Saturday, January 20, 2007

I wrote a poem tonight. It means a lot to me as it's about someone I love and hold dear to my heart, very very much.

Stitched Up Sympathy

Verity enclosing small trickles

Of our memories

We fall from grace

Eyes stapled inwards

We look from face to face

A fruitless search

Ravaged by desire

Awkward truces

Flailing in epileptic fits

Too blinded by the light

So shine my sweet star

Guide me home…

Wrapped in frozen apathy

We are enshrined

In lockets of love

Northern guidance

By way of silver moon

Narrates the path

Of destiny

By way of silk

And thread and stitch

A broken feeling

We did fix

Hope fell like a fountain

To wash our sores clean

To question inevitability

In the precipitation of our dreams

We mould the clay of gravity

Feelings symphonized

In the seeds of our own reality

Thick, forgiveness does not hesitate

As the threads of solidarity

Slowly settle in the bedding

Of our hearts;

I’m falling from the inside

Don’t leave me

To the forest of vultures beneath

We can soar

On pouch

Or open wing

To live among

The heavens…

A nest, branches out

On the horizon;

Made of trust,

Encircled with love

And an honesty

Forever rising

From high on cloud

We communicate

On chirp and sound

On our bed of

Stitched up sympathy

A whisper;

‘I’ll catch you before

you reach the ground’.