Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been feeling so ill today. Not quite sure what it is, but I think I've caught some kind of stomach bug. Well something has effected my inner functioning, as I now feel rather tired and gassy. Urp. I've been reading up about it on wikipedia (haha, the fountain of all knowledge!) :p haha. Turns out I could've ingested too much Vitamin C which has brought on an onslaught of diarrhoea.

So I'm not going to eat anything tonight. I'm just relying on water (thank God I bought a huge bottle of it)...and I'm going to have some soup later on before bed, just to settle my stomach. Bring on the preservatives! with a slice of bread or two. It'll put me on anyway.

&that's about it really. I'm going to be ill all night but at least I may feel better tomorrow, or hopefully before my exam on Wednesday morning!

Oh my exam today wasn't so bad as I thought it was gonna be either. I got outside Firth Hall for about 8.45am and then put my bag in the cloak room, met up with my friend Holly and then we had a moment of panic and then realised 'It's only an exam', so we wished each other luck as we entered the exam hall.

The exam was two hours long and while I knew I hadn't done 100% amazing :p I did think I'd stand a reasonable chance of passing it as I had worked really hard on all the things we had been told to learn. Plus, once I got out of the exam and later came back, I saw from the model answers I'd done reasonably well and answered most of the questions correctly. Maybe fucked up question 8 a bit as I didn't remember the relevant act. But oh well, means I will get it right for next time! heh.

Oh, I had a lovely surprise today on the Tom Slemen forums. I posted a poem up yesterday (the one I published in a recent post, 'Stitched Up Sympathy')...and Tom Slemen himself commented it! Saying that it was very good and that 'I have an excellent grasp of language to conjure up ideas and emotions'.

How awesome is that?! I was so chuffed when I read that, haha. It's good to know that people like my work and that I am being encouraged, makes me all :) and smiley inside. Yay.

So, that's it for now.

Urgghh, back to feeling unwell for me.
Think I'm gonna make an early night of it for sure tonight.