Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm back in Widnes at present and will be until the end of the week. I decided to make the wise decision and come on home after everything that's happened; mainly the events of last week which left me feeling completely ill and exhausted. But I've recovered now and the rejuvenation process is seeing to me being on the mend.
The House Party went really well! Gary came up, the alcohol flowed and there was lots of fun, fun fun! I wore my pretty birthday dress that Gary got me with pride- and have the pictures to prove it!!!
Gary and me, the walking advertisement :D


The Birthday Girls
Charlie's Angels- eat your heart out!!!
I believe these pictures can sum up in more words than me, what kind of a night Saturday 27th was. It was a shame none of the people I invited turned up, but meh. The house was heaving at one point, could hardly get to the drinks table for the sheer numbers swarming about having a good time.
By comparison, Sunday was a relatively quiet day. But some things were achieved (other than lots of sleep!), our housemates had a house meal together at Wetherspoons, which was nice. &then, me and Gary went into town and bought (or tried to before the shops shut at 4pm) some books (I bought 'Hells Angels' by Hunter S. Thompson) and we searched in vain for Ben & Jerry's icecream. Alas, we found it at the corner shop uphill from where I live! Haha. Dinner was something small, just a cheese and pickle toasty each and some shared potato and leek soup.
We watched Last House on the Left before bedtime. It's a rape revenge movie carried out by the parents of a raped and murdered young girl, who, by chance, has her rapists/murderers stay at her house one night. Haha, I loved every second of it. The taste of cookie dough goes down surprisingly well with such a plot.
Monday, we made a killer, stroke-inducing fry up for brunch. It was made by me- I got all the ingredients I think and made most of it, Gary helping with the cooking. We had three vegetarian sausages each, scrambled eggs, 2 rashers of vegetarian bacon, baked beans with toast, chopped tomatoes and fried bread. Topped off with loads and loads of black pepper! It was divine. It prepared us for the shopping trip into town, whereby I bought a book called 'The Coronation Street Story' for about £2.95 from Oxfam, 'The Book of General Ignorance' by Stephen Fry and a DVD for a flim about the driving test. I also got The Green Mile on DVD from Cex.
Oh, I applied for a job whilst I was down town too. It's just a temp job I believe handing out flyers for this cafe, but it should give me extra cash, which is what I want at the end of the day. We'll see. I had to go and buy a birthday present for Mel too- it's her 21st on Friday and since I knew I wouldn't be there for it (I was gonna go home and stay at home over the weekend, no matter what), I knew I'd have to give it to my housemates before I departed. She bought me a lovely gift of stripey rainbow socks from Accessorize, a bath bubble bar and some fancy soap from Lush. It was such a nice gift.
Anyway, it took me ages to get over the breakfast I had- I was still feeling full until we got back to Widnes later on. We almost didn't make it due to the inconsistency of the trams and us running a little late. But then we saw the train and just made a run for it. We eventually got back to Widnes for half eight in the evening.
I ate my dinner at Gary's, his Mum made us a delicious salad- two different types of cottage cheese, coleslaw, onion rings, celery and tomatoes. Then we had spaghetti with falafel meatballs for the main course and a slice of coconut cake for dessert. Was really yummy.
Tuesday- Gary went to work, so I got a lift home. Arranged a driving lesson for Friday afternoon. Ate breakfast. Watched meaningless TV. Scoured the internet. Cleaned up/unpacked incessantly. Worked out. Showered for the first time in days. Had lunch. Scoured the 'net again. Tried endlessly to update my blog- but my computer was having none of it for some reason, so I didn't end up posting as I had planned yesterday. Nevermind. Tried some driving test stuff from that DVD/CD-rom I got in Sheffield. Turns out I am still answer perfect with my theory- scoring 100% every time. Satisfied, I ate my dinner of chicken stiry fry. I saw my Dad and later my brother Chris. At 8.30pm, Gary knocked around with Griff and Gaz. I had packed my stuff, so we walked back to Gary's, stopping off for food first at Papa's (I only went to the offy and got a packet of Doritos though), but was not satisfied, so ended up sharing cheesy chips w/mayo and ketchup with Gary :)
We were going to watch The Dawn of The Living Dead but because there didn't seem to be any blood or zombies in it...we watched Braindead instead. Now the last time I tried to watch that, I felt ill. But this time, I managed to sit all the way through it and was left amazed at how bloodthirsty and truly gory the whole affair was! Yet at the same time, highly amusing and delighting in even the most comic moments of death and putrefication. I was left half wondering whether to laugh or scream. Hehe.
Today has no real plan or route of action. I'm just going to fall like a leaf into a stream of piss and hope that it takes me on an adventure.
Ta ta.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I finished reading 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven' this afternoon. Awwwh, it did make me well up, I must say. It was just so...beautifully yet simply written. It had such a profound effect on my emotions, I'd love to read it again soon.

Today- I have ate a substantial amount for lunch for the first time in ageeess :D yayy. I had a cheese and Branstons pickle toastie with minestrone soup, mmmm. Yummy. Then after this, I went to the local supermarket and bought some bits - 2L of milk, cooking onions, a pack of baked beans, a bunch of bananas and some chocolate for me (I got a ripple and a small tube of mini eggs!) Yay yay yay.

Later on, once Gary gets here, I'll go and get some alcohol and some bread (alcohol to drink tonight!) and the bread to have on toast for tomorrow breakfast in a fit fry/grill up brekkie :D yay yay yay.

The house party tonight should be fun. Whilst none of my friends from home can make it, Gary is coming :D and I think possible one or two people I knew from Ranmoor last year but my housemates don't know too well. So yay, should be fun :) There'll be plenty of alcohol, music and I'm gonna get dressed up all pretty in the dress that Gary got me for my birthday!

It's soooo exciting now actually.

&if it's rubbish, can always go a club instead : p hehe. Although I am sure the party will go down well, as there seem to be quite a lot of people coming now actually. Probably around 50 or more people...but that's just a rough estimate from the numbers on facebook (yes's - 45, maybe's- 123). So you never know how these things will turn out.

Anyway, must dash, got things to sort out.

I'll tell you how it went- soon. Although I don't know when as of yet, I could be at home next week- so may update then?

Ta ra for now!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Not really all that much to update with, so why I am typing right now is beyond me.

Think it might be something to do with addiction. Hmmm.

Anyway, I am starting to feel a lot better, but since today has been sooooo bloody dull overall, I can't help but feel that excited about anything at the moment. I'm feeling drowsy from the anti-nausea pills, which is handy around bedtime, but not so much in the early afternoon.

I've only ate marmite on toast for lunch and later had the other half of my Sub that I bought from last night. wasn't that rank actually. But I've noticed that all this illness has really diminished my appetite. Up until about today, when I've been craving all kinds of food, just the thought of it has started to make me hungry again!

