Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm in the midst of cooking dinner (the cheesey potatoes are baking in the oven, mmm). So far, I've made dinner... I can be a good cook (when I read the recipe book). Anyhow... I've had a pretty busy day. I didn't get up until around 8.30am or so, I had this great lay in and just didn't want to get up because bed was soooo damn comfy. But I managed to eventually, and had breakfast for 9am. Yay. Then I got ready, read a little and prepared myself for my 11am lecture. I went to the Georges Building for that time for my first Web Journalism lecture.

It was alright. We were given a brief history of the internet and told the workings of the module. It seems pretty interesting, more so this semester than any I've had before, that's for sure! heh. After the lecture,I was bored so headed into town.I searched about for a bit, ended up buying a few items. Mainly some stuff for next week ;) and some lunch (a fit chicken club sandwich from Greggs, mmmm).I sat and ate it on the steps of the city hall. Then I rushed off to Minalloy House for my workshop where we learnt the fundamentals of HTML and made our own webpage. It was pretty simple and could've easily insulted my intelligence if I didn't realise that not everyone uses myspace.Heh. We learnt about the very basics- imaging, linking, text work etc. Before we finished.

Oohh I got my results back from my Alternative Media case study! I got a 2.1! 63 marks. A 2.1, YAYYY!Yay yay yay. Sorry *excited mode over*. So after this I went once more into town - to buy some stuff from Boots,namely shaving gel, conditioner, that sorta thing. &then,I spent ageees trying to find a goddamn hardware store around the Moors area, to little or no avail. So instead,I got the bus to Broomhill and found the hardware store there. To success! I got the plunger I longed for. At long last. Then walked back to the house.

I ate dinner, it was awesome!However, I will now have to work out like a madwoman tomorrow to make up for I used up 3/4 of a block of cheese alone, in making the cheese sauce!! haha. Then I had a block of chocolate for dessert. Eeep.A severe workout for me tomorrow, I do believe, is on the cards. Followed by a long hot shower :] sounds good to me.

Oh, I got pestered today by this woman in town. Unbelievably, I was minding my own business, when she said 'You'll talk to me won't you' and grabbed me in. I stopped and she started asking what drinks I liked :s basically, trying to reel me in to pay £2 a week to help some missing kids and make me feel bad, as though it's my fault they run away. Honestly....grrr. I said I would if I could, but I honestly couldn't because I have very little money as it is. Grrrr. I'm a student for fucks sake, target someone who has a stable job!!

Speaking of which, I kinda got myself a temp job today. I pestered Moco CafĂ© for not getting back to me so far- and now I have a shift next Friday, handing out some flyers. Sure, it's not great- but at £5 an hour, I could work a whole afternoon shift and get about £20-25? I figure, depending. Which isn't bad at all, just to hand out flyers. Could be better I suppose. I might ask for another one before then though- I could easily do the afternoon, no problem on most days of the week except for Tuesday and Thursday. So that's exciting, I'll be getting a bit more cash soon. Yay.

There's not much else to say, except, I need a cup of tea and a loooong sleep tomorrow. Which means my wish will be granted, as I have no lectures for the next two Wednesdays! :D :D :D Awesomeness.