Thursday, February 08, 2007

Despite plunging away like a madwoman, my sink is still blocked. Which is most unfortunate. But, I shall not falter- I'm going to try again soon, maybe tonight, before I go out.

So it's been confirmed. I am going to the Wednesday night Wonga Party at Gatecrasher - with lots of foam all over the place! I've never been to a foam party before, so it should be quite interesting to say the least. I've been told not to wear jeans or anything that will stick- so, I'm just going to wear my short blue skirt with a blue top, maybe tights and some old shoes. Might wear some silver jewellery too. Will be nice. I've just been to the shop to get some money out and buy some alcohol and mixer; WKD Vodka Blue and some cheap as fuck lemonade for a flim (39p).Same difference. I've just watched Coronation Street and I'm about to start drinking now.

Hopefully the night will be with a bang! I suspect it won't be as boring as normal Gatecrasher nights (although the foam could well be a cheap ploy). Haha. I hope I don't get too drunk though- I need to be up for my 10am lecture tomorrow morning!

Today has been as normal as any other. I woke up, had a breakfast of fruit and then went upstairs, parused the internet for an hour or so, before deciding to work out. I worked out for an hour and a half! Yeahhh. I did the Before and After workout and then the 30 minute stretch and tone (separate workout) and afterwards I felt great, like I have loads of energy! I think that's the bonus about working out. When you do it, you feel a million times more energetic afterwards (not when you first start working out in a long time though, then you just feel tired) :p but if I don't work out in a good while, I feel lethargic and bored with myself...hmmm. It's interesting really. Can the body crave exercise? Is it possible?! Who know- who cares :p

I had miso soup for lunch. Showered after my workout as usual. Oh and for dinner tonight I had a vegetable burger, some lemony type cous cous and saute├ęd mushrooms and peppers, with boiled mange tout and baby sweetcorn? (I think that's what they're called). It was wellll fit. One of my housemates had Ben & Jerry's icecream for dinner tonight! A whole tub all to herself. I was rather impressed as it amounts to like twice her daily calorie intake. Mehh, as a once off it's pretty special.

Right, excuse me whilst I start the drinking/getting ready process :p

I'll tell you how it went tomorrow.