Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am writing this from within the confines of the IC. I am now back at Uni and have been since Monday. I've sorted out my entire room from the moment I got back, I rearranged everything leaving no stone unturned. My wardrobe and all my cupboards and drawers have been rearranged into 1) bra drawer, 2) knicker drawer, 3) sock drawer 4) toiletries drawer and so forth and so on. Everything looks so much neater as a result.

Yesterday I decided to do my food shopping. I think in total it came to about £20, maybe a little more. Which isn't bad. That was from just buying loads of fruit and vegetables. Soy milk, hummus, pitta breads, kidney beans, herbs and spices, chopped tomatoes, that kind of thing.

I felt pretty stumped about what to make for dinner, so in the end I decided upon a vegetable and bean chilli. It's worked beautifully and I made enough for tonight, so can just tuck into that once I get back home :) yay.

In other news...the first meeting amongst the editors of Stiletto took place yesterday. The good news is we've pretty much sorted out all our ideas for the first issue. We've arranged for our first meeting with the writers next Thursday and a social to follow, on October 8th. So should be fun :) oh and also, tomorrow I'm helping out at the fresher's fair- Stiletto have got a stall and we're gonna set up early. I'm not helping out until the afternoon, but it should be amazing!!

We're having cupcakes and sweets to give out to the freshers and all around! and we're decorating the stall in pink, blowing up copies of past issues of the magazine and turning them into posters which can be hung up all over the place. It should be pretty cool ^-^ So I'm looking forward to to it immensely. Not only that but we're having a pink paper background and a pink fur trim all around the table. So it will look pretty sassy.

I can't wait! It'll also be really cool once the magazine gets up and running too and I then have the task of sub-editing the whole thing! Which is pretty daunting, but I'm sure will turn out fine.

We have no internet at the house at the moment, mainly because we're switching servers and moving to Tiscali from talktalk. Understandably, talktalk have messed us around a lot and I don't think we should stay with them anymore if the internet just keeps going! It's pretty unfortunate. But we have to transfer our phone line over too to tiscali as part of the package deal. So that's gonna happen some time this week I believe and then we may get a router sent out to us after that at some point in the unforeseen future!

Ahh but anyway, I'm back. &I'll post again soon when I feel less sleepy :]