I started reading 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven', by Mitch Albom today. It's lovely so far and I'm glad that I started reading it right now- since I have a week off until my lectures start on Feb 5th. Yay. That means more me time :) hehe.

Oh I played the Corrie DVD game this afternoon too. Haha. I did pretty well too, I'm getting better at it that's for sure ;) Yes, I am lame. I know.

It feels weird being in bed so early on a Friday night and for the first time in a long while...really miserable. I know I have to save my strength though, for tomorrow night.

I'm really gutted, pretty much all of my friends can't make it to my house party :( which is really grim. I was hoping at least a few could make it. But no, it doesn't look likely now at all. Gary's coming up though ^-^ which is great as I ain't seen him in ages, it's been far too long already.

I'm going home for a few days next week. Probably from Monday-Saturday. Just to rest up and spend some time with my family (2 weeks apart can feel like a lifetime) especially when you've been suffering and ill and had shitty exams to contend with. Alas, the end of the week is nigh and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am looking forward to feeling rejuvenated.

Who knows? I might even get some pampering in there.

Yours truly,


Friday, January 26, 2007



Hoorah! They're done, done and over with!


This is great news because it now means that I can get back to doing normal things - like sleeping, eating, washing, reading and general 'net stuff without the worry of revision. It's amazing how much time revision does actually eat up to be honest.

But not anymore.

Now- just lots of relaxation and a whole week off! Yerse :D

It feels like a huge weight has lifted off of my shoulders and I can now do whatever I want again. Yay ayay yay.

The only trouble is, I'm not sure where to begin! I kind of half feel like I should be revising...haha, even though I obviously don't need to anymore! Which is a weird feeling. But I think I'll just eat this oatmeal and raisin cookie I got from Subway first. That sounds good. Then, tomorrow- I can have a great lay in and just read all day for as long as I want :) yayy.

I'm so relieved that my sickness is receding now too, I feel so much better today it's unbelievable. Considering two days ago I was so ill I thought I was gonna die. Heh. Well, my Mum told me that when she was a lot younger she ate a dodgy pie and she got gastroentritis like I have/had. She thought she was gonna die too, it was such a scary time she told me. So at least I know I could make a full recovery from this :p haha.

Anyway, I think my exams went alright. Nothing brilliant, as it's always hard to judge these things one way or the other. But, I felt that the first exam went down really well, I knew how to answer all of the questions pretty much and they were all worded clearly and concisely. But the second paper, was different somehow. I think it was the way they were worded- soo soo unclear what they were asking at all! So in the end I just applied any law that seemed semi-relevant, haha. Even if I was probably entirely wrong.

Ahh well, today's exam doesn't really count all that much anyway- I can always resit if I fail (albeit at a price). So please please please Dear Lord, make me pass! I really could do with this NCTJ under my belt, sorted out already. Over and done with, please?! Thanks.

In all fairness, I can forget about all this hassle for a little while now and just concentrate on more fun things.

Like I've mentioned around 1000 times previous in this post :p haha.

Right, best be off.

My life is waiting.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haha I didn't even realise the other post had actually gone through.
Think I might keep it anyway as a double post is never likely to happen again on this blog!

Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse...they start to seem better. Seemingly.

Admittedly this is my second post- my first one completely failed and so I'm now having to rewrite everything I just thought of. How annoying! Grrr. Anyway...

I feel better somewhat today. Not incredibly so and I am still a cause for concern, but- I do feel better. Even if I was sick at 5am this morning and barely had a night's sleep because of it. I was floating in and out of consciousness - half there, half on the barrage of being awake. Was a very strange feeling indeed. Not very pleasant as I am still absolutely tired right now. Hmmm.

I had no breakfast today for fear of being sick again, so I went to the exam on an empty stomach- even though I wasn't really hungry, just sleepy and nauseous. But by 11am it was all over (as promised!) yay. I think I did reasonably well, I just I wish I knew for sure!

Anyway, I've been downstairs for a bit to celebrate Laura B's birthday celebrations, they seem to be going with a bang - there's loads of people down there, listening to music and eating/nattering etc. Pretty cool.

I went to the doctor's this afternoon. He said that I should just drink plenty of fluids, not eat anything too dodgy which will upset my tummy (spicy foods mainly). Oh and I got prescribed these anti-sickness pills, to prevent me feeling too nauseous as and when that happens. I don't want to be feeling sick in the exam! Urgh.

Oh my railcard arrived today :) My Mum sent it up to me, which was really nice of her. It came in a pink Hello Kitty card wishing me to get better soon! Awhhh :) Really very sweet indeed.

Right now I would love for nothing more than to go home and sleep. My proper home as in Widnes...that disorientated feeling is starting to kick in again and I'm longing to be with those I know best.

But alas I must get back to revising and hoping (and praying!) that I'll be OK for tomorrow. This five hour exam is going to really knacker me out- so I'll need to get all the revision and sleep I can need *sigh* and I just want it all to end...

Maybe I'll feel better after a long sleep.



Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse...they even out and seem to get better. Seemingly.

But I was sick at 5am this morning, one of the most inconvenient times, don't you think? and also, I hardly had a deep sleep all night- just one of those light, floaty sleeps where you're still kind of awake but barely touching the surface of sleep. Meh. So I made sure to rest for two hours before getting up for the exam at 9am. Then I just got dressed, washed my face...didn't bother with eating breakfast for fear of an upset coming on, and just went to Firth Hall, all wrapped up snug and warm.

I can't be too sure how this exam went, to be honest. It seems a bit of a mixed bag but generally I'd say I won't have done as well as the first exam (when I was in full health).Nevermind though, at least I can say I tried, even with a gruelling headache and the prospect of nausea hanging over me.

Anyway, I booked a doctor's appointment with the Uni's Health Service in the morning, for an appointment in the mid-afternoon. After the exam, I went to get some food, ate a sandwich and then walked back to the house. My Mum had sent me my railcard :D yay at last! and also a pink Hello Kitty card wishing me to get better soon :) awwh it's soo cute of her.

From here, I had a nap for about an hour or so and kept my fluid levels up by drinking water.
Went out to the appointment at around 2.20pm, took the bus to West Street and then when I got into the Uni's Health Service (which I'd never been to before, so was my first time EVER!)I had to sign in on this touch screen...except it didn't seem to recognise who I was and I signed in the normal way. It's such a weird waiting have to wait for your name to be called out by bleeps on a screen. The screen bleeps and comes up with your name. Kinda odd really! But saves all that unnecessary embarrassment for people with problems/people they know I guess. Hmmm.

The doctor I met was really nice, his name was Sirjit Pai I think. He asked me how I was feeling, took my temperature and blood pressure, which seemed to be normal he said. Then he felt my tummy to see if it hurt anywhere more than usual, but I said it didn't really. Anyway, it turns out I have a viral gastroententis, which basically means a tummy bug (pretty obviously). So I've been advised to rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat normally (just avoid anything too spicy or fatty, which could disrupt my tum) and he also prescribed me some cyclizine tablets to reduce my lightheaded naseous feeling I keep suffering from. It seems to have done the trick, since I've taken one, I just feel kinda sleepy, not so sick.

