Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm back in Widnes at present and will be until the end of the week. I decided to make the wise decision and come on home after everything that's happened; mainly the events of last week which left me feeling completely ill and exhausted. But I've recovered now and the rejuvenation process is seeing to me being on the mend.
The House Party went really well! Gary came up, the alcohol flowed and there was lots of fun, fun fun! I wore my pretty birthday dress that Gary got me with pride- and have the pictures to prove it!!!
Gary and me, the walking advertisement :D


The Birthday Girls
Charlie's Angels- eat your heart out!!!
I believe these pictures can sum up in more words than me, what kind of a night Saturday 27th was. It was a shame none of the people I invited turned up, but meh. The house was heaving at one point, could hardly get to the drinks table for the sheer numbers swarming about having a good time.
By comparison, Sunday was a relatively quiet day. But some things were achieved (other than lots of sleep!), our housemates had a house meal together at Wetherspoons, which was nice. &then, me and Gary went into town and bought (or tried to before the shops shut at 4pm) some books (I bought 'Hells Angels' by Hunter S. Thompson) and we searched in vain for Ben & Jerry's icecream. Alas, we found it at the corner shop uphill from where I live! Haha. Dinner was something small, just a cheese and pickle toasty each and some shared potato and leek soup.
We watched Last House on the Left before bedtime. It's a rape revenge movie carried out by the parents of a raped and murdered young girl, who, by chance, has her rapists/murderers stay at her house one night. Haha, I loved every second of it. The taste of cookie dough goes down surprisingly well with such a plot.
Monday, we made a killer, stroke-inducing fry up for brunch. It was made by me- I got all the ingredients I think and made most of it, Gary helping with the cooking. We had three vegetarian sausages each, scrambled eggs, 2 rashers of vegetarian bacon, baked beans with toast, chopped tomatoes and fried bread. Topped off with loads and loads of black pepper! It was divine. It prepared us for the shopping trip into town, whereby I bought a book called 'The Coronation Street Story' for about £2.95 from Oxfam, 'The Book of General Ignorance' by Stephen Fry and a DVD for a flim about the driving test. I also got The Green Mile on DVD from Cex.
Oh, I applied for a job whilst I was down town too. It's just a temp job I believe handing out flyers for this cafe, but it should give me extra cash, which is what I want at the end of the day. We'll see. I had to go and buy a birthday present for Mel too- it's her 21st on Friday and since I knew I wouldn't be there for it (I was gonna go home and stay at home over the weekend, no matter what), I knew I'd have to give it to my housemates before I departed. She bought me a lovely gift of stripey rainbow socks from Accessorize, a bath bubble bar and some fancy soap from Lush. It was such a nice gift.
Anyway, it took me ages to get over the breakfast I had- I was still feeling full until we got back to Widnes later on. We almost didn't make it due to the inconsistency of the trams and us running a little late. But then we saw the train and just made a run for it. We eventually got back to Widnes for half eight in the evening.
I ate my dinner at Gary's, his Mum made us a delicious salad- two different types of cottage cheese, coleslaw, onion rings, celery and tomatoes. Then we had spaghetti with falafel meatballs for the main course and a slice of coconut cake for dessert. Was really yummy.
Tuesday- Gary went to work, so I got a lift home. Arranged a driving lesson for Friday afternoon. Ate breakfast. Watched meaningless TV. Scoured the internet. Cleaned up/unpacked incessantly. Worked out. Showered for the first time in days. Had lunch. Scoured the 'net again. Tried endlessly to update my blog- but my computer was having none of it for some reason, so I didn't end up posting as I had planned yesterday. Nevermind. Tried some driving test stuff from that DVD/CD-rom I got in Sheffield. Turns out I am still answer perfect with my theory- scoring 100% every time. Satisfied, I ate my dinner of chicken stiry fry. I saw my Dad and later my brother Chris. At 8.30pm, Gary knocked around with Griff and Gaz. I had packed my stuff, so we walked back to Gary's, stopping off for food first at Papa's (I only went to the offy and got a packet of Doritos though), but was not satisfied, so ended up sharing cheesy chips w/mayo and ketchup with Gary :)
We were going to watch The Dawn of The Living Dead but because there didn't seem to be any blood or zombies in it...we watched Braindead instead. Now the last time I tried to watch that, I felt ill. But this time, I managed to sit all the way through it and was left amazed at how bloodthirsty and truly gory the whole affair was! Yet at the same time, highly amusing and delighting in even the most comic moments of death and putrefication. I was left half wondering whether to laugh or scream. Hehe.
Today has no real plan or route of action. I'm just going to fall like a leaf into a stream of piss and hope that it takes me on an adventure.
Ta ta.