Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh my, I've been back in Sheffield for a whole week now! It seems to have gone quite quick though, surprisingly. Well, since about Tuesday it has. Oh well. Anyhow...I've been revising all day, think it's safe to say I'm in the thick of it right now. Eeeeep >.< and can't wait until a week's time from now when they will all be over! Woo. I went around to my friend Holly's house in the afternoon and we tested each other on all the main parts of the law we need to know, until we definitely 100% knew what we were talking about. Turns out I have loads of terms to learn, so that will be my priority tonight. Along with learning all of the Magistrates Courts Act inside out, the PCC clauses and where they apply to. Then tomorrow, go over everything until my head explodes! Haha, well maybe not that far, but nevertheless...

My railcard has arrived! Yay. My Mum said it came today. Woop. That's exciting to me because I've never had one before and it means I get to go home for a discounted price. Double yay. I think the first time it will get used will be the weekend of the 10th of February. But I'll probably come home two days beforehand- on the 8th, if possible, which would be the Thursday. Yep.

This time next week will be our House Party :D how awesome! I can't wait, exams will be over and it means that I get to see Gary and all of my friends again :D which is always great to me. I've invited quite a lot of people too, but whether they will turn up is another matter altogether. Out of those who've been invited on facebook (around 300) only about 30 or so seem to be coming! But then again, there are people who aren't on there, who said they will be able to come, so it won't be as bad as we think :p haha and besides, thirty people would not a bad party make.

I was struck by the curious notion of my hairstyle this morning. It looked suitably messy before I dressed and washed. But, afterwards...I thought, why not tie my fringe to the side? So I'm now thinking that I might grow my fringe out. Although I'm not too sure as of yet, as I've really grown accustomed to it, it's become somewhat of a trademark. But, I have had it for around...4 years?! So, don't blame me if I want a change. I'm just thinking, maybe if I have a bit of a change of style, I might feel better about myself, I dunno, maybe it's stupid though.

Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

But I'm gutted, I finished my special toffee treacle this evening :( so am naturally upset haha as it was a delicious chocolate present from Laura :)(that and another chocolate goody has bit the dust). Meep.

&now I'm listening to Jack Off Jill like the old days. No I am not a depressed goth, it's just been ages since I had them on. That and I usually play Scarling., but with them being on somewhat of a hiatus at present, I guess I will have to divert my attentions elsewhere. *Sigh*. Bloody bands splitting up/stalling.

Back to revision me thinks.