Well since then, I got back after getting my prescription from the pharmacy (again, I've never done this all by myself so you can count me all proud, haha). Then I tidied my room up a bit- although you won't want to know in too much detail what I have had to clean's rather disgusting). Ooh...made my bed, wiped a few things down etc. Came on here. Then I wrapped Dr Laura's present up for her (I got her a mug with the words 'The road's to a friend's house is never long', filled it myself with Thorntons truffle chocolates (about five of them) and also a pretty silver bracelet with green and turquoise gems wrapped around in silver...which I got from Dorothy Perkins. The wrapping paper was nice too- all blue with stars on ;) teehee.

I hope she gets to have a good birthday, she's 21 today and from now on :D which is great news because we get to have a little party tonight to celebrate- food nibbles etc and cake. Lovely. The only thing I can't do is go out clubbing afterwards- as I still have an exam tomorrow! grrrr. It's the 5 hour long one, I know I know - take pity!! But nevertheless, it has to get done and the sooner it's over with, the better!!

Food wise I'm not supposed to eat really heavy or spicy foods, so may only be able to eat a bit. But I'll make some cous cous for tea, just to nourish my insides (I've got half a pack left) and maybe a couple of raisins. I'll see.


24 hours to freedom!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeling somewhat better today. Not sure what I ate to bring on a sudden bout of illness, but it seems to be receding now that I've taken some measures to see to it. Basically, I went to Sainsburys earlier and bought two 2L bottles of Evian mineral water, two bags of revels, a pack of apple and blackcurrant juices, two tins of Minestrone Baxter's soup, two packs of Extra mints and a packet of Immodium.

So far I've taken lots of mints, ate all the revels, one of the juices, had three Immodium tablets and drank lots of mineral water. I feel a lot better as a result. Oh and I made this salt and sugar solution which is supposed to help rehydrate you again after a bout of diarrhoea. It involves a cup of boiled water (left to cool), one teaspoon of salt and eight teaspoons of sugar. Yay?! haha. But I instantly felt better after the drink, I mean, I had nausea beforehand. But it really made me feel better...I was sick quite a bit afterwards but that can only be a sign that my body is healing itself, right?

...and since then I've been fine, pretty much. I just need to take it easy, keep my fluids topped up and by the feel of things, not to eat until later in the evening, at least for tonight because I think if I was to ingest anything now, it would bring on another bout of sickness. No, I'm not going to eat much for dinner either, only a bowl of soup and some toast maybe. Oh and perhaps a yoghurt. Just something to keep my strength up anyhow.

I've decided that after my last exam I'm going to treat myself to something a bit special. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it's going to have a high fat content and be all mine. Hehe. I know I can't wait either. At the minute, I'm having difficulty deciding between a tub of Ben and Jerrys icecream or eating my dinner out and getting a 12" sub sandwich (With meal). Since I don't get out of the exam until 6 o'clock (anyone else think that is unnecessarily harsh?!) Or is just me? pffft.

The revision has been so-so today. Mainly so? though. Haha. I've got loads of other stuff to go over again that I did the other day. Stuff like Leave and Licence, Malicious Falsehood, Copyright, Breach of Confidence, The Theft Act and so forth and all that jazz. Urh, yeah.

Anyway, my next exam (second one) is tomorrow morning from 9-11am! Arck. Pray for me.
I'll need it.

I'm gonna need an early night tonight - I think getting up when you're sleep deprived at about 7am is enough to make anybody ill. Meeeep.

Best get back to the revision then.

Nevermind - in 48 hours I will be free!!!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been feeling so ill today. Not quite sure what it is, but I think I've caught some kind of stomach bug. Well something has effected my inner functioning, as I now feel rather tired and gassy. Urp. I've been reading up about it on wikipedia (haha, the fountain of all knowledge!) :p haha. Turns out I could've ingested too much Vitamin C which has brought on an onslaught of diarrhoea.

So I'm not going to eat anything tonight. I'm just relying on water (thank God I bought a huge bottle of it)...and I'm going to have some soup later on before bed, just to settle my stomach. Bring on the preservatives! with a slice of bread or two. It'll put me on anyway.

&that's about it really. I'm going to be ill all night but at least I may feel better tomorrow, or hopefully before my exam on Wednesday morning!

Oh my exam today wasn't so bad as I thought it was gonna be either. I got outside Firth Hall for about 8.45am and then put my bag in the cloak room, met up with my friend Holly and then we had a moment of panic and then realised 'It's only an exam', so we wished each other luck as we entered the exam hall.

The exam was two hours long and while I knew I hadn't done 100% amazing :p I did think I'd stand a reasonable chance of passing it as I had worked really hard on all the things we had been told to learn. Plus, once I got out of the exam and later came back, I saw from the model answers I'd done reasonably well and answered most of the questions correctly. Maybe fucked up question 8 a bit as I didn't remember the relevant act. But oh well, means I will get it right for next time! heh.

Oh, I had a lovely surprise today on the Tom Slemen forums. I posted a poem up yesterday (the one I published in a recent post, 'Stitched Up Sympathy')...and Tom Slemen himself commented it! Saying that it was very good and that 'I have an excellent grasp of language to conjure up ideas and emotions'.

How awesome is that?! I was so chuffed when I read that, haha. It's good to know that people like my work and that I am being encouraged, makes me all :) and smiley inside. Yay.

So, that's it for now.

Urgghh, back to feeling unwell for me.
Think I'm gonna make an early night of it for sure tonight.


Monday, January 22, 2007

A bit of a predictable day, spent for the most part flicking through notes to make sure I know what I'm writing about for tomorrow's test. Not too keen on what I'm going to have to do tomorrow...but I know nevertheless that the best attitude to have is that I'm gonna pass it, goddamn. Either way, by this time tomorrow, it will be over with. &that sounds good enough to me. Heck it's going to be over by 11 o'clock so I don't know what I'm worrying about too much.

Grrrr I'm sooo frustrated about this house party next Saturday. So far I have about two people who say they will come and a 'maybe' for about ten minutes :( This makes Anna a sad girl. It makes me feel like no one is my friend :( Please please come the house party if you can. It would be a nice celebration and will probably be the only one we are ever allowed. Meh.

Plus it'd be a nice way to celebrate after exams. Meh, fuck it I won't be arsed if no one turns up, I'll just go clubbing with my lovely amazing boyfriend instead. &I'll know never to ask anyone or invite anyone to a house party ever again. The disappointment is just a bit too much to handle.
Not messing. All of this has been highly aggravating, on top of the stress and worry I've been receiving from elsewhere (revision stress, etc).

