Friday, February 09, 2007

Well last night went really well, surprisingly. I enjoyed it.Which is even harder to believe, as it's Gatecrasher. The Wednesday Wonga Foam Party was hardly a foam party there was no foam! Which was clearly false advertising. There were a few bubbles which got to about four people. Hardly a 'foam party'. I never realised until today, but my friend Holly told me that it's possible to catch STD's in a foam party. Which is a bit :/ urgh.

I drank in my room whilst getting ready last night, then went downstairs and drank for a while down there with Kat, Kim, Catherine, Mel and Sam. It was a good laugh. Then we got the taxi with Naomi and the other Sam to Gatecrasher. There was a massive queue and it was freezing cold- but we got in eventually. Only to be confronted by the massive coat queue- annoying as!! But we got out of there eventually. I started to enjoy the night- I just danced, I think I was drunk, that's why I enjoyed it. Even though I didn't feel that wasted. We mostly stayed in the rnb room- which was alright, but funny when the DJ got had off and tried to play some garage music only for everyone to stop dancing. Haha.

I stayed and danced while people like Naomi and the two Sam's left through boredom or just having to get up early. I stayed until the end- at 2.30am. Leaving the club was a nightmare though- so many people queuing up for coats again. When we did get out in the cold, we decided on going for a takeaway! (much to my surprise). Everyone had cheesy chips and ketchup/mayo, chicken wings, that kinda thing. I just had potato wedges with ketchup (I've been craving them all week!)and it was fiiit. We ate our food in the taxi back. Once in the house, we chatted for about half an hour about this and that (life in general). It was interesting and brought us a bit closer together, which is nice.

I ended up going to sleep at 3.30am. I woke up this morning about 8.30am.I was pleasantly surprised and rather giggly when I saw all the snow over the park from the window! It looked sooooo amazing. It's SNOWING, it's SNOWING. It's snowed here all day. I made myself some breakfast after this excitement, I had some fruit- grapes and melon. Then I had weetabix with milk and raisins. Yummy. My lecture was at 10am, so I went to the Mappin building and we learnt the basics of the JNL215 module- we have to do these tasks- a radio news feature which counts for 50% of the marks and a series of radio news bulletins (again, 50%). We get to work in groups of 3 (thank God!!) It could be quite cool, I suppose- but then again, it could be really difficult.

After the lecture, I walked to get my JNL206 law test results- I got 31/50 on it (one of the department ones we did before Christmas). So that's reassuring.I walked back to the house. Read a few chapters of 'The Cromwell Street Murders: The Detective's Story'. Then had my dinner of a cheese and toasty and some tomato soup before rushing off to my broadcast workshop.

We had to get into groups of three- so me and Holly are working together with this guy called Dan. The exercise was to find a story this week that could possibly be filmed etc and to come up with a plan as to what we would do regarding preparing, interviewing and filming such a story/broadcast piece. It looks well stressful.

We're not actually going to do it though, it's just a practice idea. Anyway...after the workshop, I went for a subway (veggie patty, mmmm).I got some alcohol and more saline and deodrant too. Yay yay yay. Then I came back to the house. &that's pretty much it really.

I'm going to Fuzz tonight which should be exciting. It's Holly's boyfriend's birthday and also I'm gonna get really drunk and try and enjoy the random music.

Oh, nobody seems to be in the house at the minute. Which is kinda surreal...(other than me and Laura). I know Kat has gone home for the weekend. But where oh where, is everyone else?