Monday, January 15, 2007

I think I'm starting to settle in a bit more now. I'm feeling much better than yesterday that's for sure. That first day/night is always the hardest. But today, I went out, yes, again but this time managed to go round nearly all of Sheffield! haha, well pretty much. I went to find the Tesco on Ecclesall Road- it's so far away though! I think I'd be better trying somewhere closer. I got to the Boots in the city centre (yes I hate Sundays- the one in Broomhill wasn't even open! grrr) so I had to trek into where all the shops are.

Just to get some shampoo and a few needy essentials.

At least I got the bus back. I got back for about 3pm. Whereby, I made myself a fit cheese and pickle toastie (yum yum!) and had a clementine. For breakfast earlier on, I had a small bowl of blackberries, followed by a round of toast with seville orange breakfast spread, plus a green tea. Was really nice. Yay.

I haven't done all that much revision- I've done a fair bit, but I still have loads to go through to be honest. I'm hoping it gets done before the exams! (haha don't panic it will!)

I made myself an orange, kiwi and carrot juice before with the great juicer that Gary's Mum gave to me :) It's really ace, I'll be making myself all sorts now, hahaha. I could try out loads of different recipes, that's for sure.

Oh and I stitched my sock this morning. It had a hole in it at the toe. loan has come through!! Yayyyy, money.

So that's the main news. I'll really be getting down to my revision tomorrow though- properly. I'm gonna revise all of the Contempt of Law stuff or whatever it is and hope it all goes in. Let's hope.

I can't afford to fail this exam...

arrrghh...*silently screams*