Anyway can't make too big of a post. Just wanted to update to let you all know I'm still alive.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh my, I've been back in Sheffield for a whole week now! It seems to have gone quite quick though, surprisingly. Well, since about Tuesday it has. Oh well. Anyhow...I've been revising all day, think it's safe to say I'm in the thick of it right now. Eeeeep >.< and can't wait until a week's time from now when they will all be over! Woo. I went around to my friend Holly's house in the afternoon and we tested each other on all the main parts of the law we need to know, until we definitely 100% knew what we were talking about. Turns out I have loads of terms to learn, so that will be my priority tonight. Along with learning all of the Magistrates Courts Act inside out, the PCC clauses and where they apply to. Then tomorrow, go over everything until my head explodes! Haha, well maybe not that far, but nevertheless...

My railcard has arrived! Yay. My Mum said it came today. Woop. That's exciting to me because I've never had one before and it means I get to go home for a discounted price. Double yay. I think the first time it will get used will be the weekend of the 10th of February. But I'll probably come home two days beforehand- on the 8th, if possible, which would be the Thursday. Yep.

This time next week will be our House Party :D how awesome! I can't wait, exams will be over and it means that I get to see Gary and all of my friends again :D which is always great to me. I've invited quite a lot of people too, but whether they will turn up is another matter altogether. Out of those who've been invited on facebook (around 300) only about 30 or so seem to be coming! But then again, there are people who aren't on there, who said they will be able to come, so it won't be as bad as we think :p haha and besides, thirty people would not a bad party make.

I was struck by the curious notion of my hairstyle this morning. It looked suitably messy before I dressed and washed. But, afterwards...I thought, why not tie my fringe to the side? So I'm now thinking that I might grow my fringe out. Although I'm not too sure as of yet, as I've really grown accustomed to it, it's become somewhat of a trademark. But, I have had it for around...4 years?! So, don't blame me if I want a change. I'm just thinking, maybe if I have a bit of a change of style, I might feel better about myself, I dunno, maybe it's stupid though.

Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

But I'm gutted, I finished my special toffee treacle this evening :( so am naturally upset haha as it was a delicious chocolate present from Laura :)(that and another chocolate goody has bit the dust). Meep.

&now I'm listening to Jack Off Jill like the old days. No I am not a depressed goth, it's just been ages since I had them on. That and I usually play Scarling., but with them being on somewhat of a hiatus at present, I guess I will have to divert my attentions elsewhere. *Sigh*. Bloody bands splitting up/stalling.

Back to revision me thinks.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

I wrote a poem tonight. It means a lot to me as it's about someone I love and hold dear to my heart, very very much.

Stitched Up Sympathy

Verity enclosing small trickles

Of our memories

We fall from grace

Eyes stapled inwards

We look from face to face

A fruitless search

Ravaged by desire

Awkward truces

Flailing in epileptic fits

Too blinded by the light

So shine my sweet star

Guide me home…

Wrapped in frozen apathy

We are enshrined

In lockets of love

Northern guidance

By way of silver moon

Narrates the path

Of destiny

By way of silk

And thread and stitch

A broken feeling

We did fix

Hope fell like a fountain

To wash our sores clean

To question inevitability

In the precipitation of our dreams

We mould the clay of gravity

Feelings symphonized

In the seeds of our own reality

Thick, forgiveness does not hesitate

As the threads of solidarity

Slowly settle in the bedding

Of our hearts;

I’m falling from the inside

Don’t leave me

To the forest of vultures beneath

We can soar

On pouch

Or open wing

To live among

The heavens…

A nest, branches out

On the horizon;

Made of trust,

Encircled with love

And an honesty

Forever rising

From high on cloud

We communicate

On chirp and sound

On our bed of

Stitched up sympathy

A whisper;

‘I’ll catch you before

you reach the ground’.



Just had my dinner. I made two pittas with steamed veggies (broccolli,carrots, fried onions), filled with hummus, spinach leaves and grated cheese on top. Mmmm delicious! Really filling too, which is always a bonus.

I have however I'll let you know, been hard at study all day. As usual, you can expect nothing less from Miss Jones during exam period. All day I've been revising Leave and Licence, Malicious Falsehood, Open Justice and am now onto Family Proceedings. There seems to be sooo much to take in! It's scary. But one step at a time and all that. I've still got to do Challenging the Courts and Vulnerable Witnesses, Emplyment go over all the stuff I have learnt again (I'll do that bit tomorrow though). Yay. Haha.

Ermmm..I had a cheese toasty for lunch which was a bit nice like. Completely prevented myself going on the internet until 5 o'clock now though, just so I can get all my exam revision in. My first exam is on Monday morning! Meeep. Not looking forward to that one bit. Still, at least it's gonna be one down and all that. Still got the weekend to get myself sorted out though, which is alright I guess, although I wish I would've started my revision timetable a lot sooner. Meh, ahh well. Christmas happened and I had to enjoy myself :p I'm going around to my friend Holly's house tomorrow afternoon though to revise and so we can test one another, see how much we really do know. See how much I'm gonna fail :p haha.

Anyway...I did a stress releasing nap this afternoon. Oh the power of a free Paul Mc Kenna CD from The Times. It kinda works...but it could just be all down to auto-suggestion at the same time. So who's to say for sure?? I did feel a lot better after my rest, but that could be just because it meant a break from revision. Hmmm.

Anyhoo, I best go and watch some of Coronation Street, which is on in a whole four minutes- hope my housemates aren't hogging the telly :p

Ciao for now.


Friday, January 19, 2007

So, today has been somewhat completely boring. Think it was down to the fact that I just had to revise all day and not much else. I went out at one point after lunch to do some shopping and take my application form back to Tesco. Yes, I have now applied for the job. If I get any info back, I'll let you know as and when, but for now it's going to be just a case of 'let's wait and see'.
So...I've revised absolute privilege and qualified privilege all day! How utterly boring can you get? I've been up since about 8, reading this stuff. Maybe taken about an hour or so off just to eat and go out for food shopping. Urgh.

Our landlord sent a lady around today to check the house. Basically she went around every room checking for any damages and to make sure that everything was in check. I got told the sink was going a bit yellow- which is the first sign of mold and so should bleach that quickly to keep it all sparkly. Also, that I shouldn't put posters up with blu-tack or white tack on the walls as they stain them. But fuck it, I am supposed to live here, love.
She didn't say much else about my room and I don't know what she said about anyone else's but after that she left and I got back down to my revision. *Sigh*.

I do have some good news though - I've now bought a Young Person's Railway card online, this evening. So that will be good-- will mean train fares at discount prices! Yay. So, I can go home for a lot cheaper now. Heck, I'll probably save quite a lot of money (this is all part of my save more, spend less plan I am concocting for the New Year...).

