Saturday, February 03, 2007

At last. My computer is finally letting me use blogger! I thought it'd never let me yesterday.

Anyway... I'm on old skool msn and it's ace! Haha, proper brings back memories of being 15 and not knowing any different. Hah.

I had such a relaxing day yesterday, it was great. I used the Lush bubble bath bar that Mel got me for my b'day present and it created MASSES and I mean, MASSES of foam, with blue and pink glitter all over the bath. It turned the bath blue and it was so calming, it was great. I was in there for quite a while. Later on, I had a Tibetan Head Massage at the Halton Stadium. This young lady called Jayne used this calming oil and rubbed it into my body, working from my mid-back up to my higher back and across my arms and neck. It really helped to relieve my stress and when she started working on my head, I really felt all the tension in my mind dissipate. I just wanted to fall asleep for ages afterwards and I was feeling this pure air of confidence all evening. It was sooo relaxing and yes, so rewarding, I want one again soon. But at £15 I know that it will have to be considered as a special treat.

On the way out from my head massage, I saw a black cat that came and sat next to me whilst I was waiting to go home. I called her 'Lady Luck' as she kept on stroking my body- though that could've just been a sign to tell me to clear off as I was on her territory, hah. Later I saw the cat standing on a car, so I presumed it to be quite the troublemaker. That and she hissed and looked at me defiantly, like I was about to threaten her. Why do I refer to it as a 'her' anyway, it was probably a male cat for all I know. I just presume.

The pub last night was decent. I was in a fair spirited and light hearted mood, drank a bit, had some good times with friends etc. Today, I have just been for my beauty appointment at 11 in town. I helped my Mum with some shopping and packing of the Asda bags. Also, I had a driving lesson in the afternoon, with Debs. I was rather pleased when she told me that I was doing well, I was pretty much at the same standard as I was last summer and that it might not take me too long at all, if i keep on coming back every few weeks for lessons, etc etc. I hope so! My next lesson is on March 9th (mine and Gary's one year anniversary), but she reckons I could be booking in my test for Easter?! Who knows though, my life is all very up in the air at the moment with coming back and to from Uni all the time. I'd like to get it out of the way asap, it's been sooo long already. I've got to keep on calling her though, every time I come home so I can have lessons and go practice with parents etc (since they're the only ones who will take me) haha.

So now I'm bored. I should be reading. But I can't be arsed. I have a chocolate muffin downstairs. That's what I want.

...and it's what I'll get.