a temp JOB!! At last.I had completely given up and one came to me. Ah haa- the irony! I start tomorrow at the Heath Business Park in Runcorn, doing admin work for a few wee hours, just over Thurs-Fri of this week.

Whether I will get given more work next week remains a mystery, but I guess I will know soon enough. I'm just soo pleased to be earning, and yes I know I am acting a scrooge with my 'money, money, money' attitude, but once you haven't earned in a good while, you forget what it feels like. So I'm chuffed to say the least. Especially since I'm really starting to get into the whole saving money business in a real big way. Ahh- it's somewhat exciting!

I had to go and find the place this evening though, just to know where I'm going. I'm overly cautious like that. I don't want to be late, it would make a rather bad impression. I have to be up early too, I start at 9am and getting over that bridge of a morning is absolute chaos, especially since it's now September.

I spent today mostly resting and chilling until I got offered that job. Then everything seemed to feel like I was on a roll. Heh. Odd that.