I really started to feel homesick this afternoon. I was seriously thinking about getting the train home or something...for a few days. I mean it, I felt sooo bored and sick/fed up and well...that old feeling of 'Where am I? What am I doing?' crept back up on me and I started to wonder what it would've been like had I not gone to Uni. I'd probably be for the worse I suppose, stuck in some dead end job? Maybe. But at least I'd be working, even if it was crap. I mean don't get me wrong, I've met loads of interesting people here and made some pretty cool new friends I hope to keep in touch with, but the friendships are not as relaxed or as established as at home...maybe it's just the atmosphere, but it's all very much a case of 'Let's get along and not cause too much trouble' because we're housemates, people who met in halls last year. We could've been anyone, we just needed a place to stay. I mean, it's turned out really well, I'm in an ace house, I should be happy I'm in a good Uni, with some nice girls and all...but, something still feels missing. This is going to sound all romantic now, but I really really miss Gary and that thought came through my head today, that I should leave Uni and go back home and live with him. I want too so bad.

But I know that I'd regret giving this course up, just because it's something academic to add to my career, that can get me a better job, at the end of the day. Also, I couldn't even if I wanted to, I'm halfway through it now and I've paid the rent for next year so I'm gonna stay the two years here. But if I do, end up doing a postgrad degree- I can't be too sure what I'll do. I imagine I'll find my own place, might not live here again, even though it is a really good house, I might decide a change is a good idea. Can't be too sure yet though- I know I've heard loads of people say they regret giving up the student life though to get a job! :p haha. But alas, it must come to all of us one day. Ahh well. I'm guessing the exams/revision stress is making me all melancholy inside. Once they are over, then the house party can begin :D and all will be good at last. Gary's gonna come up next Saturday (January 27th) so I'll be feeling happy once more soon :)

I had dinner pretty early tonight as I was starving hungry much earlier than usual, for some reason. So I made myself a quorn chicken fillet, with spinach and petits pois and a garnish of Branston's pickle. Yummy. I enjoyed that a lot. Then I had a black cherry flavour yoghurt and came online.

I needed the break. But oh my goodness- the amount of revision I still have left to do. Ack. The first exam is on Monday! I best get a move on.

Love and kisses.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today was Kim's birthday, she's 20 now and not one of those teenagers :p haha. Anyway, it's been a decent day. If a little pensive on my part. I gave Kim her present about midday, before she popped out for lunch with a friend. I got a present from her too- it was a pretty little bracelet from the Manchester Christmas Markets (I found this out later), it's a silvery grey type flower, it looks so gorgeous! I stayed in, revising and had some lunch about 3'ish of soup and a bit of hummus and spinach on a rice cake. Was erm...interesting?? heh. I've mainly been revising defamation and election and breach of confidence today. But I'm about to move on to libel and the defamation act and all that schedule malarky in a second or two. Yay, what fun :s yeah...

Anyhow, Kim had a great birthday cake, made by Dr Laura. It was completely made of chocolate- how awesome! It was like a big block of chocolate in a dish- good stuff! I had some with some mints and a cookie/two sweeties. Yay. Then I had to make my dinner afterwards- which was probably the wrong choice to make as I then felt sooo stuffed up &in a wrong kind of way too. Meeeep. Ahh well.

Here are some pictures of the night :) (I'm the dark haired girl with the fringe):

Later, Naomi came back! Just as we were all having a drink before making our way down to Bar One. Yayyyy. I got a present from her ^-^ I got a pretty scarf- it has gold glitter and green swirly patterns- it's proper like one of those asian exotic scarfs. Really luxurious. Thanks Naomi and Catherine!! It's such a wonderful gift.

I think Kim liked the present I got her. I got her some double choc cookies and a watermelon bath gift set! All pink and really pretty, with a pink'ish

card about shopping :p and also, a pink gift bag with silver butterflies etched into it. I hope she'll love it :D

I did go to Bar One and saw a few of my Uni mates here....Sam,James, Martin, Rob...all came along :) Oh and Mel, then there was us Harcourt girls- Laura, me, Catherine, Kim and Naomi. Grand stuff. I really wanted to stay longer maybe even go to Juice (as I've never been before), but after two drinks, I felt completely bloated and in pain and gassy :/ urp. It was as though my body was saying 'no' after eating so well, that I shouldn't let myself go, haha. Damn healthiness and all that palather.

Yeah. So that's about it really. Just thought I'd keep everything all updated.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been revising for what seems like non-stop today. Well, around four and a half hours to be exact (but it feels like a lot more). So yeah, I did at least take a break to have some lunch and then to go and return a book I'd used for my case study back to the library. Then I handed in my Alternative Media case study, signed up for a Web Journalism workshop and even got my marks back for the JNL 214 camera assessment and edit exercise. Um, I didn't do as well as I'd thought. I mean, the camera assessment we did in a group was ace! We got 74 (a first!) for that wonderful effort. But on my own, editing clips, I did not fare so well. I only got 48, which I believe is less than a 2.2...yeah, not too pleased with that at all! But nevermind, I aced one half at least. (Or my friends did, as I did the acting part) :p

After this minor disappointment, things started to perk up. I went around a few shops, bought some health foods and then went to Boots, managed to get a face masque and some Mark Hill straightening balm (I used my voucher to get about £3 off) Yay. Then I took the bus to Nether Green, to find Tesco. I bought a few items, a few staples of the old diet and then I asked if they had any vacancies at the moment. To my disbelief, I was given an application form! (or two) At last, some success! They just want me to fill in an application and then they'll see if they can get back to me. The lady behind the counter said that someone who had left has now come back, so it looks doubtful as to whether I'll actually get a place as of yet, so I don't wanna go rushing out telling everyone I'm looking for a job. But if I do get called back for an interview then I will probably be a little more elated about the whole ordeal. It's not too far away either- all I'll have to do is walk to Broomhill and then take the bus two stops further (yes but those stops would take ages in walking terms, believe me, it's up this massive hill!) so it's definitely gonna be a case of taking the bus. Which could be pricy as it's about £1.60 a ride and back and forth that's gonna cost quite a bit. So I might see if I can look into any cheaper alternative methods. Ahh well.

Tonight is a really exciting night. Gary's playing support act at a gig in Liverpool to Atavist and Winters in Osaka, probably right as I type this! Arrrgghh that's just soo exciting! :D I soooo wish I could've been there, but I've had loads to do and this revision is mounting on me. He's playing at Bar Fresa, which is just behind The Barfly. I could've got in for free if I'd of gone, but it would've been getting there and back and all that jazz. Damn, I really wish I would've gone now :(
Ghey exams.

Ooh Laura gave me my birthday pressie from her today. It's so lovely, she got me Lush shower gelly (it's all black and glittery!), a Thorntons chocolate bar, Thorntons special toffee treacle and some kind of flower pomme which smells real nice, along with a fleur coeur (a Lush soap massager type thing). It's just such a wonderful present. We had a great little chat afterwards too, about Christmas and birthdays, love, films, friends. I like little chats like that. They make me feel less bored sitting in my room, studying.

