Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just had my dinner. I made two pittas with steamed veggies (broccolli,carrots, fried onions), filled with hummus, spinach leaves and grated cheese on top. Mmmm delicious! Really filling too, which is always a bonus.

I have however I'll let you know, been hard at study all day. As usual, you can expect nothing less from Miss Jones during exam period. All day I've been revising Leave and Licence, Malicious Falsehood, Open Justice and am now onto Family Proceedings. There seems to be sooo much to take in! It's scary. But one step at a time and all that. I've still got to do Challenging the Courts and Vulnerable Witnesses, Emplyment go over all the stuff I have learnt again (I'll do that bit tomorrow though). Yay. Haha.

Ermmm..I had a cheese toasty for lunch which was a bit nice like. Completely prevented myself going on the internet until 5 o'clock now though, just so I can get all my exam revision in. My first exam is on Monday morning! Meeep. Not looking forward to that one bit. Still, at least it's gonna be one down and all that. Still got the weekend to get myself sorted out though, which is alright I guess, although I wish I would've started my revision timetable a lot sooner. Meh, ahh well. Christmas happened and I had to enjoy myself :p I'm going around to my friend Holly's house tomorrow afternoon though to revise and so we can test one another, see how much we really do know. See how much I'm gonna fail :p haha.

Anyway...I did a stress releasing nap this afternoon. Oh the power of a free Paul Mc Kenna CD from The Times. It kinda works...but it could just be all down to auto-suggestion at the same time. So who's to say for sure?? I did feel a lot better after my rest, but that could be just because it meant a break from revision. Hmmm.

Anyhoo, I best go and watch some of Coronation Street, which is on in a whole four minutes- hope my housemates aren't hogging the telly :p

Ciao for now.