Monday, February 12, 2007

Last night was cool. Pop Tarts was really good fun.I saw Holly and her friends there- she was dressed as Minnie Mouse and another of her friends as Mr Potatohead! Haha awesome. It was a black and white party I do believe, so that was the theme that got carried out with most people's outfits. I just dressed normal though, as did my housemates. I have some pictures which I will put up (when I can be bothered). But yeah, the night was all round good fun. We ended up getting the taxi to the Broomhill Friery just for takeaway, haha. Was fun.

So...I woke up about 11'ish today. Did the usual...yeah, there really isn't that much to update with to be honest. So, this won't be a terribly long post. I've been boring and sat online all day/night. Terrible of me.

Tomorrow I will need a detox from all things technological (at least for one day), so I can get into work mode. &if I break this mode, slap me.

I'm going to court again tomorrow afternoon. That will be fun no doubt. I wonder what heinous acts humanity has committed this time? I dread to think.

My Mum called tonight which was nice of her, to ask how I was etc. I've been pretty down to be honest for one reason or another, but started to feel a bit more upbeat after a tub of Ben and Jerry's and after I ordered 'The Third Man', a classic film noir mystery. It looks like a quality production and I've been wanting to watch it for ages.

Good stuff.

I can't think of anything else to say now. So I'm going to get some sleep, as I didn't get to bed last night until 5am! I really must catch up.