Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yay. Today has been a very good day. I passed my theory test this morning! Woohoo!!! So I can now retake my driving test, yayyy. Oh and also, I got my NCTJ Law results back- I PASSED! YAYYYYYY.

Driving Theory- 49/50
Hazard Perception - 60/75

...and for my NCTJ's I got 54 on my first exam and 50 on the other. So it was a bare pass, but still- A PASS! I don't have to resit that next year or repay for it, which is excellent news. Especially since I was ill when I took them back at the end of January. Soo I'm fairly relieved to say the least :) and I'm now pumped full of excitement and things- like that! :D so obviously, I wanna go out and get this utter excitement out of my system before I collapse from hyperventilating. Haha.

So yeah, happy happy Anna..

I just wish Gary was well enough to celebrate with me :( that's the only downer.