Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I haven't updated this in a while. As I've been busy. But yeah, to cut an otherwise long story short- Valentines Day was awesome, I've come home for the weekend and today is my nana's birthday. She's 88 today. I went to visit her with my Mum to drop off her present and have a bit of a chat with her. She seemed well. My uncle Roy and aunty Kathy came along too, they seemed in good spirits. We got her some new slippers, some chocolate crisp mints and a card.

Oh, sat next to me was an old woman masturbating. Well, it looked like she was touching herself. She had her hands down her pants. I try to avoid her and the other old biddy shouting out abuse/odd comments generally.

The main news in Widnes, is that someone's been murdered?? There could be two deaths.The main one I know, is that there was a young man who had a freak accident after a night out- he fell into a window, more info here: Blood trail death was 'accident'.

It's really rather sad :(

I'll make a longer update soon.