Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arrrgh, I'm so hungry. I wish I would've put my dinner in the oven sooner. These next forty minutes are gonna kill me.

I haven't updated in a while because
a) I've been busy
b) I had a long day yesterday- spent at Crown Court and Mags Court respectively, gathering stories
c) I was feeling all scatter brained and tired

So I thought it best to leave any posts until I started to feel ready (i.e- today).

I've finally finished reading 'Hells Angels' by Hunter S. Thompson this afternoon and have now started on 'The Book of General Ignorance'. Which is most exciting.

I went food shopping (Tuesday is no doubt going to be my delegated 'food shopping' on a budget day). I ended up buying diverse items like nori seaweed, raisins, tofu, eggs, bread, aubergines, tomatoes, mango and veggie sausages. But I couldn't find a chinese stir fry pack anywhere, so Im going to get that and the rest tomorrow, as I'll be down near West St again in the morning.

I had the old Web Journalism lecture and workshop today. It seemed to be going OK, but then I'd lose track of what we had to do on Dreamweaver and it felt like I was falling behind/didn't know what to do at some points. Alas, thank goodness for the handout is all I can say :)

My budgeting has gone sooo well lately, it's unbelievable. Although I'm starting to wonder if I should bother saving up for Download as the next line-up is about to be announced, tomorrow I believe? and I heard a leak on the DL forum...and it doesn't look too great to be honest. I'll have to see. There's no point in buying a ticket if I'm only going to enjoy one or two of the main bands...that would just be grom like of me.

Sooo...I've been back in Sheffield for a week now. It seems to have gone quite quickly, but I just know this next week will really draggg now...it's like sod's law or something. Hahah. It's been hard though, I will admit. This past week has been challenging, as I don't like spending time away from Gary. But being away from home is the kinda thing you get used to.

I'm trying to think of any news I've had recently...

Ooh ooh, I got word back about my work experience I applied for just before or slightly after Christmas. I've been given a placement with The Sheffield Star, which is a major newspaper here- looks like I'll be working there from the 9th-20th of July this summer, with any luck! It's not a definite yet, but it seems highly likely. So that's great news and exciting!!

Yep yep.

Ok, that's about it for now.

Maybe if something else happens I'll do a more thorough update, but it's all been the usual fare really.