Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I can't believe how fast this summer is going now. It only feels like a few weeks ago that I was finishing for my mammoth summer...and now I only have about two weeks before I return to Uni.

I'm majorly disappointed that I never found a job at all- despite all my trying. So I never really achieved what I wanted to. Nevermind. Soon I'll have a degree under my belt and next year, will be on the look out for a permanent job- a real and potential career. Argh, that sounds kind of scary actually. But, I'll be getting to that point in less than 12 months...wow.

It's all coming around now. School, college, Uni...all seem to have flown by sooo soo fast! I feel like I've had a good summer. It's definitely had a few good points. Some fairly low points too, mainly just me getting my hopes up though. Maybe next time I might try and be more pessimistic about things, at least that way you can never be too disappointed. Feeling let down a lot starts to wear on the spirit after a while. But I guess it's all part of the experience of life.

Latest news from my camp...well, I've been to Liverpool yesterday, for a browse and a spot of shopping with my boyfriend Gary. He bought me a book on Japanese cuisine called 'Taste of Japan', a book on Nostradamus's prophecies and a ring I liked the look of from the shop Internacionale and we ate in a restaurant - at Yates's wine lodge, which was veryyyy lovely, I always have a brilliant time with him :) Other than that, I went to Chester on Friday with my parents. Mainly for shopping...bought an epilator! Which is apparently meant to be the epitome of pain. Indeed.

Oh, I finished reading 'American Psycho' over the weekend. I prefer it to the film (Well doesn't everyone prefer books to their film adaptations?!) It's dark, graphic and disturbing scenes set it apart from other novels and you really do think, 'How far is this going to go?' as it turns out, all the way. As Brett Easton Ellis delves the character of Patrick Bateman into an ever more seedy, deluded and plain psychotic world where hacking off a hooker's head with a chainsaw and arranging her brains into some form of nouveau cuisine seem perfectly natural. Amongst other atrocities. Excellent, excellent novel. Read, read read!!!

I have a bit of a book list actually. So I've got a few novels to read, but again, it's just finding the time, as with everything in life. *Sigh* I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually! Some of them I'm more interested in than others, I think that's my problem. So some get read, others don't. Such is life.