Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just as I thought things couldn't get any worse...they even out and seem to get better. Seemingly.

But I was sick at 5am this morning, one of the most inconvenient times, don't you think? and also, I hardly had a deep sleep all night- just one of those light, floaty sleeps where you're still kind of awake but barely touching the surface of sleep. Meh. So I made sure to rest for two hours before getting up for the exam at 9am. Then I just got dressed, washed my face...didn't bother with eating breakfast for fear of an upset coming on, and just went to Firth Hall, all wrapped up snug and warm.

I can't be too sure how this exam went, to be honest. It seems a bit of a mixed bag but generally I'd say I won't have done as well as the first exam (when I was in full health).Nevermind though, at least I can say I tried, even with a gruelling headache and the prospect of nausea hanging over me.

Anyway, I booked a doctor's appointment with the Uni's Health Service in the morning, for an appointment in the mid-afternoon. After the exam, I went to get some food, ate a sandwich and then walked back to the house. My Mum had sent me my railcard :D yay at last! and also a pink Hello Kitty card wishing me to get better soon :) awwh it's soo cute of her.

From here, I had a nap for about an hour or so and kept my fluid levels up by drinking water.
Went out to the appointment at around 2.20pm, took the bus to West Street and then when I got into the Uni's Health Service (which I'd never been to before, so was my first time EVER!)I had to sign in on this touch screen...except it didn't seem to recognise who I was and I signed in the normal way. It's such a weird waiting have to wait for your name to be called out by bleeps on a screen. The screen bleeps and comes up with your name. Kinda odd really! But saves all that unnecessary embarrassment for people with problems/people they know I guess. Hmmm.

The doctor I met was really nice, his name was Sirjit Pai I think. He asked me how I was feeling, took my temperature and blood pressure, which seemed to be normal he said. Then he felt my tummy to see if it hurt anywhere more than usual, but I said it didn't really. Anyway, it turns out I have a viral gastroententis, which basically means a tummy bug (pretty obviously). So I've been advised to rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat normally (just avoid anything too spicy or fatty, which could disrupt my tum) and he also prescribed me some cyclizine tablets to reduce my lightheaded naseous feeling I keep suffering from. It seems to have done the trick, since I've taken one, I just feel kinda sleepy, not so sick.

Well since then, I got back after getting my prescription from the pharmacy (again, I've never done this all by myself so you can count me all proud, haha). Then I tidied my room up a bit- although you won't want to know in too much detail what I have had to clean's rather disgusting). Ooh...made my bed, wiped a few things down etc. Came on here. Then I wrapped Dr Laura's present up for her (I got her a mug with the words 'The road's to a friend's house is never long', filled it myself with Thorntons truffle chocolates (about five of them) and also a pretty silver bracelet with green and turquoise gems wrapped around in silver...which I got from Dorothy Perkins. The wrapping paper was nice too- all blue with stars on ;) teehee.

I hope she gets to have a good birthday, she's 21 today and from now on :D which is great news because we get to have a little party tonight to celebrate- food nibbles etc and cake. Lovely. The only thing I can't do is go out clubbing afterwards- as I still have an exam tomorrow! grrrr. It's the 5 hour long one, I know I know - take pity!! But nevertheless, it has to get done and the sooner it's over with, the better!!

Food wise I'm not supposed to eat really heavy or spicy foods, so may only be able to eat a bit. But I'll make some cous cous for tea, just to nourish my insides (I've got half a pack left) and maybe a couple of raisins. I'll see.


24 hours to freedom!!!