Wednesday, January 03, 2007

As I'm in a posting mood, I thought I'd tell all about my hopes/plans and new year's resolutions.


+ Keeping fit, working out regularly and eating appropriately
+ Reading books/news/magazines etc - READ, READ READ
+ Revising hard for exams so as to get good results- ACHIEVE
+ Not to spend too much of my loan on trivial things
+ To be more confident in myself
+ To grab more opportunities while they're there
+ To be there for my friends like I am and hope to be always
+ To try and get a job in the summer- something new and that will teach me new skills, if possible
+ It's worth a shot...but the ol' driving test still needs to be passed ...
+ To explore and travel new parts of the world

I think these are the ones that I hope to achieve the most. Just to live a little, be a little different, will bring me more joy and happiness I think. I know I can do it somehow.

I'm hoping 2007 will be the year that I put these into action.

I have no pre-conceptions about what this year is going to bring, all I can hope for is that it's as memorable, if not more than 2006 was.

Bring it on.