Friday, January 19, 2007

So, today has been somewhat completely boring. Think it was down to the fact that I just had to revise all day and not much else. I went out at one point after lunch to do some shopping and take my application form back to Tesco. Yes, I have now applied for the job. If I get any info back, I'll let you know as and when, but for now it's going to be just a case of 'let's wait and see'.
So...I've revised absolute privilege and qualified privilege all day! How utterly boring can you get? I've been up since about 8, reading this stuff. Maybe taken about an hour or so off just to eat and go out for food shopping. Urgh.

Our landlord sent a lady around today to check the house. Basically she went around every room checking for any damages and to make sure that everything was in check. I got told the sink was going a bit yellow- which is the first sign of mold and so should bleach that quickly to keep it all sparkly. Also, that I shouldn't put posters up with blu-tack or white tack on the walls as they stain them. But fuck it, I am supposed to live here, love.
She didn't say much else about my room and I don't know what she said about anyone else's but after that she left and I got back down to my revision. *Sigh*.

I do have some good news though - I've now bought a Young Person's Railway card online, this evening. So that will be good-- will mean train fares at discount prices! Yay. So, I can go home for a lot cheaper now. Heck, I'll probably save quite a lot of money (this is all part of my save more, spend less plan I am concocting for the New Year...).

I really started to feel homesick this afternoon. I was seriously thinking about getting the train home or something...for a few days. I mean it, I felt sooo bored and sick/fed up and well...that old feeling of 'Where am I? What am I doing?' crept back up on me and I started to wonder what it would've been like had I not gone to Uni. I'd probably be for the worse I suppose, stuck in some dead end job? Maybe. But at least I'd be working, even if it was crap. I mean don't get me wrong, I've met loads of interesting people here and made some pretty cool new friends I hope to keep in touch with, but the friendships are not as relaxed or as established as at home...maybe it's just the atmosphere, but it's all very much a case of 'Let's get along and not cause too much trouble' because we're housemates, people who met in halls last year. We could've been anyone, we just needed a place to stay. I mean, it's turned out really well, I'm in an ace house, I should be happy I'm in a good Uni, with some nice girls and all...but, something still feels missing. This is going to sound all romantic now, but I really really miss Gary and that thought came through my head today, that I should leave Uni and go back home and live with him. I want too so bad.

But I know that I'd regret giving this course up, just because it's something academic to add to my career, that can get me a better job, at the end of the day. Also, I couldn't even if I wanted to, I'm halfway through it now and I've paid the rent for next year so I'm gonna stay the two years here. But if I do, end up doing a postgrad degree- I can't be too sure what I'll do. I imagine I'll find my own place, might not live here again, even though it is a really good house, I might decide a change is a good idea. Can't be too sure yet though- I know I've heard loads of people say they regret giving up the student life though to get a job! :p haha. But alas, it must come to all of us one day. Ahh well. I'm guessing the exams/revision stress is making me all melancholy inside. Once they are over, then the house party can begin :D and all will be good at last. Gary's gonna come up next Saturday (January 27th) so I'll be feeling happy once more soon :)

I had dinner pretty early tonight as I was starving hungry much earlier than usual, for some reason. So I made myself a quorn chicken fillet, with spinach and petits pois and a garnish of Branston's pickle. Yummy. I enjoyed that a lot. Then I had a black cherry flavour yoghurt and came online.

I needed the break. But oh my goodness- the amount of revision I still have left to do. Ack. The first exam is on Monday! I best get a move on.

Love and kisses.