Friday, February 09, 2007

Well, I'm bored. Maybe it's more tiredness than anything though.

Last night was really good by the way. It took me ages to get motivated and get ready though- I mean like, really...I only started getting ready about 9'ish. Then I quickly put outfit on, make-up etc and started listening to music. By 11pm, I was in Fuzz. I'd already started drinking (I mixed the remaining diet coke I got from Subway with some vodka). But once in Fuzz, I just drank snakebite and black. I had a good night. The place was fairly empty at first, but then it soon filled up (about 12 or so). I met up with Adrian, his friend Alex and their neighbour Chris and we had a bit of a chat for a bit. I was trying in vain to find Holly- but I couldn't see her anywhere! :( I think I eventually found her though about 1am, when her and her friends came into Bleach.

Bleach for those who don't know, is the metal/hard rock room and Fuzz is the more indie based themed room. Both can be quite good on occasion. Anyhow, when she came in it was great. I went completely mad haha and started dancing like a loon with Holly and friends. It was just really nice to let go, at least for a bit. I was chatting to a girl from my course called Sarah too, about stuff in general- journalism, how she was finding JNL 308 amongst other things. It's nice to talk to people on the course. I also saw Alex- my hallmate who lived to the left of me in Ranmoor Halls of Residence. She was saying she lives in Broomhill now and that she's fine, but that's all I got out of her as she then went to the toilet. I stayed right until about 2, when Alex and Adrian said they were going...and then I just got my jacket and left. I ate a veggie burger with ketchup on the way home, as it was really cold and the food was rather comforting. As soon as I got in, I got ready for bed, wrote in my diary and then fell asleep around a quarter to three.

Soooo...the shocking news of today is the death of former playboy/playmate model Anna Nicole Smith, who died near Miami,aged 39.

I think this is the most controversial news of the day for me. I'm not even sure why- it's just sooo unexpected, maybe?? I just never would have thought she would have died so young, especially after the death of her son who died last year, aged only 20. It's crazy to think that death can come to those so young, who seem so healthy.

Chances are, it will have been an overdose I imagine. I mean, it's hard to speculate and I may be wrong, but I believe she has used drugs before and she has led a 'colourful' life to say the least. So it shouldn't be ruled out. I guess it's the answer most people will be expecting from the autopsy. Either way it's just awful. She's left behind a baby girl who's less than a year old and the fathers are going to be in bitter dispute over who has paternal rights over her. It just doesn't seem right? But that's life I guess.

RIP Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007).

Today I have spent largely in bed. I didn't wake up until 11am, I didn't get dressed until around- 2pm? haha. I've just had nothing to do, so I've made my own fun on here. I had an ample lunch, which filled me up, also an ample breakfast. I bumped into Laura and Adam in the kitchen whilst I was making a cup of tea before- and she was saying she's going to France skiing this weekend. Which I find slightly...amazing. I mean, that's just such an adventurous way to spend the weekend! Me- I'll be staying in tomorrow, going out to Pop Tarts and getting blind drunk...and recovering all of Sunday. My weekends are never that exciting :p ahh well. Even here, I can make my own fun and have my own adventures. I find reading can open up a whole new world of adventures, plus, you don't even have to step out of the house. Amazing really.

I've read. I've done shorthand. Heck, I've even cleared out my desktop into a neat little folder so I have more space. Yay. All part of the plan to try and clear up- as I didn't actually do any cleaning here today. Woopsy.

But today has had other significant meanings. Me and my boyfriend Gary have been together for 11 months today. Which is great as we've passed another landmark? you might say. 11 months is very close, but something which isn't really celebrated, even though it is considered a lengthy period of time. But me it's meaningful. Oh and today is also/would've been my grandad's birthday. Unfortunately he passed away in 2000, but I still think about him all the time and his presence is never far from my memories. Sometimes it still feels like he's alive.

I feel kinda sad now, so I'm going to stop this post here.