Thursday, January 22, 2009

So I just want to say Happy 2009! and sorry I haven't updated in a while, it's been a hectic few weeks.

But to summarise, I've started my job - it's hard work as I'm doing full time work now (40 hours a week) but I got paid for the first time last week, I got an advance and that first pay day was very nice indeed - I've even managed to buy myself a new laptop with the money, which is splendid.

Speaking of which, I've got it right now - a Dell Studio 17 :D it's lovely. Can't get used to its shininess and all the different features are amazing. Down the right hand side there is even a pane which tells you updated news stories, the weather and temperature of your location and a clock! I'm just not used to it's soo fast as well, it's brilliant! hehehe.

I love all the different features, it's cool.

Now I'm working I'm keeping busy and I'm not going on personal websites during work time as I've heard they can monitor and track what you're doing (but they say they don't), clearly it is better to err on the side of caution and just get on with work. Which is what I do.