Saturday, February 24, 2007

What is it with people leaving pots and pans with their food stuffs melded to the bottom? Why did I have to see last night's cottage pie left in the lounge, congealed to the plate? Honestly people- it isn't that hard to clean up!!

Yet the place is becoming a pigsty because people are that bone idle they can't be bothered to do their own cleaning. &to be honest, I'm sick of it. I always make sure I wash everything I use. It's just easier and makes common sense. Otherwise it just builds up and becomes HARDER,yes more of a chore than it ever was. Not to mention downright inconsiderate.

I wouldn't mind so much as well if it wasn't icky stuff like beef and gravy that people cook- it sticks to things and becomes harder to clean if left for a while....and I had the wonderful task of cleaning all of the dishes and stacking them away. That's the SECOND time this week I've done that now. It's soo annoying, that people can't even be bothered to clean their own utensils they use.

Other than this wonderful task which took around an hour and a half...I have spent the day doing more chores. Such as changing my bed sheets and putting more of my dirty attire into the washing machine.

I went group shopping with Dr Laura today, just for our basics- toilet roll, milk, pasta, washing up liquid, squash, teabags, etc. We spent a lot less than two of our other housemates who usually do it. They spend around £12 apparently, we only spent about £7'ish. Which is pretty good all in all. I spent a bit myself- on youghurt, mint choc icecream, mango juice, milk chocolate, teabags...I think that's all I got really. I was surprised by how much we had to carry back though. We ended up with about five bags each- which needless to say was fucking gruelling. The pain on the way back was immense. Especially as it was up a big hill. But the big hill route turned out to be quicker overall, so I have Laura to thank for showing me the way :) yep. So now I know a shorter? route. Teehehe.

Tonight I'm off to see Casino Royale with Laura and Kim which should be cool. I'm really looking forward to seeing the film, I've wanted to see it for ageees! Plus, it beats staying in with nothing to do. I've rung home twice already to see how things are and tell my Mum abrout my day. I'm hoping beyond hope that we do have free phonecalls from our landline to any house number. I'm sure we do- I'm pretty damn sure of it, goddamn! grrr.

Anyway, I best be off.
Oohh yeah, Megadeth :) I am listening to them now.
Kinda addicted ;)