Thursday, January 18, 2007

Today was Kim's birthday, she's 20 now and not one of those teenagers :p haha. Anyway, it's been a decent day. If a little pensive on my part. I gave Kim her present about midday, before she popped out for lunch with a friend. I got a present from her too- it was a pretty little bracelet from the Manchester Christmas Markets (I found this out later), it's a silvery grey type flower, it looks so gorgeous! I stayed in, revising and had some lunch about 3'ish of soup and a bit of hummus and spinach on a rice cake. Was erm...interesting?? heh. I've mainly been revising defamation and election and breach of confidence today. But I'm about to move on to libel and the defamation act and all that schedule malarky in a second or two. Yay, what fun :s yeah...

Anyhow, Kim had a great birthday cake, made by Dr Laura. It was completely made of chocolate- how awesome! It was like a big block of chocolate in a dish- good stuff! I had some with some mints and a cookie/two sweeties. Yay. Then I had to make my dinner afterwards- which was probably the wrong choice to make as I then felt sooo stuffed up &in a wrong kind of way too. Meeeep. Ahh well.

Here are some pictures of the night :) (I'm the dark haired girl with the fringe):

Later, Naomi came back! Just as we were all having a drink before making our way down to Bar One. Yayyyy. I got a present from her ^-^ I got a pretty scarf- it has gold glitter and green swirly patterns- it's proper like one of those asian exotic scarfs. Really luxurious. Thanks Naomi and Catherine!! It's such a wonderful gift.

I think Kim liked the present I got her. I got her some double choc cookies and a watermelon bath gift set! All pink and really pretty, with a pink'ish

card about shopping :p and also, a pink gift bag with silver butterflies etched into it. I hope she'll love it :D

I did go to Bar One and saw a few of my Uni mates here....Sam,James, Martin, Rob...all came along :) Oh and Mel, then there was us Harcourt girls- Laura, me, Catherine, Kim and Naomi. Grand stuff. I really wanted to stay longer maybe even go to Juice (as I've never been before), but after two drinks, I felt completely bloated and in pain and gassy :/ urp. It was as though my body was saying 'no' after eating so well, that I shouldn't let myself go, haha. Damn healthiness and all that palather.

Yeah. So that's about it really. Just thought I'd keep everything all updated.