Friday, January 05, 2007

It was my brother's birthday yesterday. He's 32 now.

I've been working on my case study mostly. I'm about 600 words or so into it now, which is better than any previous efforts I must admit. But I've still got quite a way to go, even if I am writing a couple of hundred words every day to try and reach my target.

I'm listening to the music within my gothic boxset that Gary bought me for Christmas. It's really cool, love, love loving it!! Yes.

I've read more of that book. As sick as it is, I can't put it down.

Last night I went to the pub. It was pretty decent. Chucky was wasted though, I mean picking fights with people kinda drunk, which was pretty embarrassing to be honest. Kinda funny at the same time though. I had about three drinks, but only one of them was actually alcoholic - a pint of Fosters. Yes. After the pub, everyone seemed to want to go to Papa's for a burger and chips. But I was good and waited patiently for people's orders before we left. Once I got back to Gary's, I had a cheese and piccalilly grilled toasty which was just soo yummy. I love toasties.

I fell asleep. Got up today...came back home. Had breakfast. Came on here., did some of my case study...and now, I'm gonna get myself ready as I'm going out to meet two of my friends within an hour. We're going Wetherspoons for coffee and lunch ^-^ sweet. I'll tell you about that laters. It should be great fun, I haven't seen Mike or Lynz in agees! I mean, since last summer or so (both of them together). Although I saw Mike on Christmas Day. Yeps.

Anyway, I best go get ready.

I'll update laters.