Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been revising for what seems like non-stop today. Well, around four and a half hours to be exact (but it feels like a lot more). So yeah, I did at least take a break to have some lunch and then to go and return a book I'd used for my case study back to the library. Then I handed in my Alternative Media case study, signed up for a Web Journalism workshop and even got my marks back for the JNL 214 camera assessment and edit exercise. Um, I didn't do as well as I'd thought. I mean, the camera assessment we did in a group was ace! We got 74 (a first!) for that wonderful effort. But on my own, editing clips, I did not fare so well. I only got 48, which I believe is less than a 2.2...yeah, not too pleased with that at all! But nevermind, I aced one half at least. (Or my friends did, as I did the acting part) :p

After this minor disappointment, things started to perk up. I went around a few shops, bought some health foods and then went to Boots, managed to get a face masque and some Mark Hill straightening balm (I used my voucher to get about £3 off) Yay. Then I took the bus to Nether Green, to find Tesco. I bought a few items, a few staples of the old diet and then I asked if they had any vacancies at the moment. To my disbelief, I was given an application form! (or two) At last, some success! They just want me to fill in an application and then they'll see if they can get back to me. The lady behind the counter said that someone who had left has now come back, so it looks doubtful as to whether I'll actually get a place as of yet, so I don't wanna go rushing out telling everyone I'm looking for a job. But if I do get called back for an interview then I will probably be a little more elated about the whole ordeal. It's not too far away either- all I'll have to do is walk to Broomhill and then take the bus two stops further (yes but those stops would take ages in walking terms, believe me, it's up this massive hill!) so it's definitely gonna be a case of taking the bus. Which could be pricy as it's about £1.60 a ride and back and forth that's gonna cost quite a bit. So I might see if I can look into any cheaper alternative methods. Ahh well.

Tonight is a really exciting night. Gary's playing support act at a gig in Liverpool to Atavist and Winters in Osaka, probably right as I type this! Arrrgghh that's just soo exciting! :D I soooo wish I could've been there, but I've had loads to do and this revision is mounting on me. He's playing at Bar Fresa, which is just behind The Barfly. I could've got in for free if I'd of gone, but it would've been getting there and back and all that jazz. Damn, I really wish I would've gone now :(
Ghey exams.

Ooh Laura gave me my birthday pressie from her today. It's so lovely, she got me Lush shower gelly (it's all black and glittery!), a Thorntons chocolate bar, Thorntons special toffee treacle and some kind of flower pomme which smells real nice, along with a fleur coeur (a Lush soap massager type thing). It's just such a wonderful present. We had a great little chat afterwards too, about Christmas and birthdays, love, films, friends. I like little chats like that. They make me feel less bored sitting in my room, studying.

Speaking of which...I best get back to it.

Joy oh joy.