Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Feeling somewhat better today. Not sure what I ate to bring on a sudden bout of illness, but it seems to be receding now that I've taken some measures to see to it. Basically, I went to Sainsburys earlier and bought two 2L bottles of Evian mineral water, two bags of revels, a pack of apple and blackcurrant juices, two tins of Minestrone Baxter's soup, two packs of Extra mints and a packet of Immodium.

So far I've taken lots of mints, ate all the revels, one of the juices, had three Immodium tablets and drank lots of mineral water. I feel a lot better as a result. Oh and I made this salt and sugar solution which is supposed to help rehydrate you again after a bout of diarrhoea. It involves a cup of boiled water (left to cool), one teaspoon of salt and eight teaspoons of sugar. Yay?! haha. But I instantly felt better after the drink, I mean, I had nausea beforehand. But it really made me feel better...I was sick quite a bit afterwards but that can only be a sign that my body is healing itself, right?

...and since then I've been fine, pretty much. I just need to take it easy, keep my fluids topped up and by the feel of things, not to eat until later in the evening, at least for tonight because I think if I was to ingest anything now, it would bring on another bout of sickness. No, I'm not going to eat much for dinner either, only a bowl of soup and some toast maybe. Oh and perhaps a yoghurt. Just something to keep my strength up anyhow.

I've decided that after my last exam I'm going to treat myself to something a bit special. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it's going to have a high fat content and be all mine. Hehe. I know I can't wait either. At the minute, I'm having difficulty deciding between a tub of Ben and Jerrys icecream or eating my dinner out and getting a 12" sub sandwich (With meal). Since I don't get out of the exam until 6 o'clock (anyone else think that is unnecessarily harsh?!) Or is just me? pffft.

The revision has been so-so today. Mainly so? though. Haha. I've got loads of other stuff to go over again that I did the other day. Stuff like Leave and Licence, Malicious Falsehood, Copyright, Breach of Confidence, The Theft Act and so forth and all that jazz. Urh, yeah.

Anyway, my next exam (second one) is tomorrow morning from 9-11am! Arck. Pray for me.
I'll need it.

I'm gonna need an early night tonight - I think getting up when you're sleep deprived at about 7am is enough to make anybody ill. Meeeep.

Best get back to the revision then.

Nevermind - in 48 hours I will be free!!!