Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I thought I'd blog since I'm both bored and well, just want to let you know that I'm back in Sheffield. Unfortunately, I got up at 6.30am for no reason- I still ended up missing the 7am train, so had to get the 8 o'clock one instead. Which meant I was an hour (and a lot longer) in the freezing cold. I bid time away by writing in my diary and reading some more of the book I'm currently on. It helped. But the train was packed until we got to Manchester- it wasn't too bad though, standing up...I could see all the local scenery, it was kind of interesting really. Heh.

I got to Sheffield for about...9.30'ish?? I think. But was back in my room by about 10am. Not bad at all. I had bought a bottle of water and some slices of melon for breakfast so I had that, cleaned some of my room up (to my absolute horror,my sink is still blocked). Grrr. So I'm going to have to get a plunger.

I went to court today!! I know, finally. It scared me that I wouldn't know what to do, but it turned out alright in the end. Me and Holly went to Magistrates Court for 2pm, court cases sitting around that time. We had to dress up all posh- I was wearing black tights, a white blouse and a below the knee skirt. I looked so school mistress! I bet people who saw me thought I was deeadd posh or something haha. Like I take my education too serious or something. Anyway, once we got there,we sat down in the designated seats we were told to by the usher. Then, we listened to each case one by one. The first case was a defendant who had caused GBH and occasion of assault against a police officer? I do believe. It made for the best story anyway. The others were OK, but happened a long time ago and weren't so effective. We got a few details from each anyway. So this week, I'm going to write up the relevant copy. At least now we've been once, we can set the ball rolling, so to speak and go every week, maybe even twice weekly? Yeahhh :)

I went food shopping after my court visit-I spent about £23 on food. It was worth it though- I had nothing in my fridge priorly. I got lots of cheap store alternatives to otherwise fancy labels- and I probably saved quite a bit in doing that, to be honest. Plenty of fruit and veg, everything a growing girl needs really.

I had my dinner before. A quick pasta dish made from scratch. Chopped tomatoes, wholewheat pasta, onion, pepper and baby mushrooms saute├ęd with brocolli. Mmmmm yay.Then I had a black cherry yoghurt for dessert and a small piece of dark chocolate. Yummy.

Argghh- lectures starts for me tomorrow! Soooo not looking forward to it, to say the least.I only have to do 7 hours this term. Which is a lot less than last. But, I also have to get my arse into gear a lot more, which is annoying. Court visits, Quark Xpress, web designs...etc etc. Assessments et al. I start Web Journalism tomorrow, I'll let you know how that goes when I get to that point, etc etc.

I set myself up an Amazon account this evening in order to purchase a book for my loved one.I'll no doubt end up using it quite a bit- buying used and new items on the cheap! Sounds good to me.

I watched Flight 93 before with Naomi, Catherine and this guy they know (I feel bad I don't know his name) from their course. It was really moving and pretty sad :( I felt like crying loadsss. I didn't though, not as much as yesterday.

Sunday was spent watching The Green Mile. I'd never seen it before, but boy oh boy did I cry when I did. It's awesome. Everything about it is just sooo painstaking and heartbreaking to watch, especially since I was cuddling up with Gary during the whole process, which made it even more moving.

On Saturday I didn't go to Liverpool after all, as Gary had to stay in and look after his sister while his 'rents went out and so we just cuddled up in bed and watched The Last of the Mohicans later on, whilst eating a fit veggie pizza with a veggie wrap each. The chinese will have to wait until next week ;) hehe. Anyway, Sunday was a lazy day, yet good. Monday you already know about.


So...I took a bit of a break before to go watch 'Flight 93' and promised I'd update afterwards. I had a hot chocolate with those I watched it with...and then Kim, Laura and Kat came storming in with plans of revenge on the 353 boys (formerly 6Q when we lived in Ranmoor last year). Basically, they wanted to get them back for all of the times they've stolen or done things to our house(allegedly).So we all got roped in (apart from Laura who's boyfriend Adam is visiting at the moment).I can't believe we ended up going to Crookesmoor Road and trying to scare the shit outta them. We planned to sneak around the back of their house and rap on the windows and scream really loudly. But the plan backfired when we all realised that none of them were in! So it was a fruitless task. Gutted we realised only Alan was in, we ended up going inside and chatting to him for a wee bit.

Oh of course talk then turned to the fact that 'The house party on Friday night was THE BEST ever'.Apparently.But isn't it always? 'Why didn't you go, ANNA?' I would've gone if I was in Sheffield. End of. Stop having a go. I wasn't. I was with my boyfriend, who I love in Widnes. I'm back now. So shut up. Grrr, honestly.

Saying goodbye to Gary this morning was the hardest thing to do. Goodbyes are always hard I know. But, this one more so for some reason. Even though in 8 days I will see him again, it feels like a lifetime. I can only hope that sleep will take away the pain of it all and induce in me, the sweet sensation of limitless dreams.