Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I've been really busy with all this Christmas malarky. Basically, I've had loads to do and practically no time to update. Oh well.

So yeah, Christmas. Was ace.
I didn't end up opening all of my presents until much later on, like 9 or 10pm, so the build-up was immense, to say the least. Here's what I got (from family):

+ Some new clothes - a pretty strappy floral evening dress, so BEAUTIFUL,a brown top with blue collar &cuffs, a brown polo neck outfit which goes into a burberry type skirt with buckle

+ Letter writing set, all floral and pretty
+ Schott's Almanac
+ A book on 'Modern British History'
+ A book 'Petals on the Wind'
+ A long mug with a girl on it
+ A fluffy cat organiser
+ A silver handbag with earrings and necklace
+ a jewellery box

Gary got me:

+ 8 Kate Bush albums on vinyl
+ A Kate Bush fan poetry/picture book
+ An ERTE calendar
+ 'Funk Fit' Corrie DVD
+ Coronation Street DVD game
+ 'A Life Less Lived' - Goth Boxset
+ Breakfast at Tiffany's on DVD
+ Green Kate Bush T-shirt
+ A book 'Five People You Meet in Heaven'
+ '25 Cromwell: The West Murders'

There may be more but these are the ones I can recall!

Over the past few days I've been shopping in the sales and have managed to pick up a few bargains. I got a royal blue pinstripe and silver skirt for £10 from Next (should've been £27). I also picked up a pair of zebra print pumps from Barratts for £12. Also, I got a very pretty blue top with silver flower print for £12.50 from Jane Norman. A few days beforehand, I also got a pinafore for £10 with white polo for underneath. Also a sweater top. So overall I feel I've done pretty well.

I picked out a dress yesterday for my birthday (as y'know, most people don't know what I like to wear so it's easier if I choose myself). Yeah it's just really pretty :) Yay.

I made cookies on Christmas Day for Gary's family and mine. I think it went down a success. They had demerara sugar, ginger, orange rind and syrup in them. So I think they went down a real treat. Christmas Dinner was really really nice. Soo sooo tasty.

On Boxing Day, I went with Gary and family for a meal. That was ok, but the service was appalling. The cutlery was all dirty and the dumb waitress completely got confused over our order. She seemed somewhat braindead.

Well yes, bad meals aside, the rest of the holiday has been ace.

I'll reveal all later.