Speaking of which...I best get back to it.

Joy oh joy.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I think I'm starting to settle in a bit more now. I'm feeling much better than yesterday that's for sure. That first day/night is always the hardest. But today, I went out, yes, again but this time managed to go round nearly all of Sheffield! haha, well pretty much. I went to find the Tesco on Ecclesall Road- it's so far away though! I think I'd be better trying somewhere closer. I got to the Boots in the city centre (yes I hate Sundays- the one in Broomhill wasn't even open! grrr) so I had to trek into where all the shops are.

Just to get some shampoo and a few needy essentials.

At least I got the bus back. I got back for about 3pm. Whereby, I made myself a fit cheese and pickle toastie (yum yum!) and had a clementine. For breakfast earlier on, I had a small bowl of blackberries, followed by a round of toast with seville orange breakfast spread, plus a green tea. Was really nice. Yay.

I haven't done all that much revision- I've done a fair bit, but I still have loads to go through to be honest. I'm hoping it gets done before the exams! (haha don't panic it will!)

I made myself an orange, kiwi and carrot juice before with the great juicer that Gary's Mum gave to me :) It's really ace, I'll be making myself all sorts now, hahaha. I could try out loads of different recipes, that's for sure.

Oh and I stitched my sock this morning. It had a hole in it at the toe. loan has come through!! Yayyyy, money.

So that's the main news. I'll really be getting down to my revision tomorrow though- properly. I'm gonna revise all of the Contempt of Law stuff or whatever it is and hope it all goes in. Let's hope.

I can't afford to fail this exam...

arrrghh...*silently screams*

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm back in Sheffield now. I had to get up and leave home very early in the morning. I kissed my Mum goodbye when she went for work. I think it was about 9.30am when me and my Dad left Widnes. It feels really sad because a whole month has passed at home- and now I must go back and readjust and it's just, oh, so so hard to do so. I don't want to do it, but I have to, that sort of thing. It becomes a challenge after you really start to enjoy home comforts. The drive was a pretty clear run and we got into Sheffield for 11.30am. By which time, my Dad helped me to get my suitcases up to my room, but I had to unpack myself because there was no parking spaces for my Dad outside, so he had to rush and leave. I didn't mind unpacking all on my own, less hassle really. He did give me a £10 Love2Shop gift voucher though to bide me over for if I wanted to buy anything special.

It took about two or three hours to get that task and a half out of the way, let me tell you. I rearranged my whole wardrobe in a nice neat little order though, starting with jeans on the left and ranging through to tops, cardigans, skirts, dresses and jackets/coats/dressing gown. I like it when things are organised. After that, I decided to hang my pin board up on my wall (finally!) which again took a little while as the pins kept on sliding out of place and all that, so in the end I used proper pins instead of those hole type ones. Worked a treat and it's hanging by a piece of thread (or four). After this, I made up my bed and laid out new sheets underneath and freshly washed and ironed pillowcases. It should be really nice to sleep in my bed tonight then.

I went online for a bit. Oh I also saw all my housemates :D When I got back, Laura gave me my birthday present- it was a set of pink blossom bath stuff- bath cream, body lotion, that sorta thing. Plus I got some toffee choccys off her- how nice!! Later on, when I was giving Kat the cheque to pay for this month's failed bill (on my behalf) she handed me my birthday pressie. It was a Royal Jelly bathset and some little chocolates. Again- all very yummy indeed.

Then, I made some miso soup for lunch, which I found to be highly tasty and filling to boot. Yum. After this, I got ready and went out down town, I went with Kim and her friend Emily who were on their way to Barcelona!! I just walked down to the tram station with them though. Then I walked down past the Devonshire Quarter and into the city centre where I bought Kim's birthday present with my gift voucher (as well as some tanning/moisturising cream for moi) and some other things (like health foods- orange breakfast spread, some Megaberry Still Fruit juice drink, sugar less sweeties), then I went to Tesco to see if they had any applications going for a job. Turns out they didn't at the particular one I went to, so I'm going to try and find the other store and go visit that one. Yeah. I'll tell you how any progress goes as and when it happens.

I'm feeling pretty disorientated to be honest. There's nothing worse than feeling as though you don't know where you belong...even though you do know where you belong, but it's the readjusting part which always gets to me. Every time. I know it's just that first day/night that is the hardest though, having to sleep in an unfamiliar bed, even if it is actually yours..yet it feels different? somehow. Hard to truly explain. Or maybe it's the fact I'm going to be sleeping alone for a good fortnight or so and many other nights too until I break up for the next holiday, whenever that may be. Grim. Especially since I'm used to feeling the warmth of waking up with Gary next to me and over the past month, have barely had one night where we didn't do that.

I dunno, maybe I'll feel better after some warm food and a good sleep. I can see myself feeling slightly relieved anyhow. Less worried, tense and just plain awkward. Or maybe a good conversation would be nice. I'm really feeling the chill this term of the christmas blues, that's for sure. Just after Christmas, is supposed to be the highest drop-out rate for students who decide to quit and go back home instead. I can't say I blame them too much in a way. Not saying by the way, that I want to quit- but after the warmth and the loveliness of Christmas is over, all you're really left with is the empty shell of work. Not being able to see Gary or my family is grim too. Really grim.

Oh, my birthday buffet the other day was really nice. Gary, Andy and Gaz came around and we watched Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, which was a weird one- kinda like a remake of the original on a better budget. Not as good though, or as powerful, in my opinion. The malteser chocolate cake I made went down a real treat- everyone who tried it seemed to really enjoy it :) So there ya see, I can cook :p teehee. I think I made too much buffet food though- as half of it didn't even get ate. Oh well.

Anyhow, I'm going to go eat now and maybe have a rest.

I hope this tired out/home sick feeling dissipates soon, otherwise I'll be just miserable :(

Oh, I finished reading 'Porno' by Irvine Welsh this morning. Finally.

Bless us all...

Yesterday (Friday the 12th), me, Gary and my parents went to Chester for the day! It was really nice, just a brisk and relaxing stroll around the shops to be honest, but it was nice because I got to spend time with my loved ones. Also, we had a splendid meal in the evening at a pub in Mickle Trafford (a small village outside of Chester), where we engaged in chitter chatter and ate heartily. I had a tomato soup w/roll and for starters and then I had a veggie crumble which was basically vegetables in a creamy cheese sauce topped with breadcrumbs...was fit.
I had an awesome time. I just wish I could live it all over again...the past month has been amazing.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday

Now that I am 20 years old...I don't feel any different, or not really. My birthday is today and to be honest, I'm just all about enjoying it, not feeling sorry for myself because I'm another year older. I have a feeling this year will be even better than when I was nineteen.

