Saturday, February 03, 2007

My brother Mark, his wife Lisa and their kid Rebecca, are coming up to visit this weekend, from this afternoon. So I've been told to clear off before that point. I will do. I'm going to stay at Gary's for the next two days before returning to Sheffield.

Last night was really cool. Me and Gary watched the whole of Series III of the The League of Gentlemen. It's sooooo bloody funny. I loved it, especially the way in which at the end of every episode, they all tied in with the same ending, but from different characters perspectives.

Pretty impressive.

I'm going to Liverpool this afternoon. I probably won't be buying much, if anything, as I'm strapped for cash and really need to be saving up as it is. But I know we're going to be having an all you can eat chinese with any luck :p which is always tasty and enjoyable.

So....I've read two or three more chapters of 'The Cromwell Street Murders' this morning, plus a couple last night. I'm up to Chapter 15 now, still have a couple more hundred pages to get through though :p It's really interesting reading, I'm learning about how the detectives caught them out, pieced the whole case together (a laborious process, let me tell you) and how the police tried to prevent new findings from being leaked to the media (and how they were highly unsuccessful). As the media always finds out more than they should, obviously. But it's great because I understand what all the reporting restrictions were when it keeps referring to them in the book I'm just like 'Oohhh I know what that is, I know what Act that applies to' :p because I've done it on my course this year, quite obviously.

Not much else to say now really, I just wanted to update as I was bored.

Hmmm... I've discovered this great artist/band called Leprous. Something about their music really amazes me. I can't pinpoint it, I guess it's the different textures, but it's really captivating. Enthralling. Either way, I've put one of their songs Wols net on my myspace page. It's really pretty. Go listen and discover for yourself, if you already haven't.

Until later.