Sunday, December 31, 2006

I can't believe 2006 is nearly over. Haha, it doesn't feel like it's been that long of a year. All I know is that I can look back on this year and know that I have achieved a fair bit. It's been fun, it's been fair, if a little miserable at times. But most of all, I want to remember it for memories' sake.

. In January, I turned 19.
. In March I got with Gary :)
. In June I passed the shorthand exam at 100wpm!
. I went to London w/Gary and we explored more of London in 3 days than most people see in a lifetime
. We had our first 'proper' holiday together, even if it was in North Wales :p
. I started the second year of my Uni course
. I moved into my own house with six of my friends
. I got published in the Uni's 'Steel Press' newspaper and 'Stiletto' magazine
. Two of my cousins got married and I attended both weddings
. My new cousin - Rose Alona came into the world and I attended her Christening (the very first one I've ever been to)
. I went to see the following bands:

- Fear Factory - 9th April, 06
- Scarling. - 6th May, 06
- The Dresden Dolls - 9th May, 06
- Ministry - 2nd August, 06
- Final and Mono - 7th November, 06
- Ghenghis tron, Reth, Microsleeper and some other band - 16th November, 06

With many more to come next year I'm sure!
My excitements for next year include seeing my boyfriend's project 'Avent Guardian' play at a gig someplace, somewhere. I would love to see AG on the 16th of Jan 2007, but it's just whether I can go because I have work to hand in at Uni on that date. Eeeep :( :( :(

But back to today. It's New Years Eve. 2006. My plans for today are minimal compared to most people's celebrations I'm sure. But at least mine are cost effective.

Later on, I'll be going on a pub crawl around Widnes with some friends. It should be pretty cool, last year's one was ace with just me and Gary. We'll probably go to Wetherspoons, The Albion, the Appo, The Derby, etc etc. Basically all pubs if possible. Haha not that we'll probably be able to manage that. But something close.

I'm having veggie hot pot later. Mainly because I don't like eating beef/lamb. Not that I have turned vegetarian, but I do seem to be eating more quorn based these days, which can only be a good thing. I don't really consider myself under any foodie label though, as I'd only be a hypocrite if I said one thing and then ate a huge chicken. So, let's just not bother. My Mum always makes an annual hotpot on New Years' Eve, but all that meatiness will probably make me feel a bit :/ since lamb/beef and potatoes with ketchup tastes too tough and makes me feel lethargic afterwards.

I watched Rocky Balboa last night. The sixth and current Rocky. I was surprised by how good it was. So yes, I have now seen all the Rocky films. I think my favourite is Rocky II as it has the most drama whilst still containing plenty of action. They are all good though and I have been enjoying them all. I watched the film with Gary, Griff and Mike whilst downing cans of booze.

The other film I really want to see at the minute is Happy Feet. I've read the synopsis now, so I'm going to see it for more than just the cute penguins. Honest! hahaha.

Sooo...not much else to say at present. I'll update with more soon and tell you how tonight went.