No longer a teenager.

How mad does that sound? Quite. I remember when I turned into one, I felt so scared of all the changes ahead of me. Now the best and the worst of that is over. Obviously, I'll still be doing all my usual things and no I'm not going to fret about turning another year older. The older the wiser, that's what I say.

So far today, I've had a cut and blow on my hair from Gina, who is my hair stylist. She cut all my layers into place again and made them look truly great! It looks so soo pretty now. You should see it. The other thing I did was to open my presents.

I got £30 from my brother Chris and his fiancĂ© Louise. I got a pair of black slippers, a new pair of jeans and a casual sweater type top from my Mum, plus a bag of after eights. Nice. In the afternoon, I made my birthday cake.

It's a chocolate malteser cake! You should see it- it's awesome. It's a bit lopsided and it's not perfect by any means - but it looks sooo fit. I've left it to set, so that will be getting tucked into later on no doubt.

Here it is, fit ain't it? :)

Oh...I'm having a little mini party/buffet tonight from about 8 onwards. It's only a small gathering of friends, it's gonna be ace though I'm hoping! Me and my Mum have prepared loads of food for it- I've got quiche, mini pizzas, cheese and onion sandwiches, pickled onions, cous cous, hummus and crudites, cheesy doritos,mini sausages, veggie sausages &the like. Plus there's going to be loads of alcohol!!! Yayyyyyy. It's gonna be such such fun, I can feel it.

I'll tell you how all of that went in my next post :)


Monday, January 08, 2007

Have had a hectic time over the past few days, for one reason or another. So that's why I haven't updated.

Friday afternoon was splendid. It's always lovely to see old friends. Lynsey was going back to Uni on the Saturday, so she suggested that we meet beforehand like old times. Mike seemed well too. We had lunch. I had a grilled club panini and Kopparberg cider and we talked about loads. Uni, exams, school, (We saw quite a lot of people we recognised from our high school days in Wetherspoons that day). A lot of the girls we grew up with seem to have kids now, which is pretty damn scary to say the least. We're still kids ourselves really. Later on we had hot chocolate (proper like the old days when we'd stay over at Mike's of a Saturday).

Saturday was spent in Liverpool with Gary and Griff. It was ok, I went to search for an activist book to help me with my case study. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I saw something similar, called 'Global Activism, Global Media', which I knew would help me out a lot. So I bought it, although the price of £15.99 did not please me too much. I figure when I no longer need it, I will sell it or something. Eddy Rocket's food is yummy, so we stopped there for lunch ^-^ yay. In the evening, we went Wetherspoons with Andy and Gaz as well. Pretty decent night.

I spent most of Sunday with Gary. I finally took that juicer home with me too! We'd been saying for ages that I needed to take it home. So now we finally have...

and as for today...well, I have done more work on my case study and read a considerable amount of 'Petals on the Wind' (one of the sickest yet highly addictive books I've ever read). The case study only needs 400 words or so to be added to it and then it needs to be read and re-read and then edited/adjusted slightly, bibliography added and then I'll have finished. I really want to finish it before my birthday- could you imagine how awful it would be to have to do work on my birthday? No, neither can I. I wrote 500 or so words this afternoon anyhow.


I like it when work gets done.

Means more play time.

Oh yeah, I've decided to have a mini birthday buffet to celebrate my turning 20. I'm going to make my own birthday cake too...and it's going to be really really yummy, I can assure you.

How does Chocolate Malteaser cake sound?! :p :)


Friday, January 05, 2007

It was my brother's birthday yesterday. He's 32 now.

I've been working on my case study mostly. I'm about 600 words or so into it now, which is better than any previous efforts I must admit. But I've still got quite a way to go, even if I am writing a couple of hundred words every day to try and reach my target.

I'm listening to the music within my gothic boxset that Gary bought me for Christmas. It's really cool, love, love loving it!! Yes.

I've read more of that book. As sick as it is, I can't put it down.

Last night I went to the pub. It was pretty decent. Chucky was wasted though, I mean picking fights with people kinda drunk, which was pretty embarrassing to be honest. Kinda funny at the same time though. I had about three drinks, but only one of them was actually alcoholic - a pint of Fosters. Yes. After the pub, everyone seemed to want to go to Papa's for a burger and chips. But I was good and waited patiently for people's orders before we left. Once I got back to Gary's, I had a cheese and piccalilly grilled toasty which was just soo yummy. I love toasties.

I fell asleep. Got up today...came back home. Had breakfast. Came on here., did some of my case study...and now, I'm gonna get myself ready as I'm going out to meet two of my friends within an hour. We're going Wetherspoons for coffee and lunch ^-^ sweet. I'll tell you about that laters. It should be great fun, I haven't seen Mike or Lynz in agees! I mean, since last summer or so (both of them together). Although I saw Mike on Christmas Day. Yeps.

Anyway, I best go get ready.

I'll update laters.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

As I'm in a posting mood, I thought I'd tell all about my hopes/plans and new year's resolutions.


+ Keeping fit, working out regularly and eating appropriately
+ Reading books/news/magazines etc - READ, READ READ
+ Revising hard for exams so as to get good results- ACHIEVE
+ Not to spend too much of my loan on trivial things
+ To be more confident in myself
+ To grab more opportunities while they're there
+ To be there for my friends like I am and hope to be always
+ To try and get a job in the summer- something new and that will teach me new skills, if possible
+ It's worth a shot...but the ol' driving test still needs to be passed ...
+ To explore and travel new parts of the world

I think these are the ones that I hope to achieve the most. Just to live a little, be a little different, will bring me more joy and happiness I think. I know I can do it somehow.

I'm hoping 2007 will be the year that I put these into action.

I have no pre-conceptions about what this year is going to bring, all I can hope for is that it's as memorable, if not more than 2006 was.

Bring it on.

Today I visited the orthodontist. It was my first time getting treated for something wrong with me in a hospital. Usually I'm just a visitor, not a patient. My appointment was for my clicking jaw which seems to be really clickety whenever I eat, especially at dinner time I have noticed. The consultant orthodontist however gave me some sound advice.

Firstly, it's common and treatable and not too serious. However, when I was shown a demonstration of what my piece of jaw bone or whatever it is was positioned, I did feel kind of uneasy. It's kind of like a see-saw at the moment, and if it slides any further I could have permanent locking of the jaw! Oh shit.

But, fortunately I was prescribed some homeopathy. Basically, I have to do two sets of jaw exercises for 1 and a half minutes, three times a day. Lovely. That's going to be a chore I'm sure, but if I just don't think about it too much, I'm sure I'll be OK. The other thing I have been told not to do, is chew gum. Chewing gum is apparently one of the most common causes of clicking and out of place jaws, as the action of chewing gum consistently, can have a grinding effect- it can dislodge the jaw. Great. So now I will have to cope with having bad breath and if people complain, tough shit :p I can't chew gum. I'm sure I'll be able to have a fresh mint though.

