Monday, January 28, 2008

Whilst I should be revising right now, I am hung over and procrastinating to within an inch of my life. Basically, anything you can possibly imagine as distracting, IS.

I went to Pop Tarts last night, which is the unions' 60's/70's/80's/90's pop night and I had a really good time. But perhaps had one too many for my current liking. We went to celebrate my housemate Laura's 22nd birthday. Good times.

We had Singstar on the TV and other such delights before we went out too which was fun- the idea being to outsing your opponent.

Right, today's plan is to get some food going and then get down to a session of revision. I've got quite a big chapter to read, so I best go and read it before it starts to get too dark.

I'll update when I'm less busy.

Byee for now.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ok, so it's been over a month since I last updated.
A lot of things have happened,as you can probably imagine.

First off, I am now 21. I had an amazing birthday:) I went to a comedy club in Liverpool in the evening with Gary and we watched some pretty funny comedians take to the stage and do their acts. Some were funnier than others, but all were better than I had expected. However we made the mistake of sitting in the front row (not through choice, the seats were booked so we couldn't change them), but it was good never the less. We did get picked on a bit (me especially) but it's ok because it was all in the name of fun :)

I had my birthday meal on the 11th of January (the day after) and that was great. It was a family occasion, so just me, Gary, my parents and my brother Chris and his fiancé Louise. Which was super as I don't think we do these kind of things enough (although we did all go out for my dad's birthday back in November). Yeps. So we went for a Chinese meal to celebrate my 21st and it was very yummy. Then we went back to Chris's place and cut my cake (I'll post pics soon). I also got given my pressies (lots of money, a bottle of pink champagne and a big box of Thorntons chocolates, mmm). Yummy. So I had an amazing time. It was really nice to just get dressed up and go out and to see everybody again. I loved it.

I got a classic ipod in silver from Gary :) which is great. As I have lots of money so it's a good way to put it all onto one and take it with me wherever I go (especially during the next week or so of sturdy revision where I will be playing it to my heart's content, hehe). I got clothes, bath stuff and money in general from my parents too. Plus my housemates got me stuff when I came back to Sheffield. I got a pink candle set, a celtic silver necklace, (a silver oriental style bracelet from my Mum), bath stuff and a student vegetarian cookbook! :) Oh I also got my late Christmas pressie off my new housemate Abby. She bought me the most divine vanity case ever! It's white with black print patterns on it and contains loads of special spa stuff. The other one is a sort of hanger travel case for packing a lot of items together- but you can pack a lot of things in there too, which is pretty dandy.

Speaking of Christmas pressies I got a lot there too. A digital camera, hair straighteners, money, clothes, chocolates, books, DVD's...the list is endless!! Before Christmas though, Gary came up and we celebrated up here in Sheffield for a few days. We had a great weekend of frolics, the Harcourt Skirts Christmas dinner :) and then after present opening and celebrations, we went to see VNV Nation at Corporation which was amazing.

I'd like to say I really enjoyed it. But I didn't. I LOVED IT. It was one of those life affirming moments and I'm proud to say that being with Gary has reaffirmed everything in my life that is true. He is my soulmate. Holding his hand and listening to everything like we had done two years ago made me realise: some things never change, in a world that is constantly revolving. I don't know what else I can say that he won't already know, but sometimes we don't need words. The songs said so much as it was. That connection we felt all those years ago in high school, has been reignited many times over and over at Christmas time and into the New Year. I can now only hope that 2008 will be like it is now. Happy. Joyous. Looking forward into a world that is once again liveable because you feel the soul inside of you, moving upwards towards the never ending sky. & a line of heavenly surrender. As you realise, that light will never change.

Thanks for reading this.

I know it's a bit late, but Happy New Year. Happy 2008.

'Let there be, let there always be a neverending light...'