Friday, January 26, 2007



Hoorah! They're done, done and over with!


This is great news because it now means that I can get back to doing normal things - like sleeping, eating, washing, reading and general 'net stuff without the worry of revision. It's amazing how much time revision does actually eat up to be honest.

But not anymore.

Now- just lots of relaxation and a whole week off! Yerse :D

It feels like a huge weight has lifted off of my shoulders and I can now do whatever I want again. Yay ayay yay.

The only trouble is, I'm not sure where to begin! I kind of half feel like I should be revising...haha, even though I obviously don't need to anymore! Which is a weird feeling. But I think I'll just eat this oatmeal and raisin cookie I got from Subway first. That sounds good. Then, tomorrow- I can have a great lay in and just read all day for as long as I want :) yayy.

I'm so relieved that my sickness is receding now too, I feel so much better today it's unbelievable. Considering two days ago I was so ill I thought I was gonna die. Heh. Well, my Mum told me that when she was a lot younger she ate a dodgy pie and she got gastroentritis like I have/had. She thought she was gonna die too, it was such a scary time she told me. So at least I know I could make a full recovery from this :p haha.

Anyway, I think my exams went alright. Nothing brilliant, as it's always hard to judge these things one way or the other. But, I felt that the first exam went down really well, I knew how to answer all of the questions pretty much and they were all worded clearly and concisely. But the second paper, was different somehow. I think it was the way they were worded- soo soo unclear what they were asking at all! So in the end I just applied any law that seemed semi-relevant, haha. Even if I was probably entirely wrong.

Ahh well, today's exam doesn't really count all that much anyway- I can always resit if I fail (albeit at a price). So please please please Dear Lord, make me pass! I really could do with this NCTJ under my belt, sorted out already. Over and done with, please?! Thanks.

In all fairness, I can forget about all this hassle for a little while now and just concentrate on more fun things.

Like I've mentioned around 1000 times previous in this post :p haha.

Right, best be off.

My life is waiting.