Monday, January 22, 2007

A bit of a predictable day, spent for the most part flicking through notes to make sure I know what I'm writing about for tomorrow's test. Not too keen on what I'm going to have to do tomorrow...but I know nevertheless that the best attitude to have is that I'm gonna pass it, goddamn. Either way, by this time tomorrow, it will be over with. &that sounds good enough to me. Heck it's going to be over by 11 o'clock so I don't know what I'm worrying about too much.

Grrrr I'm sooo frustrated about this house party next Saturday. So far I have about two people who say they will come and a 'maybe' for about ten minutes :( This makes Anna a sad girl. It makes me feel like no one is my friend :( Please please come the house party if you can. It would be a nice celebration and will probably be the only one we are ever allowed. Meh.

Plus it'd be a nice way to celebrate after exams. Meh, fuck it I won't be arsed if no one turns up, I'll just go clubbing with my lovely amazing boyfriend instead. &I'll know never to ask anyone or invite anyone to a house party ever again. The disappointment is just a bit too much to handle.
Not messing. All of this has been highly aggravating, on top of the stress and worry I've been receiving from elsewhere (revision stress, etc).

Anyway can't make too big of a post. Just wanted to update to let you all know I'm still alive.