I had to have some X-rays taken too. My first ever. As my body has served me well so far, I have never had a problem with any bones breaking or any of that. The lady nurse/assistant took two. For the first one, I had my head in a brace and I had to bite down as hard as I could on two ridges on a piece of plastic. The crazy bit was when I then had to walk forward and was positioned at a highly odd angle, trying to keep my head as still as possible whilst biting down on a piece of plastic and holding on to two handle bars. Bet that picture would've gone down a treat. Obviously they do these things to get the right angles of things.

It did seem like a lot of ferrying back and two, with notes and buzzing bells and going up and down in lifts and all that. But by 10.30 or so, an hour after my arrival, it was time to go home. Me and my Mum visited my Nan to see how she was. She seems pretty dazed these days and when my Mum tried to explain to her who I was, she seemed to look blankly at her. Despite what she says, I don't think my Nan can remember who I am. Mother just says otherwise so I don't get upset. Not that I would be either way. By the time I was born, her mental health was already starting to deteriorate :( It's sad, but there's nothing that can really be done now. It's always nice to see her anyway, so the good deed for the day was done.

This afternoon I've mainly been procrastinating. Checking the news. I've read more of that book. I tried to a bit more on my case study and have been revising on and off in a half arsed kind of way for the past two and a half hours. It's slowly getting there. As regards the case study I have to do, I'm around 200 words or so into it already, I just have to find more sources really, which is starting to become a problem as I only have one pure source...all the others will be 'net or general sources, not specific. Grim. I would try and find some decent sources, but I can't seem to get any- my project is fairly unheard of and all the books I need and can be found on Amazon or other online sources (other than the one I've got), either are sold out or take 4-6 weeks to be delivered- by which time, my case study will have to be handed in! (I know, I've checked). So I'm hoping for the best that won't be my downfall...lack of sources. It probably will be though. Meeep.

Those are my main concerns at present. But tonight, will be real good. I'm gonna be watching 'Trans America' with my boyfriend and we'll also probably watch one or two episodes from the second series of The League of Gentlemen.

Can't wait :D

Oh yeah, Happy New Year. Hopefully 2007 will be even better.

Perhaps I might do one of those 'New Year' resolutions posts later on my hopes/wishes/dreams and all that bullshit.

Could go down a treat.

My my my. What a busy day I have had today.
&what a last couple of days too.

Today, I've been up since 7.30am. Admittedly I haven't managed to work all day as planned as other activities got in the way, but never the less, things got done which is the important thing. By 8am I was eating breakfast and watching New Years' Eve and New Years' Day's episodes of Coronation Street. By 9am, I was having a herbal tea,having washed and all that, I settled down to two hours pure revision on Media Law. I focussed on the youth courts. Anyway, after that I started on the sequel to Flowers in the Attic, called Petals on the Wind. So far I'm up to Chapter 2 and am thoroughly enjoying it, it's just so...readable. Heh. The story has moved on so much, which is what keeps it exciting and fresh.

About midday, I worked out, which took me until 1pm. Bloody hell. All of the Christmas excess must've effected me somehow- I was struggling more than usual, which made me think that not working out for two weeks ain't the best of ideas. But I got through it and survived. Obviously I'm feeling better for it too, otherwise I wouldn't bother with it. But yeah, one step at a time, it's important not to strain yourself with these things.

I chilled out for about half an hour until about 1.30 and then I showered and washed my hair and all that jazz. I back combed and dryed my hair to give it some extra height and volume too, as I noticed my hair has been looking somewhat lank of late?? Hmmm. After which, I made myself a quick lunch- a few crackers and cheese and some packet soup, was surprisingly tasty actually.

Now, I have to do more work :( grim. I've got to start my Alt Media case study soon - it's got to be handed in, in 2 weeks! eeeep. I'm gonna start it right now. Trust me. So that's what I'm going to be doing this afternoon and probably every day now until it gets done. Wish me luck.

But first, I promised I'd tell all about my New Years' celebration experiences. So here in writing, is how the night/day went.

New Years' Eve
The night started when I left the house and went to Gary's, getting there for about 8.15pm. Whereby, it was a case of waiting for Gaz and Griff to show up. Then we went to Wetherspoons. The place was suitably packed as always, with lots of slappers in fake tan crawling about the place in what can only be described as 'toothpicks' for outfits. Geez, I swear one woman walked into Wetherspoons on Christmas Eve with no pants on! Talk about desperate. Anyway, the obligatory pear cider was consumed before we moved on to The Albion. Again, the place was full of groms, albeit 80's throwbacks with those perm like mullets. Scary, scary stuff.

Some guy (one of the 80's throwbacks)couldn't seem to figure out that there were toilets on both sides of the bar :/ &seemed to be making a highly complicated fuss out of nothing at all. Perhaps if he could read...

By about 11 we got bored and decided it best to go to Griff's house. We stopped off at Papa's first though (the chippy/kebab shop). Which may or may not have been a good idea. I had a veggie burger and chips (which reminded me of the old days, haha last summer...) now that I seem to be eating more of the health food than most people probably think is necessary. But, I had only eaten a few organic vegetables that night in what could be called a 'veggie stew'. It was nice though. Griff's house, we welcomed in the New Year by the stroke of midnight thanks to the BBC. I find it crazy how people can celebrate a moment...because that's all it is really. &yet it symbolises so much. About the past. The future. It really can be quite daunting. Exciting too. Obvs.

After the last of the fireworks had diminished, we watched a sick little film called 'Aftermath' (I think it was split into different films) and we watched one called 'The Awakening' which is about a necro pathologist who desecrates a young female corpse and takes pictures, before taking her heart out and feeding it to his dog. No remorse.

The other was a film lovingly entitled 'Redneck Zombies', which I only got to watch about twenty minutes of admittedly, but still found hilariously odd. Wish I could've seen more, but I was too damn tired. So me and Gary went back. Fell asleep. &then...

New Years' Day
Was largely spent in bed. Sleeping. Being online. Eating. Although we did get up much later on and go back to mine for my Mum's New Years' Day dinner. It was exactly the same as a Christmas Day dinner, but with no pudding. So far, that means I've had 4 Christmas Dinners then over the Christmas season. See, I do eat :p In the evening I got to see a film called 'Christine', one of the many based on Stephen King books. I really, really enjoyed it. I'd heard mixed but mainly good reviews about it, so I'm glad it was as good as I thought it would be.

...and then even later on, I tried to finish a song I've been working on for ages. I'm still unsure though. I like it, but it still needs a lot of tweaking, which is what I can't seem to solve with it. So who knows when the damn thing'll be finished. Hopefully soon, but sometimes you can't rush these things, eh??

Anyway, I best get on with my work now. Like I said.

Ta ta for now.