Monday, January 08, 2007

Have had a hectic time over the past few days, for one reason or another. So that's why I haven't updated.

Friday afternoon was splendid. It's always lovely to see old friends. Lynsey was going back to Uni on the Saturday, so she suggested that we meet beforehand like old times. Mike seemed well too. We had lunch. I had a grilled club panini and Kopparberg cider and we talked about loads. Uni, exams, school, (We saw quite a lot of people we recognised from our high school days in Wetherspoons that day). A lot of the girls we grew up with seem to have kids now, which is pretty damn scary to say the least. We're still kids ourselves really. Later on we had hot chocolate (proper like the old days when we'd stay over at Mike's of a Saturday).

Saturday was spent in Liverpool with Gary and Griff. It was ok, I went to search for an activist book to help me with my case study. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I saw something similar, called 'Global Activism, Global Media', which I knew would help me out a lot. So I bought it, although the price of £15.99 did not please me too much. I figure when I no longer need it, I will sell it or something. Eddy Rocket's food is yummy, so we stopped there for lunch ^-^ yay. In the evening, we went Wetherspoons with Andy and Gaz as well. Pretty decent night.

I spent most of Sunday with Gary. I finally took that juicer home with me too! We'd been saying for ages that I needed to take it home. So now we finally have...

and as for today...well, I have done more work on my case study and read a considerable amount of 'Petals on the Wind' (one of the sickest yet highly addictive books I've ever read). The case study only needs 400 words or so to be added to it and then it needs to be read and re-read and then edited/adjusted slightly, bibliography added and then I'll have finished. I really want to finish it before my birthday- could you imagine how awful it would be to have to do work on my birthday? No, neither can I. I wrote 500 or so words this afternoon anyhow.


I like it when work gets done.

Means more play time.

Oh yeah, I've decided to have a mini birthday buffet to celebrate my turning 20. I'm going to make my own birthday cake too...and it's going to be really really yummy, I can assure you.

How does Chocolate Malteaser cake sound?! :p :)