Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday

Now that I am 20 years old...I don't feel any different, or not really. My birthday is today and to be honest, I'm just all about enjoying it, not feeling sorry for myself because I'm another year older. I have a feeling this year will be even better than when I was nineteen.

No longer a teenager.

How mad does that sound? Quite. I remember when I turned into one, I felt so scared of all the changes ahead of me. Now the best and the worst of that is over. Obviously, I'll still be doing all my usual things and no I'm not going to fret about turning another year older. The older the wiser, that's what I say.

So far today, I've had a cut and blow on my hair from Gina, who is my hair stylist. She cut all my layers into place again and made them look truly great! It looks so soo pretty now. You should see it. The other thing I did was to open my presents.

I got £30 from my brother Chris and his fiancĂ© Louise. I got a pair of black slippers, a new pair of jeans and a casual sweater type top from my Mum, plus a bag of after eights. Nice. In the afternoon, I made my birthday cake.

It's a chocolate malteser cake! You should see it- it's awesome. It's a bit lopsided and it's not perfect by any means - but it looks sooo fit. I've left it to set, so that will be getting tucked into later on no doubt.

Here it is, fit ain't it? :)

Oh...I'm having a little mini party/buffet tonight from about 8 onwards. It's only a small gathering of friends, it's gonna be ace though I'm hoping! Me and my Mum have prepared loads of food for it- I've got quiche, mini pizzas, cheese and onion sandwiches, pickled onions, cous cous, hummus and crudites, cheesy doritos,mini sausages, veggie sausages &the like. Plus there's going to be loads of alcohol!!! Yayyyyyy. It's gonna be such such fun, I can feel it.

I'll tell you how all of that went in my next post :)