Sunday, December 10, 2006

Soooooooooooo, quite a few important things have been a-happening. Firstly, yesterday, it was my house christmas dinner party (with us being students and all you'd expect us to do something cheap,but no, we had a proper GREAT christmas dinner). You should've seen it, just like a proper Christmas roast. We had parsnips, roast potatoes, turkey, pigs in blankets, brocolli,yorkshire puddings,stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, carrots, the whole works! It was quite spectacular and really lovely. Thank you Naomi and Catherine!

There's a vegetarian in our house as well, but she did her own thing and made her own dinner, which looked equally as delicious.

We had crackers and party poppers which were great fun opening and we had champagne and red and white wine to choose from, so it really was devine. Mmmmmm. After eating, we had our presents to open from our secret santa. Teehee. Catherine bought me a mini marzipan cake,some chocolates and a pestle and mortar in order to make food dishes with. Nice! Naomi liked her present- I got her a red handbag and a pair of silvery ball type earrings which I believed would suit her well. I think they did anyway. Other people got gifts of lingerie, a corset, socks, gloves, that type of thing generally! Always good.

After secret santa, we sat down for dessert. There was a choice of christmas pudding and brandy sauce (which we lit on the pud and looked amazing!), chocolate yule log with brandy sauce or iced mince pies with brandy butter. It really was fabulous. I had two iced mince pies and a piece of choc yule log with brandy sauce. Was delicious. Mmmm. Then we decided to go for a walk around the lake just outside our house and feed the ducks, which was ace. It was rather cold though. We knocked on the boys' house but no one was really there except for one. We didn't stay there long either- perhaps half an hour? I think that was about it. Anyway, after that I had a rest and chilled out upstairs, had a wee chat online. Before mints and X-Factor/games of pictionary. It was quite cool.

The X-Factor this year is strange. There's been no clear winner and yet, it's obvious. We were all shocked when Ben got voted out though, that seemed really odd because he was sooo damn good, much better than Ray anyway. So I'm not sure how Ray got through, apparently it was by a 3% margin. Mehhh. No one will remember them this time next year. Plus the format of the show is getting old, there's only so much they can do with the programme; think Gladiators.

We sat and drank alcohol and ate mints etc whilst watching 'The Sum of all Fears' (albeit casually and nothing more). But you get what I mean. It was more chatter than actually watching. Haha. &then, there was a programme on about Courtney Love and how she's a mess but everybody loves her. Or something. Someone in the room kept on saying she killed Kurt though which was annoying. Why do people believe all these wild conspiracy theories?? KURT KILLED HIMSELF. GET OVER IT. Bored already.

Haha later on at Pop Tarts they played Nirvana and I got really bored and left for the 60's room instead. It's because they get bummed and people don't realise that they're really quite bland. Ok if you're twelve. Not for when you have developed music taste. Nahh, all due respect, I did used to really dig Nirvana back in the day, but that was before I discovered better music. Hmmmm. Haha. Not arsed either way now.

I stayed in the sixties and seventies room for most of the night. It was great, I have to say I usually prefer the 80's and 90's room usually, but last night was an exception. They played loads of the old greats and it made me get my boogie on. Teehehee. I think we got there at about 11.45 or so, it was nearly midnight by the time we got to Pop Tarts anyway. I remember I was really up for it until about 2.30am and then I got really tired and wanted to leave because I was fed up/sobering up. A-heh. We left about 3am.

I got back and then went online, to stay up and chat to my love. Only I fall asleep because I'm knackered and can't keep my eyes open a second longer.

I woke up today about 9.30 or so, maybe slightly before and freaked out. I had no idea what happened last night. I knew I just fell asleep with my laptop still on. Oops.

I still feel in a sleepy/laid back mood today, possibly due to the effects of alcohol, possibly due to the sleep deprivation which has become apparent. So I might have another sleep.

Oh and I had dry cereal this morning as there was no milk left. How student am I??