Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My my my. What a busy day I have had today.
&what a last couple of days too.

Today, I've been up since 7.30am. Admittedly I haven't managed to work all day as planned as other activities got in the way, but never the less, things got done which is the important thing. By 8am I was eating breakfast and watching New Years' Eve and New Years' Day's episodes of Coronation Street. By 9am, I was having a herbal tea,having washed and all that, I settled down to two hours pure revision on Media Law. I focussed on the youth courts. Anyway, after that I started on the sequel to Flowers in the Attic, called Petals on the Wind. So far I'm up to Chapter 2 and am thoroughly enjoying it, it's just so...readable. Heh. The story has moved on so much, which is what keeps it exciting and fresh.

About midday, I worked out, which took me until 1pm. Bloody hell. All of the Christmas excess must've effected me somehow- I was struggling more than usual, which made me think that not working out for two weeks ain't the best of ideas. But I got through it and survived. Obviously I'm feeling better for it too, otherwise I wouldn't bother with it. But yeah, one step at a time, it's important not to strain yourself with these things.

I chilled out for about half an hour until about 1.30 and then I showered and washed my hair and all that jazz. I back combed and dryed my hair to give it some extra height and volume too, as I noticed my hair has been looking somewhat lank of late?? Hmmm. After which, I made myself a quick lunch- a few crackers and cheese and some packet soup, was surprisingly tasty actually.

Now, I have to do more work :( grim. I've got to start my Alt Media case study soon - it's got to be handed in, in 2 weeks! eeeep. I'm gonna start it right now. Trust me. So that's what I'm going to be doing this afternoon and probably every day now until it gets done. Wish me luck.

But first, I promised I'd tell all about my New Years' celebration experiences. So here in writing, is how the night/day went.

New Years' Eve
The night started when I left the house and went to Gary's, getting there for about 8.15pm. Whereby, it was a case of waiting for Gaz and Griff to show up. Then we went to Wetherspoons. The place was suitably packed as always, with lots of slappers in fake tan crawling about the place in what can only be described as 'toothpicks' for outfits. Geez, I swear one woman walked into Wetherspoons on Christmas Eve with no pants on! Talk about desperate. Anyway, the obligatory pear cider was consumed before we moved on to The Albion. Again, the place was full of groms, albeit 80's throwbacks with those perm like mullets. Scary, scary stuff.

Some guy (one of the 80's throwbacks)couldn't seem to figure out that there were toilets on both sides of the bar :/ &seemed to be making a highly complicated fuss out of nothing at all. Perhaps if he could read...

By about 11 we got bored and decided it best to go to Griff's house. We stopped off at Papa's first though (the chippy/kebab shop). Which may or may not have been a good idea. I had a veggie burger and chips (which reminded me of the old days, haha last summer...) now that I seem to be eating more of the health food than most people probably think is necessary. But, I had only eaten a few organic vegetables that night in what could be called a 'veggie stew'. It was nice though. Griff's house, we welcomed in the New Year by the stroke of midnight thanks to the BBC. I find it crazy how people can celebrate a moment...because that's all it is really. &yet it symbolises so much. About the past. The future. It really can be quite daunting. Exciting too. Obvs.

After the last of the fireworks had diminished, we watched a sick little film called 'Aftermath' (I think it was split into different films) and we watched one called 'The Awakening' which is about a necro pathologist who desecrates a young female corpse and takes pictures, before taking her heart out and feeding it to his dog. No remorse.

The other was a film lovingly entitled 'Redneck Zombies', which I only got to watch about twenty minutes of admittedly, but still found hilariously odd. Wish I could've seen more, but I was too damn tired. So me and Gary went back. Fell asleep. &then...

New Years' Day
Was largely spent in bed. Sleeping. Being online. Eating. Although we did get up much later on and go back to mine for my Mum's New Years' Day dinner. It was exactly the same as a Christmas Day dinner, but with no pudding. So far, that means I've had 4 Christmas Dinners then over the Christmas season. See, I do eat :p In the evening I got to see a film called 'Christine', one of the many based on Stephen King books. I really, really enjoyed it. I'd heard mixed but mainly good reviews about it, so I'm glad it was as good as I thought it would be.

...and then even later on, I tried to finish a song I've been working on for ages. I'm still unsure though. I like it, but it still needs a lot of tweaking, which is what I can't seem to solve with it. So who knows when the damn thing'll be finished. Hopefully soon, but sometimes you can't rush these things, eh??

Anyway, I best get on with my work now. Like I said.

Ta ta for now.


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